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J Tuesday, July 17, 2007
@ 10:23 AM
To CD & Luke
Placing blame on bad JW's who sexually abuse children is exactly what the Silent Lambs want to do. Unfortuntely, the WTB&TS forbids it unless there are two witnesses against such an act. No one on this site is attacking rank and file JW's. It has been pointed out that they do not think for themselves, but that is not an attack, it is true. Why else would they continue to be part of an organization that disfellowships the victims when they go to the police or shame them into silence when two witnesses aren't available? Even hardened criminals in prison go after child molestors. Do you think Jehovah God would do anything less? The fact remains that Jehovah's so-called organization does very little for victims of child sex abuse but actively works against them. Instead of boo hooing for a powerful, money making organization that takes advantage of the rank and file through brain washing, why don't you take a second to think of all of those who have been victimized by it? At least the Catholics eventually admitted their wrong doing in transferring pedophile priests from parish to parish without prosecuting or at least warning congregants about them. The WTB&TS chooses to ignore the fact that there are many molestors among their ranks, because it would bring reproach on Jehovah to do so; never thinking about the suffering of the victims. My JW mother did absolutely nothing when I told her that her husband attempted to molest me. It took me years to realize that it wasn't my fault. I was disfellowshipped years later, because I refused to remain unmarried after divorcing a JW husband who physically abused me and threatened to kill me and himself. If I heard the phrase, "Leave it in Jehovah's hands" once, I heard it a thousand times. Well, I did leave it in Jehovah's hands, and dozens of non-witness people helped me to save my own life. You express dismay that victims would dare to criticize the organization, yet you have no compassion for the cruelty and loss experienced by many who have had the misfortune of being JW's. Just once, try to look at the big picture. Any organization that would insist on the suffering of innocent women and children is a bad one. There are no exceptions. I hope that neither of you suffers at the hands of the WTB&TS like so many have, but I also hope you wake up and look at what's really going on. The secrecy and shame that this organization insists upon is insidious, but even you can see it if you try.

SL Tuesday, July 17, 2007
@ 9:50 AM
AC, you lose $100.
I don't know why you are making such a big deal about this. I'm not real familiar with the JW religion, but I don't think that's the point. All I wrote is that this website appears to be more about being AGAINST the religion than FOR the victims.

Jamie J Monday, July 16, 2007
@ 8:50 PM
Thank you
To those that commented with aproval on my I am glad I was able to express myself in a way that seemed to encompass your feelings as well as mine.

Jamie J Monday, July 16, 2007
@ 8:45 PM
I do admit, I do have problems with the religion itself, but those are just my opinions. If someone makes an informed choice to be a Witness, that is just that, their choice. I don't hate them and I don't hate Jehovah God. My problem is with the Witness’s policy of not taking action unless there are 2 witnesses to sexual assault. If they do not have 2 witnesses to the act in question, and that does not mean 2 different people say that someone abused them it means 2 people came forward and said that they witnessed THE act of abuse that was reported, then no action is taken against the accused. If the one making the accusation says ANYTHING to ANYONE about the abuse or the abuser then they can and in most cases are disfellowshipped for slander. And keep in mind, when I say no action, I mean the accusation is not made mention of to the congregation, to those with young children, or to the authorities. The one reporting the abuse is not told to go to the police, in fact in my experience they are told there is no evidence and that ANYTHING said to ANYONE would be slander. Can you imaging being a child and told those things, and knowing what being disfellowshipped would mean for you. Do any of you think that most abused children, who probably already have low self-esteems, would go any further? So the problem just festers and the pedophiles assault more children. And you all do realize that the elders investigation consists of only asking the one accused if he/she did it, right? That's it! What do you think the accused is going to say, knowing that there are not 2 witnesses to the assault? Unless their stupid, their going to say "No, I didn't do it", because they want to continue fulfilling their perverted sexual desires. I know for a fact there are many that visit this site that are not and never were JW’s. I have met some. The site is primarily for Witness victims but we are all here for anyone that has been abused in anyway. So, when it comes to the scriptures mentioned, I have to say no I don’t think they sound like me. Do you feel that someone who wants a policy change that would help protect children from pedophiles is someone seeking their own desire? (2 Pet. 3:3-4) Do you truly believe that wanting to protect children from an absurd policy is unhealthful and something to tickle our ears? (2 Tim 4:3-4) Do you mean to tell me that you feel that what this site and those that support it are asking for, a simple policy change, is misleading and the teaching of demons? (1 Tim 4:1-2) Are you saying that the thousands of survivors that have reported to this site are liars? If that’s the case, then I fear that you completely misunderstand the purpose of this website and it’s mission.

CD Monday, July 16, 2007
@ 4:42 PM
Guess What
If any of you people really think that what you are saying and doing here is going to change the will of Jehovah you are in for a rude awakening. No matter what you say or what you do Jehovah’s will we be done. Unlike you, true JW’s are not followers of men. Like Satan you prey on the spiritually weak and like Satan you have some success but my friends you fail to mention one thing to those you prey upon and that is YOUR actions are in fact prophecy and this is so encouraging to me because now I know I am worshiping the right way and that there is no battle between you and I but rather you and Jehovah. Think you can win? Do these scriptures remind you of yourselves? 2nd Peter 3:3-4, 2nd Timothy 4:3-4, 1st Timothy 4:1-2, and Proverbs 14:25 just to name a few.

Luke Monday, July 16, 2007
@ 4:35 PM
A little unsure...
From the very first time I came across your website I believed that cases of child abuse by no matter who mustn't be cover up in any way. My mum is Jehovah's Witness and she believes the same although she's been devoted to her faith for over 20 years now. I am sure that most of Witnesses share her view on this issue. Witnesses try to live up to the Bible standards but they are not more saint or sin-prove that other members of our societies. If some lose focus they simply give in to their wrong desires. As much as I agree with a great deal of what you say I think it is sad to accuse the religion, instead of its particular members. It needs to be acknowledged that child abuse exists in every community just like all other sins. However, when a Catholic or a Buddhist commits a sin no one accuses his religion. Please try to get some perspective. Support all victims of child abuse instead of focusing on a particular group. Protect all children.

AC Monday, July 16, 2007
@ 3:10 PM
Lets make a bet...
For fun, I would bet $100 bucks that JJ and SL won't respond to JamieJ's request to give their OWN thoughts and opinions and gasp! think for themselves!! lol Its so sad, they probably arent abuse victims themselves because if they were, they wouldnt let dumb comments come out of their mouths. Well said Jamie! Im an ex-JW and abuse survivor who is 100% behind you and Silent Lambs!

mt Sunday, July 15, 2007
@ 2:15 PM
At last
Dear friends here at Silent lambs. At last, I have send the press-release out today. I had some protocol problems so the date had to be moved. But now 39 news medias got the news about Silenced Witnesses, I know the web-site are in Danish, but you are so welcome to write at the page, if you like. But I hope that I can read the press-release in the newspapers one of these days. Now I will tell you a little about me and my family’s holiday in Norway. We had a marvelous week. Kent Steinhauge totally removed my fear of Armageddon. That was such a relief so it's hard to explain. But last weekend Kent and his sweet sweet wife May-Britt, held a BBQ party for ex-witnesses and people who had never been related to JW at all. And it was a great party. So warm hearted people. Me and my husband just felt at home between everybody. About 30-35 people. And we only knew Kent and May-Britt. We was just so accepted at once by all. And I can tell you, that it warms my heart so much to think about. So we enjoyed it so much. A party filled with people, which JW are warning everybody about. Including us. Have to smile here. Because at that party, there was more lovely people, than if you go to a meeting in a Kingdom Hall. So next year we are invited to Bristoll, and we are looking so much forward to it. Well I just wanted to tell you this, and I hope so much, that you all are doing just fine. Blessings to your all. Sincerely Maja

Silenced But Talking Sunday, July 15, 2007
@ 10:24 AM
God Is Watching
I applaud your mission. Revealing the mistakes and activities at the WBTS is no small task. It's comforting to know Jehovah God supports truth, and promises to deliver the oppressed. (Psalms 35:1, 10) I pray the injustices you have experienced will not harden your heart toward God. He LOVES us and will heal our wounds! (Psalm 36:1-12; Psalms 6:2) Everyone at the WBTS is not involved, but the individuals at fault are NOT EXEMPT. Fight with integrity. God is watching ...

LOUISE Friday, July 13, 2007
@ 4:49 PM

louise Friday, July 13, 2007
@ 4:05 PM
thank you guys
Thank you for your support with the prosecution. I haven’t given any information to them at all! I would never risk the case. I can’t wait till it’s over. Then I can let them know exactly what I am thinking. You are right though, the silence is how abuse is permitted. And no matter whether they are religious or not it needs to be broken and the children need to know its not there fault. ---------------silentlambs reply: Dear Louise, We appreciate your posts very much. We're glad you're here. If there is any way you can contact silentlambs directly, please email us at as it would be helpful to your case.

Friday, July 13, 2007
@ 1:26 PM
Religion and power
I think it might help people if they considered that anytime a religion tries to assume POWER over the congregation, then it is not a religion so much as a cult. Nobody can have power over you without your permission. Don't let the WTBTS control your lives. When it comes to children and pedophilia, take control over your own lives, and do the right thing. Go to the police. Insist on power over your own lives! Don't hand that power over to the WTBTS. Eleanor Roosevelt said that nobody can make someone feel inferior without that person's consent. That goes hand-in-hand with power over someone. How can someone's self-esteem be totally intact when some religion is pulling the strings of their lives - - even to the point of telling them how to handle pedophilia in their own family? Please, please think about this, people! The WTBTS does NOT have the right to that power. Therefore, that power does not really exist. It's a front, a farce. You have the control over your own lives. Protect the children. Go to the police.

Friday, July 13, 2007
@ 1:11 PM
To Jamie J
Wow, I am so impressed with your post to SL! Excellent post!! You invited SL to express his/her own thoughts and feelings, urged SL to express them, in fact. It is good that people can come to Silentlambs and know that they can express their own opinions, doubts, and questions without being booted off Silentlambs. The WTBTS discourages "independent" thinking, but God created everyone with the ability to think independently. Being able to think for oneself is a great blessing from God. And people being able to come together and discuss from where they are each coming from is a GOOD thing. Everyone is unique and has their own perspective about things, their own perception. People should not have their thoughts suppressed. It is not natural. Oppressing people like that puts a burden on them. Jesus said his load is light. The WTBTS weighs the "rank and file" down with suppression of thoughts and expressing them. As I said, it is not natural. It is extremely presumptuous of the WTBTS to tell victims and their parents not to tell the police or social services about abuse. It is and should be a private matter for the parents and their children. When a child is abused by a pedophile, it is not any of the WTBTS's or the elders' business to tell that child and his/her parents to keep their mouths shut about it. That is so appallingly wrong!!! One of the most sickening, heartwrenching things in the world is for a child to be molested or raped! How dare the WTBTS and the elders control what the victims and the parents say to whom! For the WTBTS to take it upon themselves to decide what victims and family members should do and say about the abuse is disgusting! It isn't normal! How dare they?! Shame, shame, shame on them. Elders are NOT trained to deal with pedophile issues. And when they take it upon themselves to pat the "poor, poor little pedophiles" on their heads and threaten and/or punish the victims, there is something terribly, horribly wrong! If the WTBTS really cared about their having a good "image", they would put the victims first, hardly the pedophiles! They would encourage, in fact, urge the victims and their parents to seek out the proper authorities - - the police and social workers. As it is, the way the WTBTS handles the pedophile issue is just tarnishing their pearly white image. That image is so smeared by now by the WTBTS's own actions, it's unbelievable!

Jamie J Thursday, July 12, 2007
@ 8:01 PM
Out of the approximate 15 sentences written, 1 was the definition of the word you used, biased. 8 were questions about the society, and 3 were truthful answers from my own personal experience to some of those questions. I am assuming it was the remaining 3 sentences that expressed my opinion on those thought provoking questions that seemed to be of a negative tone to you. I apologize. But since this site is not biased they posted both mine and your opinions. Please!! Give me your experience, thoughts, and feelings concerning the questions I asked. Discussion is the means to exploring solutions. I gather from your comment, "Shouldn't your efforts be comforting the poor victims", that you in some respect view the prevalence of the abuse and the silence about it as a problem. What do YOU think about the WTBS not telling you about the many lawsuits and their settlements? What do YOU think about the two witness rule when it comes to reported child abuse? What do YOU think about untrained men being the investigators of such allegations? How do YOU feel about the thought of YOUR child being told that because 2 people did not witness their rape, they must be silent and not speak of it to anyone or warn others about the person they know raped them? And if they do speak of it they would be disfellowshipped for slander if they aren't repentant. How do YOU feel about the thought of YOUR child being cut off from you and the rest of their family spiritually and completely cut off from the only friends they have for wanting their rapist punished and wanting to keep others safe? I really, truly want to know YOUR thoughts and feelings, as I am sure others do also. As I said before, discussion is the means to exploring solutions. What do YOU think the Society needs to do to make this horrific problem better?

Earl Thursday, July 12, 2007
@ 4:37 PM
To the witnesses that occasionally comment on here I ask, what would happen if you gave your opinion or disagreed at a meeting? You know you have to sit there and raise your hand and give the answer that WT has given you and that you have underlined in your magazine. Now doesn't that seem juvenile - that you sit there for an hour and mimic what a few guys at WT think? Knowing, over time, that you disagreed totally with the information but had no outlet for your God given thinking. Someone made a comment that this site tries to tear down the WT org. Part of my mission is to educate the parents of people in the org so they can look at the way they accept the thinking of a few guys that make policy. Only when JW's start thinking for themselves or leaving will things change and children will be spared. Only when someone can see that it is the policies that are in place in the org. that are not from God, and these men are simply men and not prophets. Yes, they have said they as well as members were prophets. I can show you when and where they said it and then changed it and said it again if you want. By the way, prophets are never wrong and never have a new light experience. When they predict something it always comes about. No one, with a good heart, would put policy over the safety of their children. You really must admit if you use your thinking that allowing a known pedophile to go door to door is not right. If you knew a pedophile was coming to your house you would not allow it. You have to know that most pedophiles are considered incorrigible. The average pedophile will molest upward of 70 children before he is apprehended. What do you think Jesus would have done if one of his apostles was a pedophile? Do you think he would have protected him or the little children that came and sat with him? Don't you think he would have cured him before he sent him out to the unsuspecting people? Surely if one continued to be evil and harmed people Jesus would not put up with it. Knowing that, wouldn't you want to keep an eye on someone? But from what I read the congregation often doesn't even know that a pedophile is amongst them. So, does the WT think that being a member is a cure, when what the pedophile needs, along with spirituality, is first to be away from kids and do their time in the system and to get extensive therapy, maybe for life? Even then, when you see pedophiles interviewed, after years of counseling, they will say that they absolutely must not be around children. So why does WT not know what I and others know, and get these people help instead of letting them sit and listen to canned answers in the hall and require them to go out in field service? Can you see they are not getting helped? The WT is allowing predators in the congregation because they think they are right and the rest of the world, including professionals, are wrong. If you think outside the box just for five minutes you will have to conclude that the policies are wrong. But then what can you do if you think that? I asked a witness what they can do, like write to WT, sign a petition etc., and I got no answer. The idea of disagreeing with WT is not even allowed and is scary for a witness. People in the bible disagreed with God and even bartered with him- they were not afraid. So what the witnesses that I talked with did is get mad at me and refuse to talk about it. Some cut me off completely because they were confused, because they have no options, as they will either have to leave the org or if they speak out they will have no friends in the hall and get disfellowshipped, and no friends in the world as they have cut them of already. So, my so called friends stuck their heads in the sand and went on with their lives. They also feel that anyone who disagrees with the org is an apostate and to be avoided. That guarantees they will never get different information. The WT even changed the definition of apostate, which means to deny God and Jesus completely. It has nothing to do with changing religions or speaking out. If one studies the cults they will see that this idea of isolating ones from other views is typical of cult indoctrination. But you see I have witnessed to them and gave them the whole truth so now they have no excuse. When one knows of evil and does nothing to stop it I believe they will have to answer to it. Like the poor guy beaten and lying in the street. You know the story. People walked by but one loving soul helped nurture him back to health. That is what Mr. Bowen and others have done. According to God, we need that kind of love that goes beyond dogma or policy. We need to be brave when we know in our heart of hearts that something is wrong. But too many of us don’t want to have to think for ourselves, it is easier to sit and answer a question the way we have been programmed. I know as I was there for about 40 years but always new I was more intelligent than some of the policies, as I could prove with the Bible that they were wrong. But I was brainwashed as a kid to think that everyone else in the world was wrong and were going to hell. Boy did that boost my low self esteem. But I came to see that believing that was so unloving and anyone in the org for a while will tell you that not everyone in the org is saved and they know of much evil going on if they are honest. So I had to ask myself, why be a witness if some were worse than the world and the society protected them and never did the right thing and make them make amends or move on. Over the years the policies changed so often. That bothered me. Some gave their lives for the org only to have policy change that could have saved them. So much was wrong on so many levels and all I had to do was step back and ask God for true discernment as I knew I was misled. He answered my prayers and I was led to support silent lambs as I too was abused as a child. I know the harm it has done and the scars I will have for my entire life. Someone like me can not stand by, because I have been helped, and not do everything in my power to stop the abuse. If I can get one person to look within and be completely honest then maybe they will have an awakening like I did. If it takes challenging a policy or doctrine, so be it. WE can't even come to the WT site and discuss our concerns, as they won’t allow it. But witnesses can come here. There is absolutely no place a JW can go and disagree and not be humiliated, marked, kicked out, ignored, etc., except maybe here at silent lambs. I feel sorry for them in that respect, as I know how frustrated I felt never having a place to air my views with acceptance without a fellow witness saying, ‘just let God work it out’. Anyone who was associated with the JW's was abused in some way, even if it was just intellectually, and has much on their minds. As we don't know what abuse they had, how could a web site tell them what they can say, as Silent Lambs may be their first place in the world where they feel comfortable to open up? Blessings to all

SL Thursday, July 12, 2007
@ 3:03 PM
Jamie J
You just proved my point. All you do is bad-mouth the Witness religion. Shouldn't your efforts be comforting the poor victims, not simply tearing down the religion?

J Thursday, July 12, 2007
@ 9:07 AM
To Charlie & Jamie J
I completely agree with your sentiments. Recently I have been in touch with many of my relatives who are exJW's, and after much thought and converstation, we have decided that the only reason our other relatives have remained JW's is because membership provides them the only opportunity they've ever had for some sort of credibiltiy and yes, power. In their bizarre world, they are holy and may remain so as long as they adhere to everything the WTB&TS tells them. It is so sad; mindless robots who would rather turn their backs on abused women and children than disobey the society who cares nothing about the rank and file JW's.

JamieJ Wednesday, July 11, 2007
@ 10:20 PM
jj and sl
Biased - inclined to favor one side over another. Synonyms favor, one-sidedness, partiality, partisanship, prejudice. Doesn’t the Society instruct their members to not read or listen to any negative discussions about Jehovah’s Witnesses? Are they not instructed to not accept ANY literature that is in opposition to them? Whenever opposing ideas are discussed in any Witness literature is it not spoken of as unscriptural, demonic, counterfeit, abusive, and inflammatory? But do they ever give you any examples. Do they provide their publishers with the negative, but true information about themselves? Not from my experience. Have they told their publishers about the many lawsuits against them or the settlements on 16 cases in California? No, I have asked numerous Witnesses about it and none of them seem to know a thing about that. Did they tell their publishers that they participated in celebrating the birthday of World Health Day 2000 or a host of other issues? NO. Why does the society not have a guestbook? Could it be that they don't want any negative information posted on there about them for publishers to read, since that is the ONLY website that Witnesses are supposed to go to or reference others to for information about the WTBS. I would say, per the definition, that is a biased presentation of themselves to their own publishers and those at the doors. I would say that having a child say that they were abused and telling them that they can say nothing to anyone about it or even warn others without being severely punished is biased.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
@ 8:20 PM
jj and SL - biased site
I guess all of these would sound biased to the two of you also. This is only after a 10 minute search. I continued to search and found article after article, having no connection with silentlambs, with no problem.*****Visalia, CA -- A 38-year-old Visalia man who was a leader in a local Jehovah's Witness congregation may face up to 16 years in prison on charges of sexually molesting a 12-year-old congregation member. Louis Anguiano served until last year as an elder at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses at 5310 Caldwell Ave. He is accused of continuous sexual abuse, over a two-year period, of a girl who attended the same congregation. (The Fresno Bee, January 30, 2003)*****New Bedford, MA. An Attleboro Jehovah's Witnesses minister, Ralph Heroux, 74, yesterday pleaded not guilty to charges of two counts of rape of a child and two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. (The Standard Times, Jan. 2, 2003)*****ST. PAUL, Minn. Two Minnesota women who say they were sexually abused by a Jehovah's Witness filed a lawsuit Tuesday against him, their congregation and the church's parent organization in New York. (July 2, 2002, St. Paul Pioneer Press)*****LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (AP) -- A woman said she and her husband have been excommunicated from the Jehovah's Witnesses after speaking out against the church's handling of their daughter's allegations of sex abuse by another member. (May 11, 2002, AP) *****OTHELLO, WA. -- A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the Othello Spanish Jehovah's Witnesses congregation and its New York governing body, alleging they covered up the sexual abuse of a child. (1/23/2002, Tri-City Herald) *****A Jehovah's Witness who sexually abused his daughter was sentenced yesterday to two years less a day to be served in the community in a case that cast a spotlight on how the sect handles sex-abuse complaints within its ranks. The victim, Vicki Boer, said the sentencing of her father validates her allegations and should force the Christian movement to face up to its shortcomings in handling her abuse complaint. By COLIN PERKELTuesday, August 30, 2005 Canadian Press*****May 11, 2006 - He is accused of assaulting three girls near Greenberg Elementary in Southeast Fresno. Thursday, Action News spoke with the family of Jose Luis Martinez. Family members say Martinez was a janitor at Saint Agnes who was also a devout member of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. If convicted, he could spent life in prison.

Charlie Wednesday, July 11, 2007
@ 7:09 PM
jj and SL
I personally find it funny that you are looking at this website. You should not be doing so if you really believe that it is a harmful anti-witness website. If this site were biased your statements would not have been posted. Unlike the watchtower website which would not allow critical comments about themselves to be posted, that is biased. The only problem with this site is that it has too many verifiable cases of abuse, which have been ignored by the “brothers” and the society. The article about the murders is very simple. It is using references from the Watchtower publications to explain the societies policies, which show that a murderer can find refuge within the organization just like a pedophile can. That article is simply saying that if a person kills someone then becomes a Witness they consider his slate clean and are under no obligation to report him to the secular authorities. What an incentive to become a witness. Do what ever you want outside then come to us and we’ll protect you from the police. I feel sorry for you, that you have to be so judgmental and hateful toward people who are trying to help child victims who otherwise have no help. That you are forced by the society to turn your back on family members and friends simply because they choose to seek help for their abuse outside because the brothers wouldn’t help, or because they choose to be a help to those who need it. When I was a child my parents used to read a scripture to me all the time. Matthew 19:14. There Jesus says “let the children come to me and do not try to stop them”. In a previous verse he rebuked those who were trying to stop them. That scripture was always used to teach me that Jesus considered me important and that he would always protect me. Witnesses are supposed to mirror Jesus to the very best of their ability. So why is it that they refuse to help children simply because no one has seen their abuse. Why do they turn their backs on them or anyone who tries to help, then go so far as to label them as bad people? We should be told, ‘parents let the children come to us don’t try to stop them’. In essence we are told ‘Keep them away, you don’t have 2 witnesses so you bring reproach on the organization if you talk about it.’ The society should be rebuked for trying to stop them. Witnesses all say that they are in a perfect organization full of imperfect men. Why then is it so hard to admit that some of these “imperfect men” are abusers, and that their victims need professional help, not help from an elder who has no training with this kind of situation. It would be far less offensive if the organization at least admitted the problem and publicly made an effort towards reconciliation for the victims and punishment for the abusers rather then focussing on their own good name.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
@ 1:29 PM
Martial arts
I guess the WTBTS thinks judo, etc. are weapons, also. Years ago, when I was a JW, I remember the Witnesses were counseled not to take martial arts - - after all, you could hurt someone with martial arts! Of course, martial arts are a good way to prevent being hurt or anyone else's being hurt. But, I guess that was beside the point. People aren't necessarily killed by judo or karate, maybe rendered unable to cause harm to someone, maybe temporarily incapacitated, but judo and karate generally aren't fatal. I don't know the WTBTS's stand on martial arts at this time.

SL Wednesday, July 11, 2007
@ 12:25 PM
JJ, you are correct!
Yes, this website is absolutely biased. It appears to be for the victims of child abuse. But most of the articles and comments are simply to tear down the Witness religion.- --------------Silentlamb response. We are not against anyone other then molesters, abusers, and those who protect them. We do not have problems with anyone's personal religious beliefs. Our mission statement is neutrality.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
@ 12:18 PM
To Louise
Hi, Louise, as Earl said, good for you! I hope you successfully prosecute!! What do the JWs want to do with the information they get when they call? Hmmmmm. Seems fishy. Anyway, good for you for coming forward about your abuse and for going ahead with prosecuting. More and more people need to follow your example. It is so good that abuse victims are prosecuting and getting compensated (except those gag orders are terrible and unfair!). If more people do what you're doing, more and more often, the WTBTS will be absolutely snowed with abuse victims wanting well deserved justice! Go forward with your prosecuting! It takes courage to do what you and other victims are doing! The WTBTS is just showing a lack of character and integrity. I admire you abuse victims for exposing the WTBTS and for prosecuting your abusers and the WTBTS. Keep up the good work!

BAC Wednesday, July 11, 2007
@ 9:50 AM
JW Molester Used Field Service To Prowl For Victims
In January 1995, a 28-year-old Jehovah's Witness named D. A. Jenkins was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy that he met the day prior while preaching door-to-door in the boy's apartment building in Chicago.

Earl Monday, July 9, 2007
@ 4:40 PM
-Good for you, I am sorry for your abuse and I hope they prosecute. There is a lot of support here. We are all doing what we can to stop the abuse and bring it to the publics attention. I just printed off some flyers lately to distribute. Hope to hear more from you and feel free to ask if you have any questions. We are all in this together and you are not alone, Blessings :)

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