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Melody Blankenship Tuesday, July 24, 2007
@ 6:54 AM
Trust me, TB, it's a cult!
On July 6th of 2007, this cult kidnapped and hid my dad out until his wife returned home from an overnight trip out of town. How many other organizations do that? My sister and her kids were here from Old Mexico (they only come to visit a couple of times a year, at most,) and my dad's wife told the other cult members to keep him away from us, his kids, until she got back. She would not tell us where he was when asked directly, and even tried to discourage us from coming to see him after she finally did get him home. How normal is that???? My dad and his wife are members of the Elk City, Oklahoma congregation of JW's, or what's left of them. --------silentlambs reply - Thank you Melody for your post. Although it is silentlambs mission to educate about Watchtower policies and how they do not protect children from abuse, it is obvious that JW adults as well, use tactics to 'hide' their bad behavior from the outside world. "Kidnapping is definitely abuse, and hiding Dad from his children, is not a healthy environment that's for sure.

TB Monday, July 23, 2007
@ 7:23 PM
Cult or Religion?
----- I am a JW, but a deeply troubled one. ----------As a JW do we feel a little bit anxious? A little bit tension filled and nerve rattled? Are we depressed? Isn’t our religion a joyful one? Can’t we just pray for peace of heart and of mind? Are all of us just dreaming about all of the cases of Elder Molestations, perhaps all deluded by a few internet apostates? I just imagined all of the cases I know of and how it hits my family. Are we motivated by Fear or Love? You tell me. Was I right or wrong? ---------- ----Silentlambs reply; TB, Your post was very much appreciated. You made many good and valid points. As you know, we try to keep this guest book focused on the subject of child abuse policies within the organization, rather than doctrinal issues. If you would like to discuss any of your other concerns in private we invite you to contact us at Again thank you for posting and please continue to do so.

Earl Sunday, July 22, 2007
@ 8:38 AM
and others. Thank you for your support and kindness to all of us here. There was a time back in the day when I felt so unique and that no one was like me or could understand me. You know that small voice that says you are flawed and dirty and you walk this earth in shame and despair. That is the nature of abuse until we are allowed to come out of hiding, till we find a safe place or person to hear our secrets and then we begin to heal. Someone once said we are as sick as our secrets and it was true for me as I was a sick boy and young man. But now I am free by the Grace of God. That is why I strive to help the lambs for I know what it means to be alone in this world when our loved ones have let us down. It's sad that WT or anyone else does not get that, but with our help no longer will the congregations have total rein over their members. With time they will know there is a problem and know they have a place to come to and people who have their back. The silence will be broken and WT knows we are watching. That itself is a victory The Bowens and all concerned can be proud of. That reminds me I must print out some more brochures to distribute to the halls and wherever there is a bulletin board with space. Please all join me as we get the message out. Love and prayers to all.

Sacrotes Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 10:18 PM
Earl, From your description, your life was very similar to mine. The compassion, wisdom, and experience, with which you speak on this site, is very comforting. It is also encouraging to see so many other people who follow the same pattern of discussion on this site.

Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 8:27 PM
To Elaine
Hi, Elaine, I hope you find your comment that you posted on the 19th okay! It's a good comment, and I hope you keep sending posts!

Earl Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 12:55 PM
My prayers
Go out to all who have been abused and anyone connected with them as yes it does change who they are. It has taken me most of my life to unravel the emotions and deal with the depression as I did not speak of it as a child. I don't know why I hid my shame and tears but I did and it harmed me more. That’s why Silent Lambs is a God-send to many as they can be anonymous and begin to shed some pain. I am not afraid to say it is my faith that sustains me I did not throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak when I quit association with JW's because I had an open mind and for many years read all types of literature so as not to be indoctrinated into religion. My goal was always spiritual growth and I am happy to report I am still growing and learning about our wonderful Creator. I too wouldn't want to see this board turn into angry disputes about religion and I am proud of the way people have replied considering the nature of abuse and the pain and anger that goes along with it. I hope no one is left behind that needs support and someone to listen to them. MY goal is to love others but it is clear to me we must hate their sins, we must do all we can to stop the abuse. As I have said before Jesus was no pacifist and he showed his anger and indignation at evil. I am also convinced that the JW's that come on here are looking for truth, deep down inside them they know we have a message that they need to hear, otherwise they would not be here. I believe their conscience is being awakened as mine was years ago but being told JW's are the only right souls on earth is hard to let go of. Once they see that God would not back any religion that is so wrong on so many levels they have a good chance of gaining their freedom. They need to see that they will not perish if they leave the org. but will find a freedom they never believed existed, they will realize they are just now beginning to learn the truth and not have the truth. So I try not to offend the JW's as I know they have been misled and the fact that they would give their life for their religion-right or wrongly- tells me they have a heart that wants to do right. But it is difficult to hear their twisted logic. I realized years ago that WT could twist anything and make an untruth look like truth. I knew for many years that those in charge were not guided by the best principles and over the years these men got progressively bold with their statements and beliefs and finally their beliefs became more and more hurtful to the congregation and I felt sorry for the burdened souls who never felt good enough, and felt sorry for those who watched their children die from lack of medical care and be abused and turned against by everyone even their parents. I hope we have planted some seeds of truth here for that is how change begins. If we can stop one person from the abuse we have accomplished much. My pain and scars have taught me much compassion for the abused and I have learned that we can heal, we can be free and laugh again. Blessings to all

Joe Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 8:34 AM
Watchtower is doing the work of Satan the devil.

Elaine Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 8:16 AM
Why are my comments being silenced? Other people seem to voice their opinion, but not mine. What gives?------------ Moderator -- We apologize if there seemed to be a delay in the posting, sometimes it takes some time because the moderators are all volunteers. Please be assured your comments are very much appreciated. We did post a comment from you dated July 19, 2006 @ 6:20 pm. If you have made other posts that do no appear on the board please let us know as there may be a technical problem @

Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 8:04 AM
Although CD has stated that this was their last post, I wanted to respond to one comment CD made. The statement was, "Let's say the Watchtower Society changed it's view on the way these cases are handled and done it your way. What about all those who do not affiliated with JW's what are you going to do to bring about a solution to those people?" I say, IF JUST ONE CHILD IS PROTECTED FROM SUCH A HORRIBLE CRIME THEN ISN'T IT WORTH IT. ISN'T YOUR CHILD WORTH PROTECTING? HOW HORRIBLE THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF SUCH A SIMPLE POLICY. Yeah, yeah, you're going to say its Bible principle. Well your own Watchtower says:. *** w04 7/15 p. 28 “Everyone Shrewd Will Act With Knowledge” *** The shrewd one also acts with knowledge when making decisions. He knows that wise actions are rarely a product of guessing, acting on emotions, or simply following the crowd. Therefore, he takes time to investigate the situation at hand. He gathers all the facts and determines what options are open to him. Then he searches the Scriptures AND DECIDES WHICH BIBLE LAWS OR PRINCIPLES APPLY. The path of such a person remains straight.— Proverbs 3:5, 6. The elders are doing none of this when they simply follow a policy without caring about what the situation is. What happened to deciding what Bible principles apply to the particular situation? Requiring 2 witnesses to the sexual assault of a child certainly doesn’t apply. And what happened to the Bible principles of love & compassion? Apparently they have chosen to overlook those in order to protect sexual perverts. And why are you criticizing those here that are working to help make the situation better for JW's? Do you not understand that the best way to make change is to have knowledge about your cause, like John Walsh and America's Most Wanted? These ones have knowledge about the JW's and therefore could help to make things better for those children, if they would only be listened to. These people do care about abuse everywhere, but what better cause than to want to help keep others from having to go through what YOU went through. They should be applauded not criticized.

natty Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 7:26 AM

Louise, Mahna, and all the others that have posted their stories here, I want to express my deep sorrow for what you have gone through but also to applauded your strength and courage to now speak out about it. The comments that have been posted recently in response to CD and others have been right on. The issue is abuse and the JW policy not being against God (Jehovah).

JamieJ Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 7:18 AM
Thank you JB, Earl, CharlieJ, Louise, Mahna, PCW, and all that responded to CD, SL, and JJ (I'm sorry if I left anyone out). All of your posts were wonderful. I only wish that CD, SL, and JJ could remove the rose colored glasses that allow them to see the JW policy in such a distorted way, as if they are above the reasoning and logic that they apply to everyone else. I think you all did a great job in getting your point across even if they did not want to listen.

Jamie J Saturday, July 21, 2007
@ 7:10 AM
I am so glad that you visited this site and it was able to provide you with information so that you can make an informed choice about who comes to your door. I encourage you to tell others about this site so that they too can have the opportunity to see what has happened to so many people. Spread the word and thanks for your post, it was a great encouragement.

Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 5:55 PM
To Louise and Mahna
I am so SOOOO sorry about what happened to you two! It was gut wrenching, heart rending to read about the abuse you two suffered and the way the elders dealt with your situation. SICK! Satan's test???!!!! That is a sadistic, sick thing to say to a child who has been victimized by a pedophile! It doesn't even make sense! Not only were you two violated by perps, you were violated again by the elders, and I am so very sorry about all you have been through! Also, I am so happy that you two have come to Silentlambs, and I hope that you two find much solace and help here! Please keep coming back!!! And take very good care, both of you - - hang in there! We care so much about you here!!!

Moderator Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 4:27 PM
To those of you involved in recent discussion
While monitoring the discussion over the last few days, we felt it necessary to thank all that participated and endeavored to stay focused on the purpose of this website rather than allowing yourselves to be drawn in to an argument over religious doctrine. Thank you and well done.

Moderator Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 4:24 PM
We are glad to have your presence on the guest book, it is very much appreciated, as well as your diligence in wanting to get the word out about this terrible problem.

Moderator Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 4:21 PM
It's good to see you back, posting on the guest book again.

Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 4:19 PM
To mt
Hi, mt, I am sorry that only one paper put the article about pedophilia among Jehovah's Witnesses in their paper, but maybe other papers will pick up on it soon. I am glad you corresponded with this journalist consistently and that you were able to set him straight about the two witnesses joke! Well, keep us posted about this, and thanks for telling us about the article that was published!! :-)

Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 4:06 PM
I am so sorry your daughter was raped! I am very glad you turned the rapist over to the police - - that is the right thing to do! That's just it. The WTBTS doesn't have the elders counsel the molested and raped to go to the police. They expect the victims to more or less "grin and bear it". If you thought it was the right thing to turn your daughter's attacker over to the police, then don't you think that the attackers of JWs' children should also be turned over to the police. My battle is not with God, but it is against a policy that protects pedophiles, while it punishes the pedophiles' victims. Why was it right for you to turn your daughter's victimizer over to the police, but not right for Jehovah's Witnesses to turn over their children's victimizers? That doesn't make sense. Even if the pedophiles are JWs. It just doesn't make sense. I am so very glad you turned your daughter's rapist over to the proper, appropriate authorities and that you and your daughter weren't expected to keep mum about it. That would have done your daughter even more harm. I hope your daughter received counseling and that she is doing well. I applaud you for your decision to turn your daughter's rapist over to the police. If only it were that simple for Jehovah's Witnesses. However, it isn't that easy for them. They can't just say they're going to turn the pedophiles who harmed their children over to the police, not without paying a very heavy price. Especially if the pedophiles are also JWs. You said you "simply turned that guy over to the police". Well, if a Jehovah's Witness did that, the elders would be all over him/her! Particularly if the parents didn't talk with the elders first, who would tell the victim's parents to NOT go to the police. Kudos to you that you DID go to the police! It is NOT God (Jehovah) I have anything against, it is a policy that is hurting, maybe permanently, the victims of pedophiles in their religion. About the two witness rule - - did your daughter have two witnesses (or any witnesses) to her being raped? You did the right thing by your daughter, witnesses or no witnesses. You should be proud of that! You saved her from much mental, emotional, and spiritual turmoil! Good for you!!!

PCW Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 9:58 AM
Cd's Final Post
Hi Cd, Kudos for the person replying to your "Final post", where he states "... you don't belong here", he is so correct -- you DON'T BELONG HERE and I am curious why you visit. You may not type another post, as utterance of your thoughts, but you will keep up with the visiting. It is obvious that you have your doubts or you would not have ever posted here. Should you continue to visit quietly, fine. Hopefully something will click! for you. None of us are ever too smart to learn new things.

JB Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 9:27 AM
Congrats and best wishes on your new website. I think the press is slow to respond to the problem of molestation within the JW’s, because there aren’t as many of them as there are Catholics.

JB Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 9:26 AM
To Earl, Jamie J & Charlie J
Keep posting. Your thoughts are interesting and nourish the souls of those who have been betrayed by people who should’ve been protectors

JB Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 9:24 AM
To Louise & Mahna
I am so sorry for your suffering and will say a prayer for you both and all of the silent lambs around the world

JB Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 9:22 AM
One Last Thought for CD
If you knew ahead of time that your daughter was going to run across her rapist, would you have insisted she be present at the time and place that she was raped? If you would've known him to be a rapist, would you insist on your daughter fraternizing with him ahead of time? Would you feel comfortable with other young women and/or children being around him? THAT IS WHAT MANY VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES HAVE BEEN FORCED TO DO BY ELDERS, BECAUSE THERE WERE NOT TWO WITNESSES AGAINST THE ABUSER. Once she was raped, how would you feel if you and she were disfellowshipped for coming forward? How would you feel if you would've had to hide his crime to avoid being alienated from every JW you have ever met, including family? THAT IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE COME FORWARD WITHOUT TWO WITNESSES.

JB Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 8:46 AM
Although you say you made your last post on this site, I hope you have read the comments of others. And I hope you read this one. When your daughter was raped, why did you bother to go to the police when the end is just around the corner, and Jehovah will deal with such evil doers? Why did this rapist in particular deserve punishment? Did your daughter's rapist take the time to draw a crowd before he violated her so she had two witnesses against him? Did the police ask her if perhaps she misunderstood what happened? Did they question her about what she did to bring on the attack? Did they tell her to leave it in Jehovah's hands and not to worry about any other victims this criminal may happen upon? Did the police treat her the same way that the elders treat children and their parents when they come forward about child molestation? How would you feel if they did? More importantly, how would she have felt?

louise Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 6:27 AM
Thank you for your support. It’s so refreshing when someone gets it! You’re right about families too. My mum was on her own with me. Literally, it was the both of us trying. Its sad because everyone but the person responsible feels guilty and to blame. I think that hurt the most. The devastation on my mums face. I told her that it wasn’t her fault only him. Maybe one day she will believe me. She’s no longer a JW either. I think she still believes in god but cant bear the hypocrisy of how the abuse was & is handled. It all came back with the court case. Missing documents, reluctance, etc. Sadly, you know how it is. That was there chance to prove that they were the true religion to my mum, maybe even to me somewhere. They failed miserably. Anyway I just wanted to thank you! My minds going over time!! Take care.

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