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louise Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 6:13 AM
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am so sorry that you had to go through this too. It really worries me how many people have to suffer. My abuser sexually assaulted at least 5 others that I know about all kept quiet for fear of being disfellowshipped! They were not the ones in the wrong. Committees are for sins so why do children and adults who have been assaulted in these ways have to go through a committee? My mum used to say it didn’t count as I didn’t want it to happen but I struggle so much with physical closeness my body remembers like yours. Do you have counseling? I do and it’s such a relief to get some understanding and someone who values your feelings. The elders don’t get it..... even as a child I was treated like an adult committing immorality. Men with kids / grandchildren my own age! Gives me chills. You have done nothing wrong and god knows that. Take care.

Earl Friday, July 20, 2007
@ 12:33 AM
I wonder if these selective pacifist JW's would advocate waiting on God if they were being tortured? Who are the first ones to run to court when they feel their rights are being challenged- remember how they cried when some local statutes would have required a permit to call on homes??? etc.etc and so many other challenges the WT brags about winning for mankind. But to challenge a policy that might stop a pedophile-- no just wait because the end is right around the corner- again. Isn't this logic scary and selfish and foolish and totally lacking in love which identifies the true believer. The next time you The JW's need help- just wait. Why would you want Satan’s system to come to your aid anyway. You can't have it both ways- remember you are told to be no part of this system but you sure take advantage of it's benefits. Good Grief, the more the JW's speak the more we are really getting to understand their heart condition. One of them was spot on though when he said, what is not blessed will not prevail. I have watched so many changes in the org. and so many good hearted people leave when they could no longer look in the mirror in good conscience, and I and my son were proudly among those leaving. WE never regretted it.

Jamie J Thursday, July 19, 2007
@ 10:02 PM
So, if I understand you correctly, CD, we shouldn’t be diligent or even worried about finding ways to reduce this problem, or any problem. You are saying that there is no point because we can’t help it in any way. We should wait on Jehovah because he is the only one who can and he will do so in his own time. ***** OK ***** No one here said that abuse is not a problem in other organizations like the ones you mentioned. Of course, there are and has been some covering up and hiding of these crimes, but I can tell you this, not one of those entities has a WRITTEN POLICY that requires 2 eye witnesses to an allegation before they will report it to the authorities and take action on it themselves. Not one of them has a policy to punish the one abused. That is what this is about and the change we want. Wanting that policy changed does not in any way mean we want innocent people charged! That is an absurd and stupid remark to make! And if someone is unjustly accused isn’t Jehovah going to take care of that too, in his own time, according to your own words. In your words it really doesn’t matter what we do one way or another, JEHOVAH AND ONLY JEHOVAH is going to take care of things the way he wants, when he wants. So, WHY NOT DO WHAT WILL PROTECT THE CHILDREN since it makes no difference one way or the other? Why does the WBTS go to court to change laws to make the preaching work easier? Remember Jehovah doesn't need us to help with these types of things because according to you he is going to change them on his own schedule whether the WBTS goes to court over it or not. So in actuallity the WBTS does NOT believe that we should stand around and wait on Jehovah to make changes do they? They show that with their actions now don't they? In my opinion, a policy change would only make it so that TRAINED PROFESSIONALS with the skills needed would be doing the investigations, making it LESS likely for a pedophile to run rampant AND an innocent person to be unjustly punished. As CharlieJ, Socrates, and Earl stated, you STILL haven’t given us your opinions on the questions I asked. We would like to know what you think about those, not discuss what apostasy is and what it isn’t. This site is not about that. It is about how to work towards a resolution to the molestation problem within the Society and everywhere as well as give support to all victims, particularly those from the WBTS. Everyone here has tried to stay on that subject except YOU. YOU are the one that keeps trying to take this discussion to a negative place by arguing doctrine instead of keeping on the subject of abuse and how we all can work to stop it as much as possible. If you don’t believe there is a molestation problem in the WBTS after reading the many stories on this site, and you don’t want to have a meaningful discussion about what can be done to help protect the children and support those that have been victims, then you don’t belong here.

Cd Thursday, July 19, 2007
@ 9:07 PM
Final Post
I don't find anything wrong at all with relying on Jehovah. He has an outstanding track record. Unlike man who will let you down every time. Through out biblical history we have read about all those who chose to be like Frank Sanatra and "do it my way" they faired badly. The bible itself dictated this so called "Watchtower Policy" and there's a whole lot of wisdom behind it. Remember the Duke Lacrosse case?. In fact I just saw a case on TV the other day where a young man was accused of rape and locked up for 20 years only to have DNA prove his innocence. I don't see you trying to change the justice system. I don't see you trying to bring this man's false accuser to justice but I do see you trying to change the world by trying to change the scriptures that the Watchtower adheres to. Regardless of what anyone thinks and sadly most of you actually know that the Watchtower tries very hard to follow the word of God. As we know, God's wisdom is higher than man's and we don't always understand why certain things were done in the bible. So naturally people who don't trust in Jehovah are going to ridicule any organization that tries to follow wisdom that do not understand. I don’t agree with pedophiles because demons were the first to become one. Remember the daughters of men? That was not natural for them. However, it took a global flood to rid the earth of their off spring. And I wonder who caused it, Noah or Jehovah? And what was the result? I don't recall reading anywhere that Noah formed and organization to have Jehovah change His Policy on demons coming to the earth and corrupting human flesh but I do recall Noah continuing to follow Jehovah and Jehovah did exactly what he promised. Does anyone disagree?. There are many more examples of things like this in the bible. If Jehovah is blessing your efforts then you have His blessing on what you are doing. If not then it clear that you are going about this the wrong way. I know you mean well but only Jehovah will settle this matter. Take sides with Jehovah...

charliej Thursday, July 19, 2007
@ 7:10 PM
Isn't it interesting how CD keeps avoiding the issue that this site is about, abuse? CD keeps trying to cloud the facts about the WBTS policy with this obsession with apostasy. No one said that you only find child molestation issues among JW's. We are simply saying that we don't like the WBTS's policy in regards to this and it would be a simple change that could make a world of difference. What if your worldly sister came to you, CD, and said, "My daughter was molested by my minister but we have been told by the church deacons that we can not go to the authorities or warn anyone in the church or they will no longer allow us to attend there and all of our friends from there will be warned to not have anything to do with us." My guess is that you would tell her to go to the police and to warn everyone. It would be ok for her to speak out against her church's policy because they are false religion. But you believe that wouldn't apply to the WBTS because they are backed by the True God and are allowed to have policies that put children in danger. Witnesses don't have to change a policy that is so obviously dangerous, they'll wait.

Socrates Thursday, July 19, 2007
@ 6:53 PM
The reason that you were able to report your daughter’s rapist to the police is simply because he was not a witness, so it would not have "brought reproach on the organization". Had he been a "brother" you would have been required to follow the 2 witness rule, or be disciplined for slander according to the policy laid out in the Nov 1, 1995 Watchtower. Earl is so right you keep bringing the religion into this conversation. No one here has tried to argue doctrine with anyone, only the issue of child abuse and the policies of the WBTS. Therefore, this is not an apostate issue. I personally was offered help with finding my way back into the organization by someone from this site, who also feels there should be a policy change, if that was what I wanted. You have asked Jamie J to answer a question yet you have not answered hers from several days ago, are you ever going to do that? It is proper etiquette to answer her questions before asking your own. And we would like to read your personal opinion to her specific questions.

Elaine Thursday, July 19, 2007
@ 6:20 PM
How disgusting
What a wonderful web site exposing false religion. After reviewing and clicking on the outside links, I have much needed insight in not allowing Jehovah's Witnesses near my home. Pedophilia is such a disgraceful act. It is against the Bible. When Jehovah's Witnesses come near my house, I will call the authorities. I will give the police officer a printout of this web site. Also, I will encourage the authorities to research this site out. Thanks silent lambs for your diligent work. Keep up the good work.

JB Thursday, July 19, 2007
@ 12:21 PM
Part of your last post said, "...Jehovah does need you or I to handle these matters. If He sees fit to lock these pedophiles up and throw away the key or if He sees fit to wait until the end and destroy them it doesn't matter they will be dealt with. You also fail to realize and mention to your followers that your apostasy will be dealt with as well..." Ok, let's see if you feel that way if your children, grandchildren or any child you know is abused. It's easy for some warped individuals to wait on Jehovah to stop this putrid crime. But God given common sense has helped some who have been victimized and others who have witnessed the victimization to rail against it. As far as apostasy is concerned, you are confusing the Silent Lambs work against the corrupt WTB&TS with working against God. So, unfortunately, you and others like you will continue to blindly follow an organization of perverts and wait on Jehovah to stop the molestation of children while I and others like me, will accept God's direction to support and help the victims created by your organization and people like you. The WTB&TS has been promising the new system for 100 years or so. Brainwashing has taught you that the end is just around the corner. But, even if I knew that tomorrow would bring the end of the world, it wouldn't stop me from trying to protect a child today. You, apparently have seen fit to let abuse continue. Shame on you, and more shame on the corrupt corporation of misfits that lead you to your illogical, unloving conclusions.

CD Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 11:16 PM
to the person with no name
Perhaps you feel that what Jehovah had written is faulty. If that's the case then your battle is with Jehovah not the Society because they are using the scriptures as the guideline And by the way my daughter was raped by a man and no he was not a JW but I didn't rebel against mankind. I simply turned they guy over to the police.

CD Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 10:55 PM
Jamie J
Jamie. I understand everything you are saying. Please understand that none of us can check the hand of Jehovah or change a person's heart condition. I am sorry to see that you have lost hope in the only solution to ALL of mankind's issues and have joined an earthly organization that can neither bring you salvation or any remedy for the issue at hand. There are pedophiles in every part of this earth And guess what they are not all JW's either. Surprise... They are policeman, fireman, teachers, preachers, care takers, cab drivers, politicians etc of every nationality. Do you really think that us mere humans can resolve this. This behavior is bought about by Satan. I don't think us humans have any real chance on ridding the earth of this or any other epidemic on our own. Only the kingdom can change this. How do YOU feel about Jehovah's Kingdom Jamie?? Let's say the Watchtower Society changed it's view on the way these cases are handled and done it your way. What about all those who do not affiliated with JW's what are you going to do to bring about a solution to those people? Are you assuming that all the world needs is a change of policy at the Society and all of mankind's woes will be done any with? We can't be biased. Take sides with Jehovah Jamie J. We are living in His judgment hour. Soon It will be judgment day and all of mankind, yes even the silent lambs organization will have to render an account to Jehovah.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 10:42 PM
CD said- - -
'And I really feel sorry for anyone that has been harmed by it. I realize you have good intentions.'-------------Did you know that the Watchtower Legal Department will instruct elders to wait for a 'second eye witness' to come forward, (two eye-witness rule) before they take action against the perpetrator?------Here is my question to you, CD. ----Do you want your child to be that second victim? or would you prefer the elders encourage the first victim to report the crime to the proper authorities, so that they can handle the case as they are trained to do, and protect ALL children, especially in the congregation from the perp? Do you get my point? Read the thousand of testimonies of abuse victims. Obviously, you have not had this happen to your child, or you would not be so insensitive to abuse survivors!!!

Earl Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 10:16 PM
I just saw another JW accuse some of us of being apostates. I and others have stated factual information here and not one JW has even tried to defend the facts we have brought forth. For the last time I will say that jW's have changed the definition of Apostates just as they have changed the word of God to suit them. It is hard to believe a JW can call a victim of such horrible abuse an apostate for trying to help others and get help by exposing a sick religion. It is clear we have asked them to explain their view and step back and listen to reason and we will be happy to explain that their religion allows abuse and we show them how with many examples. Either these people can not understand plain English, or they are so brainwashed that they can not see beyond what they are told to believe. We have people here who have 40 or more years of experience with the org. with much wisdom to share. Like someone else said they need only spend ten minutes on Silent Lambs to see the proof that something is very wrong with the org. This situation has nothing to do with denouncing any kingdom or Jesus, it has all to do with stopping abuse and any name calling will not change the facts that WT has chosen to protect it's name over protecting children. This act is evil, from Satan if you like and not an innocent victim that comes here to finally get acknowledged and believed and probably for the first time since being a JW that a victim felt loved and accepted. And yet you JW's have the nerve to come here and call these lambs apostates, seems you haven't abused them enough. You should be ashamed but that just shows how sick you really are. I suggest you go away and keep your abuse in your congregation where it came from. Stay in the org long enough like many of us and you too will be abused or maybe your child will be and you will see the entire congregation turn against you. It happened to us and we are here to support and tell our stories. We will all be held accountable as we are either part of the problem or we are part of the solution. The next time you are sitting in your hall repeating information that some guys have given you ask yourself: If these guys who allow abuse would look out for you or your children!!I think you already know the answer.

Jamie J Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 10:09 PM
Mahna and Louise
Your stories are heartbreaking. I do hate what is bad and the things that happened to you were bad. Know that we all feel for you and your families. Sometimes I think that those that have never experienced sexual abuse don't realize that all those around you are affected, even if it did not happen to them. Your husbands, wives, and children have to deal with the abuse because it has affected your entire being. It has changed who you are. Know that my thoughts are with both of you.

Jamie J Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 10:01 PM
CD SL Luke
I am glad to see that you do continue to visit the site. Like I said I don't hate Jehovah, I just want a policy change. Someone mentioned that Jehovah doesn't need man to protect his name. From my study of the Bible I find that his peoples downfalls were exposed. In fact the Insight book talks about how the Egyptians would leave out their failures and defeats in order to make their personal and nationalistic image appear ideal. Anything that was embarassing or distastful was left out or effaced from their inscriptions. As I said I would really like to have your opinions and feelings on the questions I posed in earlier posts. Questions reposted: *********************************************************** What do YOU think about the WTBS not telling you about the many lawsuits and their settlements? What do YOU think about the two witness rule when it comes to reported child abuse? What do YOU think about untrained men being the investigators of such allegations? How do YOU feel about the thought of YOUR child being told that because 2 people did not witness their rape, they must be silent and not speak of it to anyone or warn others about the person they know raped them? And if they do speak of it they would be disfellowshipped for slander if they aren't repentant. How do YOU feel about the thought of YOUR child being cut off from you and the rest of their family spiritually and completely cut off from the only friends they have for wanting their rapist punished and wanting to keep others safe? I really, truly want to know YOUR thoughts and feelings, as I am sure others do also. As I said before, discussion is the means to exploring solutions. What do YOU think the Society needs to do to make this horrific problem better? Do you feel that someone who wants a policy change that would help protect children from pedophiles is someone seeking their own desire? (2 Pet. 3:3-4) Do you truly believe that wanting to protect children from an absurd policy is unhealthful and something to tickle our ears? (2 Tim 4:3-4) Do you mean to tell me that you feel that what this site and those that support it are asking for, a simple policy change, is misleading and the teaching of demons? (1 Tim 4:1-2) Are you saying that the thousands of survivors that have reported to this site are liars?

Mahna Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 4:52 PM
not a child but it happend to me
I had been in a coma for 30 days because of extreme abuse brought on me by my JW husband for 10 1/2 years. I went to visit a sister who lived in the same apt. complex and felt like I might be getting a panic attack (they often precipitate seizures...which all are a result of the coma). Her husband tried to force me into sexual acts. I yelled back with my arms crossed over my body, "NO." He would have had to KILL me. He took me home. I told my husband when I got into our complex and he said, "I'm gonna KILL that guy." I got between him and the door and said, "Remember JEHOVAH!" That stopped him...I then said, "Remember the ELDERS! That's why we have them - for things such as this!" He ran to the phone and called one. He said, "YOU MEET ME AT THE K.H. NOW!!" and hung up. There were 3 elders there when we got there and I tearfully told them what had happened. They disfellowshipped me. And that is the TRUTH. I know that Jehovah saw! I'm no child but this is a terrible ordeal even at my age!!! To think of these innocent children being scarred for life by these ones doing these things to them goes beyond my comprehension! And then to think that they are not even put on reproof ... when these men need psychiatric help and probably to be "put away" to deal with their "unnatural" and unbalanced way of looking upon these innocent, young beings is HORRID. There are gobs more that has since happened to me but apparently doesn't fit in with this category but it has been very, very painful for me for a long, long time.------------- Silentlambs response: Thank you sharing your story.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 4:02 PM
To Jamie J
Hello, Jamie, again I think that your posts are very good, because you express things so well! So, please keep posting away! :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 3:52 PM
To Luke
Hi, Luke, I agree with you that child abuse occurs in all communities. In fact, the Catholic Church is back on the news because of the rampant pedophilia that has happened to children in that faith. It's been in the news so much lately that I have wanted to contact news sources and mention that pedophilia is indeed also very rampant in the Jehovah's Witnesses religion. Yes, pedophilia is everywhere in all walks of life. However, Silent Lambs was begun by a former JW elder to help the many, many victims of pedophilia in the JW religion. People from any religion are welcome to come here to Silent Lambs for support and assistance. Nobody gets turned away. With all the attention the Catholic Church and clergy is getting regarding pedophilia, it would be only fitting if the pedophilia issue in the Jehovah's Witnesses would also be addressed. And, yes, this horrible sickness, pedophilia, is rampant in all walks of life all over the world. It needs the utmost attention in the media, not just in the Catholic Church, but in the JW religion and other religions, and in other walks of life. At least, though, this site was started by an elder in the JW faith, who put himself on the line to help people he knew were being abused in his religion. Pedophilia is a horrible, incurable sickness, and the victims need to know this is an excellent place to come for support, caring, and friendship. This is a vital, vital site for the victims! They deserve justice for what has happened and is happening to them. The victims are the ones who need the comforting and healing, not the molesters and rapists and those in the WTB&TS who are indifferent to the victims, to their pain, suffering, and anguish. How isolated and alone the victims must feel!! The elders and those of the 'rank and file' need to be giving solace, kindness, and whole-hearted love to the VICTIMS, not the perpetrators. The way the pedophilia issue is handled in the WTB&TS is so inside out and convoluted, how can the poor victims know if they are coming or going?! The pedophile issue is HORRIBLY mismanaged in the Jehovah's Witnesses religion! Children's lives are damaged beyond repair, ruined because of a crazy policy that refuses to help them, to give them solace. The victims need help! REAL help from the police and from trained, educated counselors who can help the children work through their agony after being so horribly exploited, humiliated, and abused! The elders don't know (even if they have caring and kind intentions in some instances) how to appropriately give this assistance to the victims, the poor, innocent, and very, very vulnerable children! And making the excuse that keeping mum about the abuse is to protect Jehovah's name is asinine! As if God needs the protection from puny mankind! It's just an excuse, and a disgusting, very poor one, at that! God is all powerful. He can take care of Himself, thank you. That excuse makes God seem as if He must be small and helpless. Well, not so!!! The WTB&TS just wants to keep a pearly white, pristine veneer on the name of the RELIGION. It's the IMAGE the WTB&TS cares about! If they really cared about the victimized children, they would take care of them, and then they really WOULD have a clean religion. As it is, the WTB&TS does a heck of a lot of whitewashing. And they've been doing such a poor job of THAT, they have taken to just splashing the whitewash here and there and creating a lot of smearing. If they would open up about the abuse issue in the Jehovah's Witnesses religion, instead of gagging the victims about the subject, they might gain back some respect, others respect, and self-respect. I think it would be good if they started following the example of the Catholic Church, which is opening WAY up about pedophilia in its midst. Denial is a sick way to go. And a selfish, greedy way, also.

PCW Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 1:03 PM
2007 Summer Conventions Held
Hi, In the last past two weeks, two conventions were held at our new convention center. Is there anyone on this website who attended and can share with us what they heard? -- Just curious.

louise Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 12:47 PM
sl aduse survivor
I am probably against the religion as I thought it was the truth. I was brought up to trust and respect adults, There was no gray. Jehovah’s word was black and white. As children take things so literally I believed everything I was taught. I strived for perfection from the age of 8. After I was baptized the sexual abuse started and went on for 4 years. When it was exposed I was told by one of the elders I had failed Satan’s test. I had to under go the same disciplinary procedures as the pedophile that abused me, a child. Afterwards the elders were patting him on the back and spoke to me only when he wasn’t there. So I guess I have every right to not say much good about the religion as so much bad happened to me through it. What good would you say if you had been treated the way I had? When everything and everyone I once believed and trusted all turned out to be a lie. It’s a very hard and cruel lesson especially as a child. I tried at first for 4 years to forgive, keep going following Jehovah. I punished myself for feeling so bad I didn’t understand I hadn’t done anything wrong. Id cut my arms suffered from anorexia wash as I felt so dirty. The guilt I felt was so strong as I had failed my test from Satan. I felt so worthless, a sinner, and nobody I had looked up to told me any different. When I found this site it sowed me I am not the only one, which comforts me but really scares me to. There is so much about other religions and its out there now but jw’s are still pretty silenced. I am not against them its there choice but I would never be able to go in there again because they destroyed my childhood. - -----------------Silentlamb response: Thank you for sharing your story.

CD Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 10:43 AM
J, Loiuse, Jamie J ect
J, Louise, Jamie J and any other apostaes in here let's understand something. It is no doubt that Jehovah God is against such horrible acts. In fact I am against them as well. And I really feel sorry for anyone that has been harmed by it. I realize you have good intentions. But you have to realize that Jehovah does need you or I to handle these matters. If He sees fit to lock these pedphiles up and throw away the key or if He see's fit to wait until the end and destroy them it doesn't matter they will be dealt with. You also fail to relaize and mention to your followers that your apostasy will be dealt with as well. Remember Cora? You have totally lost site on the one thing that can rid not just a bad JW of this crime but also the whole inhabited earth of this crime and that is the Kingdom?. Someone asked the question why was I here if I was a true JW. That question alone should tell you that you are dealing with people who would argue with Christ and his purpose of coming to this earth to vindicate his father's name. All the signs are here and I only encourage you to take sides with Jehovah. You or I can not change a person's heart. You efforts to halt or alter Jehovah's will is futile.

J Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 9:05 AM
Other J's Post: JW's Send Peds Preaching at Doors
Apparently there is another person posting as "J". My last post was addressed to CD & Luke. The other J's last post was JW's Send Peds Preaching at Doors. To avoid confusion, after this post, I will use the initials "JB". Anyway, J, you are completely correct about the dangers of sending pedophiles in the door to door work. People work so hard to keep these creeps away from their kids by monitoring internet use and lectures about stranger danger, yet sickos of this fashion are made to feel not only free to but compelled to trapse around preaching the good news, and exposing children of compelete strangers to the possibility of molestation. What is even sicker is that this organization continues to punish JW's who try to warn other JW's about molestors. I learned JUST YESTERDAY that it is happening NOW to one of my relatives who is still an active publisher. To all JW's who are reading this: PLEASE WAKE UP! THIS IS A CULT THAT IS ONLY INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY OFF OF THE VOLUNTEER LABOR AT BOTH THE PUBLISHING COMPANIES (BETHELITES) AND THE SALES REPRESENTATIVES (PUBLISHERS) WHO GO DOOR TO DOOR. THIS ORGANIZATION WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO DO WHATEVER THEY THINK IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT THEIR REPUTATION. THEY USE BRAIN WASHING TACTICS TO CONTROL THE RANK AND FILE. FALSE PROPHECIES AND INSIDIOUS MIND CONTROL ARE NOT TACTICS THAT GOD'S TRUE ORGANIZATION WOULD USE. THE LITTLE BIT OF GOOD THAT YOU MAY SEE IN THE WTB&TS DOES NOT OVERSHADOW THE ABUSE OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN. CERTAINLY MEMBERS OF THE KKK AND THE NAZIS SAW SOME GOOD IN THEIR GROUPS, BUT THAT DID NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT THEY WERE EVIL. I have often said to JW's who are critical of this website that I hope they or theirs never experience physical or sexual abuse at the hands of another JW and be turned away by the elders when seeking help. But do you really have to let it go that far? Do you or yours have to be beaten and/or raped only to have it covered up before you realize the evil tactics used by this organization? Isn't the testimony of thousands who have suffered at the hands of the WTB&TS enough? Read the personal experiences on this website. Why would anyone want to remain part of an organization that allows and covers up such abuse? Something about it must be working for those of you who stay, but how dare anyone criticize another for escaping such degradation and humiliation! How dare the organization continue to punish those in the rank and file for sounding the alarm about molestors! Shame on them, and shame on you.

mt Wednesday, July 18, 2007
@ 1:56 AM
Press release
Only one newspaper brought the news. I am disappointed. But I still hope, that others will print it. But here is the story, it's in Danish of course, but I will tell you what it say's shortly. The headline: union or society, will stop religious pedophilia. Then it says, there are victims in the society JW, which don't get help, so says the society Silenced Witnesses or Tavse Vidner. It’s a big problem, because they are covering it up, because they will protect God's name. So says Maja Thorup. Examples comes in the news from time to time, but are you in the society, you just don't say, I am a victim. They do not go to the police. Then they write a little about what we will do in the society. And writes that I said that there are a 2 witnesses rule. Then JW's spokesman speaks out. Carit Stypinsky said, that according to their plan from 2003, the 2 witnesses rule is irrelevant. They go to the police right away. And then the article ends to say, that Tavse Vidner is not convinced that they go straight to the police. But the day before this news article, the journalist called me. And I told him about the two witnesses rule. Then after about one hour he called me back, that JW's spokesman had told him about how that rule according to the plans from 2003, was irrelevant. I said, it's the first time I hear this ever. But let me get back to you, I will read it and see for my self, because this I can't remember I have seen ever. Then I read the plans, and off course it is standing there, that indeed there are a two witnesses rule. That I think is very funny. Because I read it loud to the journalist, who now could see, that he has been lied to by JW's spokesman. I really couldn’t stop laughing about it. They really have the nerve to lie to a journalist, about something that are so easy to prove. I know that they are lying, but this I think was funny. Well, sorry about my translation. I hope you all get the picture anyway. Sincerely Maja

J Tuesday, July 17, 2007
@ 6:30 PM
JWs Send Peds Preaching At Doors
HERE'S THE POINT: JW elders are told to send child molesters along with the other JWs as they preach at the public's doors. The JW child molesters are supposed to be men who are repentant that they have molested kids, but like other pedophiles they still have the sexual addiction and are extremely likely to repeat it again and again. This is unlike any other religion in its sending pedophiles, repentant or not, preaching at doors! It's a dangerous thing. Pedophile Catholic priests and clergy in any church who molest kids are horrible, but in the other groups they don't send them preaching door to door. DO YOU GET IT NOW?

louise Tuesday, July 17, 2007
@ 12:54 PM
Nobody is trying to change gods will. How could they possibly???? But I tell you the sexual abuse I suffered and the way the elders treated me changed the way I look at religion. God would never treat a child like that but his so called people did and most likely do. In the bible wrong doings weren’t covered up, why are they now? If this is how you view the website as apostate you better pray harder because your falling into Satan’s hands.

AC Tuesday, July 17, 2007
@ 11:20 AM
If those that support this site are "spiritually weak" and "followers of Satan" as you say, then why "True JW" are you here? Most people here would agree that our issue is not necessarily with God. However, how can you sit here and say " True JWs are not followers of men" . Are you blind? lol Last time I checked it is elders( MEN) who preside OVER the congregation(YOU) and basically dictate who can be a part of the congregation and who cant be. You say Jehovah's will shall be done, and if so I hope he puts some sense into brainwashed people like yourself who put blinders on to the abuse that happens to so many of our youth. Wake up, its time to start exposing "the truth" for what it really is.

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