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Jamie J Monday, July 30, 2007
@ 6:24 AM
letter to editors
I would love to know what papers the letters were printed in.

Kathy Sunday, July 29, 2007
@ 3:28 PM
Child sex abuse is illegal
Are we to to believe that the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is using the Old Testament to protect child abusers (Deuteronomy 19:15)? If they still use the Old Testament to base their decisions, the world is in trouble. Is not the old testament give parents the right to "stone" their children to death, if they act badly? Does not the mosaic law forbid people to do anything on the Sabbath? Was not the Mosaic Law replaced when Jesus was on earth? These Jehovah's Witnesses are full of it! They will make up any excuse for wickedness. No wonder the court systems in the United States handed it to them. What a shameful course of conduct! Satan is their father and they do the works of their father.

Silentlambs Moderator Sunday, July 29, 2007
@ 12:22 PM
To 'Jeff'
Just a note of thanks for your determination to educate the public about the rampant child abuse problem within the JW organization. It is encouraging when we see that silentlambs has supporters such as you. It is important to remember that silentlambs exist for two major reasons. 1) To educate the public about the horrific problem of abuse worldwide within the Watchtower organization, and 2) To give abuse survivors a platform to speak out about their abuse and to give them a voice where they have been silenced. A big thanks from the abuse survivors as well, for your support!

About SL Sunday, July 29, 2007
@ 12:21 AM
"AK - Jeff" says he got the following into a second paper as a letter-to-the editor, and it speaks of Silentlambs victims, Bill etc: In recent days, as is well reported in this newspaper, the Catholic Church paid out a record $660 Million to compensate victims of sexual abuse. Not many months back, a lesser known evangelical group, Jehovah's Witnesses, also paid a settlement to 16 unnamed alleged victims of sexual abuse within the religion. The long time alleged cover-up of these sins within that church make it, at least in some ways, even more heinous than that of the Catholic Church. Dateline broke the news on television with a program called ' Witness for the Prosecution' in May 2002. That program is still available to doubters via the internet. Several alleged victims of child-rape within the religion exposed the cover-up. They were quickly silenced by being excommunicated from the faith. Their only sin was pain and anguish from sins left covered and hidden. The director of a non-religious organization devoted to giving these children [or adults later in life] a voice, Bill Bowen, also a Jehovah's Witness at the time, was quickly expelled also. His sin? Protecting the children. His organization, Silentlambs, is prominent in the fight against these horrific attacks and rape of children within religion, particularly within Jehovah's Witnesses, which he is intimately familiar as a long time elder. Not long ago, Jehovah's Witnesses distributed a major flier to the public, in which they decried the hypocrisy of religions that hide pedophilia within the church. Likely you got that little flier in your door. In it, they picture a Catholic priest, intimating a disgust with religion of that nature. Interestingly, they are now found to be precisely like the Church they condemn, and have condemned for decades. Yet, among the rank and file of this group, most continue to be unaware of the hypocrisy that has ended in hundreds of it's member being expelled and 'shunned'. The sin for which they have been expelled, was a desire to protect others from monsters hiding in the shadows of this religion. The panoramic depth of this problem has been well documented. It is just a mouse click away on any desktop computer from within the privacy of your own home. Please make yourself aware. Protect your family, some of whom may someday think that they might join one of these insular groups. While no one wants to imply that all churches have the same level of problem in this regard [there is likely some of it in all of them], the uneducated are always the victims of the pseudo-religious groups that cover up such crime. By the way, in the case of the Catholic settlements, there was no restriction placed on the compensated victims. In the case of Jehovah's Witnesses, the recipients of the settlements, were 'gagged' to assure they did not write books, or place simple letters in the local papers like this one. In so doing, I hope to be at least a small part of a large voice for those who must remain silent. These isolationist evangelical groups, many of whom believe that God is using them exclusively as the 'TRUTH', are unfortunately covering the sins of it's leaders with the tears of it's children.

Earl Saturday, July 28, 2007
@ 9:37 PM
Good to see you here, Your words are truth and come from the heart. Your story is the reason we are here and I will do everything I can to stop this abuse and expose those who are connected with it. Wish we could all be there with you and march into court and show the WT that we have a voice now. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep up the good work my friend.:)

louise Saturday, July 28, 2007
@ 5:22 PM
A Childs Truth
Truth to a child is words and deeds not to be groomed with deceitful seeds I could never understand the evil you had planned to young to reason or even understand. I believed you were sorry as i meant sorry. but you just kept doing it I didn't know how to make you stop. I have never been the same since only now do i realize how awful you are and how awful your supporters are. Them colluding with you only makes you worse as with there support you'll have no need for remorse. I believed I was bad and sinned against God. Now all I see is the betrayal hurt anger and false blame. All covered over using Gods name. You alone did this to me. They know the truth yet lie. But each one of you know the truth Yet chose to bully a child! Now lie in a court of law! The truth is sharper than a two edged sword and you take an oath to God. Him I know doesn't care or have remorse Shame on the rest of you as you still follow Jehovah. I as a child believed did all I could with all my heart. I still do. But that child became broken and crushed. Not only by abuse because of the committee and the abuser spreading lies and slander. He didn't stop He got support, I got shunned. Inside I know God didn't choose that I am strong and rise above it Never will they be in my life again and all they are doing is telling lies. But God is true and just.

Silentlambs Moderator Saturday, July 28, 2007
@ 11:18 AM
To Louise
Please contact us at our email address: Looking forward to hearing from you soon.....Silentlambs

louise Saturday, July 28, 2007
@ 10:55 AM
Thank you. So good to have understanding. Not only is he without remorse, sadly he has 8 people who know the truth defending him in court. Its disgusting and hurtful. The thing that worries me the most is if he gets the satisfaction of walking, he will feel more powerful and re- offend, although I'm sure he has already. He thinks he's above everything and can do what he wants without taking responsibility for his actions. Its disgusting. Case is still taking place, hopeful it will end next week. Keep you posted. How are you?

mt Saturday, July 28, 2007
@ 6:54 AM
Thank you so much
for your kind words. Yes it is so good, that everybody here in Denmark also can see, that it still is a big problem. We were also very surprised to see, how fast it went, when the other newspapers saw, that Kristelig dagblad wrote the article. Today there is an article again, where Bill Bowen has been interviewed. It is very good also. Maja

Friday, July 27, 2007
@ 5:10 PM
To Maja
Well, just look at what you have accomplished!!! You have provided a Godsend to many victims, and it sounds as if word is spreading like wildfire in the media about pedophilia in the JWs! Congratulations, Maja, you Bill Bowen of Denmark, you! I am tickled pink at what you have accomplished. I am so proud of you, and I admire you so much! Keep up the good work!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007
@ 4:33 PM

Are there silentlambs websites for other countries?

JB Friday, July 27, 2007
@ 9:38 AM
There are also many who post on this site who are no longer JW's. I am one of them. Rest assured, I haven't turned my back on Jehovah and live a very spiritual life. However, I, like many, have turned my back on the WTB&TS that continues to condone child molestation. Bill Bowen, the man who started the Silent Lambs was disfellowshipped for speaking out against the tactics of the WTB&TS when in came to child molestation. It has happened to many others for the same reason. I was disfellowshipped for refusing to remain single after divorcing a violent, mentally ill JW husband after my step father's attempted molestation of me as child was ignored years before. So, in reality, many who post here haven't turned their backs on the Society, but it was the Society who turned their backs on us. It has been my experience that the leadership within the JW organization has no mercy for women or children who have the misfortune of being sexually or physically abused. Active JW's would know that if they dared to speak to many disfellowshipped individuals. But they don't dare, which is a big part of the problem with the organization. The secrecy is insidious and tragic. My own mother chose to do nothing when I told her that her husband was trying to molest me and then abandoned me when I escaped a husband who was threatening to kill me. This guy was committed twice by two different state authorities to mental institutions. He is still a JW and maintains contact with his family. I, on the other hand, have been shunned by friends and family for more than 20 years. Do I want a relationship with God? Yes, most definitely! Do I want to be ruled by child and woman hating hierarchy? Definitely not! God will be my judge, and unfortunately for abusers, He will be theirs also. Thank God there is a support group for those who have endured suffering at the hands of those who were supposed to love and protect them.

Moderator Friday, July 27, 2007
@ 6:50 AM
This site is for anyone, JW or not JW, that have experienced abuse themselves or among family or friends, or who are supportive of those who have experienced it. In some cases abuse victims have been helped while remaining, or regaining, their status as an active Witnesses in good standing within the congregation. We believe it is each individual's choice, it is not our place to say what someone’s religious beliefs should be. Hence, the argument of doctrine is discouraged here.

N.F Thursday, July 26, 2007
@ 10:50 PM
Hey, thanks to everyone who replied. I wasn't trying to insinuate that this site is just to batter witnesses; I really was just confused as to its true intentions. If there really are as many cases of child molestation and abuse within the JW community then it should definitely be addressed- and I agree that a better way of dealing with it should be imposed. I just want to say that I think it's a shame that people would turn away from the BIBLE'S truth because they were abused. Please remember that it was not Jehovah who put you in this situation and it was not his will to have this happen. If it has been covered up then it is the fault of those doing the burying (and they will be punished for it). If they say its the way the religion goes, then remember- the bible says to always question what man says and to actually find it for yourself *also within the bible*. I don’t believe for a second that God would want us to suffer and for these horrible things to go on. Does anyone agree with me? If not, then I fear I have indeed stumbled onto a group of people who have given up all hope in Jehovah and then the group is anti-witness. (again I’m back to the beginning- are the people who visit this site, and who were abused still witnesses?) I mean no disrespect or to sound harsh- remember its hard to judge meaning when it's typed and not spoken. thank you all again

M.E. Thursday, July 26, 2007
@ 10:29 PM
For Maja
Thanks for your new Tavse Vidner (SilentWitnesses) website in Denmark! I hear the Watchtower spokesman there is using verbal Theocratic Warfare (=misspeaking, giving incomplete info, lying) in hopes of deflecting criticism of the Watchtower Society's policies that are magnets for pedophiles, but it isn't working and it won't.

M.E. Thursday, July 26, 2007
@ 12:33 PM
Answering N.F.'s claim it's no worse among JWs
Dear N.F. As the following points prove, although as you say all churches have at least some pedophiles, the concentration of power of those among JWs is far worse because: (1) unlike with Catholics for example pedophile JW clergy (elders/ministerial servants) are ordered to preach door- to-door from which vantage they can be on the lookout for potential victims and seek to set up Bible Studies with the victims' parents so as to get to the kids; (2) often pedophile males can become JW clergy by pioneering just a couple years unlike with other churches where it may take many years and seminary classes prior to ordination as clergy/elders, which means pedophiles know from other pedophiles that becoming a JW is a fast-track entry for getting to more child victims..... I could add that another point is that it has been alleged by now deceased Pat Garza that a certain high-ranking standing member of the worldwide Governing Body molested kids when a District Overseer in Los Angeles; and that Mark Palo who is still alive alleges that when Leo Greenlees was alive and on the Governing Body he molested Mark and possibly others when Mark was a child. Further it is known the Watchtower Society over JWs has over 23,000 files on its pedophiles kept on a database in upstate New York. I may be wrong but have been told that's just for among JWs in the USA and Canada. There's 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces. Divide 60 into 23,000 and you get the average number per state or province of 383 - that being just for those known! For every one that's known there's more not on file. Also in JWs the word of a child or the child's testimony along with that of another adult such as a forensics specialist, investigating police office or medical examiner are discounted, ignored, tossed out by JW Judicial Committees, weighing child molestation hearings in favor of the pedophile adult, this also being an attractive situation that draws in more pedophiles to the organization that go into other churches where the testimonies of child and adult authorities who are non-JWs are given proper weight.

JB Thursday, July 26, 2007
@ 8:44 AM
Answer to NF's Question
Natty was completely correct. NF, I hope you read the answer. Active JW's sometimes don't know that child sex abuse has taken place in their congregations, because it is hidden. And the ones who do know, keep their mouths shut, so they won't be disfellowshipped. And you're wondering if this website is just taking a stab at religion! No group should hide child sex abuse or any other form of abuse and claim to be Christian or love God. And that is exactly what the WTB&TS is doing.

Natty Wednesday, July 25, 2007
@ 9:00 PM
My opinion of this site
This site is here to help spread the message about the JW’s 2 witness policy on abuse, their policy for punishing the abused for speaking out in any way against the abuser, and to support those that have suffered from abuse from anyone, but particularly Witnesses. Unfortunately, this is not a crime committed by a few bad people in the organization. There are thousands and thousands of cases. I could do a very simple search of the internet for news articles and could print you pages full in as few as 10 minutes. And as we all know, by the time the abuser is caught he has molested many children. The many that have posted on this site over the years have been abused by Elders, Ministerial Servants, Pioneers, Publishers, fathers, brothers, mothers, etc. This site in no way says that it is only Elders committing these crimes. Nor does this site in any way say that abuse is a problem only among JW’s. If you read the majority of the posts on this site they are words of encouragement. The support that Mahna and Louise have received from numerous people and Earl’s beautiful prayer are some examples. There are many encouraging thoughts on just the first page of posts from ones such as Socrates, Earl, Louise, J, JB, and Jamie J. I have been watching the site for some time and have noticed that the posts stay pretty positive and on track with abuse. The only time I have ever noticed that things were negative was when active JW’s post negative comments and want to argue doctrine instead of discuss how the 2 witness rule can be modified so that the abused can have a safer place to run for protection. The JW’s that have posted lately have not argued that abuse is not a problem in their organization but upon being asked for their opinions of how to help the situation, they decline. Instead of being part of a constructive dialog they resort to calling names, attacking character, and passing judgment.

N.F Wednesday, July 25, 2007
@ 6:13 PM
I saw this web address on an anti-Witness site and I'm confused. Is this site to actually help those who were abused only by elders in particular? Does it not seem unfair to attack the religion over a few bad people? That's almost like saying black American/Canadians are all dangerous criminals because you experienced or saw on TV that some have committed crimes. Please reply on the guestbook to this so I can come to understand if this is actually to help people or to simply take a stab at a religion that has done so much good despite some horrible people who claim to be Witnesses. Thank you. Sincerely.

mt Wednesday, July 25, 2007
@ 12:09 PM
Now the news are all over Denmark
At last. The news about Tavse Vidner are now released all over Denmark. In the text TV, and in most of the big newspapers. Today there have been a lot of phone calls from reporters. So the following days there will be more news articles. And every one of them, has been writing about the 16 victims who wrote a gag-order and got paid this spring. So for that I am happy that people also in Denmark was informed about it. I hope that the GB didn’t get much sleep. And we will not stop now. This is going to continue. We will continue to write newspaper letters and inform Denmark. Blessing to all of you. Maja

Earl Tuesday, July 24, 2007
@ 11:06 PM
I am proud of you for doing what you had to do in court to take care of this abuser. You never know how many others you may have saved from this man and you may have inspired others to come forward. Surely it is no easy task. The fact that this man never even tried to make amends with you tells you about his heart condition. If he were truly remorseful he would do whatever he could in his power to seek forgiveness and prove to his God that he wanted to make things right. Even though his lawyer forewarned him not to admit guilt by apologizing, anyone’s conscience would know what to do, but the teachings of the WT are about protecting these guys and it angers me. I hope the JW's that come here will read this and see why we are trying to get church doctrine changed and realize the total lack of love displayed by the org. to protect a person like you have encountered. Regardless of what happens in court this man and all who protect him will have to answer some day. Please keep us informed of the proceedings. Thank you for your kind thoughts to me also, I wish you healing and blessings my friend.

PCW Tuesday, July 24, 2007
@ 1:01 PM

Well thank you very much Moderator. It is my pleasure. Although I might not post, I do visit the site nearly everyday.

louise Tuesday, July 24, 2007
@ 12:46 PM
What a beautiful prayer. I had such a problem accepting anger as I was taught to forgive. But God would never have given us an emotion we were not to feel. After all God had righteous rage. The elder involved in the case didn’t speak with me but sat reading his Watchtower! Very God like and Christian? We can brake free and heal from our wounds. I try to use my experiences and take what I have learned and improve my life. I would never harm another living soul and do my best at life. I’m not religious but believe there is a God. I am glad you have found happiness and hope you continue to heal.

louise Tuesday, July 24, 2007
@ 12:25 PM
court up-date
I have finished giving evidence, case isn’t over yet. Such a difficult process though. At least I have stood up and spoken out, not only for how I was treated and my mum, but for all the other silent lambs out there. The more who speak out the better. I know not everyone is well enough to do that though, as its an extremely painful and terrifying thing to do. Love to all silent lambs. WELL DONE WITH WEBSITE AND PRESS RELEASE

JB Tuesday, July 24, 2007
@ 8:35 AM
TB's Question Cult or Religion
I know some JW's who aren't one bit rattled about the constantly breaking news of new child molestation and court cases. However it sounds as if you are having a crisis of conscience due to first hand information about child sex abuse within your congregation. Put doctrine and fear of so-called apostates aside for a moment and use some common sense. Whether religion or cult, what group that was motivated by a love of God and fellow man would condone and ignore child molestation? Which organization is continuing to do so? Which group is trying to help victims of physical and sex abuse? Once you answer those questions, you will know who is right and who is wrong. I have recently learned that members of my extended family have been impacted by child sex abuse that goes back three generations! Any help you may need to deal with such circumstances may be found here. I hope you find the freedom to free yourself from the insidious cycle of abuse and fear. There are many who have walked in your shoes and will know how to help you.

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