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NF19 Monday, July 9, 2007
@ 3:07 PM
about swords
The WT will play games, but swords were used. There were wild animals in the area (lions, Samson and some story about honey, bears, etc.), along with highway robbers. Didn't the guy that the Good Samaritan helped get attacked by robbers? If I was walking on a road alone at night and someone tried to hurt me, I'd kill him with a sword. There is a popular verse about "he who lives by the sword will die by the sword" but then why did the apostles have them? And didn't some Roman soldier get converted by Peter or someone and still stayed a soldier? I remember that story being used by the WT but I don't know why. It seems to hurt there cause. If a soldier in Jesus day could stay in the army, why can't people today be in the army and be okay?

jj Monday, July 9, 2007
@ 2:51 PM

Wow, this website is extremely biased and poorly written! The article about JW's protecting the murderers does not make any sense. Somebody else go read it and tell me if you could actually follow what the heck they were talking about...

louise Sunday, July 8, 2007
@ 2:45 PM

Earl Saturday, July 7, 2007
@ 7:07 AM
ambigious policies again or still
I think J mentioned a policy change about JW's and being a protector of society. From what I understood from reading I think their latest is that they are not allowed to carry a weapon and have any privileges in the congregation after they have been warned. See WT Nov. 2005 questions from readers.I quote in part- could a person be free from accusation if he carried a weapon, hardly. For this reason the congregation would not regard such a person as irreprehensible "blameless" if he continued to carry a weapon after being kindly given bible counsel. Thus such a person would not qualify for any special privileges.unquote- Then they misquote the bible by implying we don't need outside protection if we place our full trust in God- Mat.6:25. So I guess pedophiles and murderer are more esteemed than our protectors of life. But this is just another example of there way of beating around the bushes and it does confuse even the members so that each one has a different interpretation of their rules. I think this latest is why JW's I know of got rid of their guns. Where they got the idea that one does not have the obligation to protect their family, I don't know. Ask a witness what they are expected to do if a person breaks down their door in the middle of the night and intends to rape and or kill ones family, are they to just sit there and watch? So being a Christian is now being a martyr,of our family, like the blood issue, then why cant one give his life for his country. Lets say the whole country was all witnesses, that would mean no police force with weapons,no army to protect from terrorist and would anyone be safe knowing the pedophiles and murderers that our known to be in the JW's. Why did Peter and many others carry a sword, remember the ear cutting when they took Jesus away, obviously people were allowed to protect one another.To all the people that risk their lives for the JW's freedom to go door to door in safety and all who protect us all I thank you and I must say I am embarrassed as an American for their ignorant and cowardly rules.

Friday, July 6, 2007
@ 4:46 PM
To mt
Hi, mt, I am so looking forward to hearing about the press release! Please tell us about it as soon as you can after you have it. It is so exciting about your website! You should be very proud of yourself!! You can sure tell we are proud of you! Hope you are enjoying a great vacation!!! :-) Please keep us posted about everything!

Friday, July 6, 2007
@ 4:38 PM
Hi, my brother-in-law was a policeman while he was a Jehovah's Witness. I think, from something he said, that part of the reason he resigned from being a policeman was because the justice system just didn't always seem so just. There does seem to be an overall imbalance in the justice system. Anyway, he was a very kind and very well-liked police officer, who eventually had a walking beat. People really liked him, because he was so nice! He is just an over-all good person! He's a security guard now, has been for awhile. He is a really good person. And, yes, he is still a JW. When he first became a policeman he was not a JW, but he remained on the police force after he was baptized. I think that when a man or woman joins the police force a lot of what matters is their attitude and belief system - - WHY do they want to be policemen and/or policewomen? In my brother's-in-law case, it was because he really liked people and wanted to help them. Even though I wish he, my sister, and their family would get out of the JW religion (of course, they would like to see me go back to being a JW - - will never happen! :-)), I think they are all such good, kind, caring people. And my brother-in-law was a great policeman!

J Friday, July 6, 2007
@ 10:01 AM
WTB&TS Police Policy
From former comments about the Society's stance on JW's being police officers, I see that once again their literature contradicts common beliefs held by their members. More than 20 years ago I knew an FBI agent who gave up his job to become a ministerial servant. When I questioned his reasoning, many JW's told me that congregation members were not allowed to hold positions where a weapon would be carried. Sorry about giving some misinformation to the police officer who had questions about how elders are hired. I hope he gets the guy he's looking for.

Nancy Thursday, July 5, 2007
@ 10:12 PM

Just to clarify Parry Sound Ontario Canada where Vance Salmon is from.

Nancy Thursday, July 5, 2007
@ 10:05 PM
Real Good News!!
Another JW was arrested as he had kid porn on his computer. It was in the local paper. He got jail time and he has to be on the sex offender registry for 20 years. His name is Vance Salmon from Parry Sound Ontario. It was in the local paper of his arrest. Of course as the story goes it was his brother's common law partner who put it on his computer! Ya right!! What is interesting is that they (his brother and common law partner) lost custody of their I believe it is 3 or 4 little children. All I remember is she was having baby after baby. Apparently the two brothers and the kids mother went to jail. Both brothers were raised as witnesses and at times would regularly attend the local kingdom hall and I know the one still went door to door at times. The parents are still active witnesses and attend the hall regularly. Vance Salmon was caught years ago with home made porn movies and he confessed to assaulting 4 boys who were not on the videos.........A year ago as I was leaving Walmart and Vance was just a little ahead of me leaving Walmart behind my elderly friend who I was afraid he was following. So I hurried out to catch up to my elderly friend and started walking over to the parking lot when a jacked up four wheel drive truck suddenly stepped on it. It looked like he was trying to run over Vance. The young man just gunned the truck. Vance started running as hard as he could go to get away. The young man and his girlfriend almost hit him as he managed to run between two cars. I did not know the young man but I believe he was a victim of Vance. My friend thought the poor man the young man almost run over so I told my friend what Vance was... Just as suddenly as it started the truck slowed down once Vance stepped to safety and went and parked and both persons went into Walmart like nothing had happened. I am and I am sure others here even ones I don't know about are very happy he was caught... charged... arrested....

JamieJ Thursday, July 5, 2007
@ 10:04 PM
police employment
I believe Man711 is correct in that the official word from the WTBS does not forbid a publisher from being a police officer or holding a position that may require carrying a firearm as shown in the Watchtower article below. But my oppinion is that no one that held such a position of employment would have been recommended as a ministerial servant or elder or allowed any priviledges in any of the more than 11 congregations I was a member of over the past 35 years. In Ennis, TX we actually had a circuit overseer say, from the stage,if he knew of anyone that was recommended that even owned a gun, that one would not be appointed, and anyone already in a servant position would be removed. The WTBS does strongly discourage it, so much so that many would think it was there official stand that Witnesses not serve in such positions....... *** w73 2/15 pp. 127-128 Questions from Readers *** However, whether a Christian would choose employment, such as that of policeman, guard or night watchman, if he were required to carry a gun or another weapon is something that he would have to determine for himself. He would want to consider: Do I want to take on the burden of making quick and difficult decisions in a crucial situation where human life is involved? Am I willing to come into circumstances that could require me to use a weapon, perhaps doing so in a way that would incur bloodguilt before Jehovah? Furthermore, a Christian’s main objective is to assist others to come to an accurate knowledge of the truth. He wants to teach others how to “be peaceable with all men.” (Rom. 12:18) In view of this, he might ask himself, Is my carrying a weapon in my employment going to appear to others as a contradiction of Christian teaching? Is there reason to believe that it will be a cause for stumbling? The Christian must make his own decision based on God’s Word and his knowledge of existing circumstances. If he feels his holding such a weapon-carrying job really would be detrimental to the spreading of Bible truth, the Christian would wisely choose other employment. The Scriptural counsel is not ‘to be stumbling others.’—Phil. 1:10

Cleo Thursday, July 5, 2007
@ 2:29 PM
I am out here too
Hello SLs--grew up as one, and left -- my life is much better now. I will always be haunted by the KHall words. I left because a Elder wanted to ___ well you guys know the story. I just could not take another min. You are right, I go where I want to go, watch Harry Potter movies w/out the fear of demons, I voted for the first time. And guess what I am not a bad person -- take care ----------Silent lamb response, good for you Cleo we are happy that you have found your own way, learned to think for yourself, and in the process have found happiness

man711 Thursday, July 5, 2007
@ 2:11 PM
J sorry but there are JW's that have been or are presently police officers.

mt Thursday, July 5, 2007
@ 11:30 AM
Hi everybody
Now the web-site is up running. The name are: I am on a holiday, so I write more,when I get back home. God bless you all. Sincerely Maja ------Silent lamb response, congratulations, we all look forward to visiting the new sight.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007
@ 6:45 PM
To the Police Officer
I would like to give further information to the police officer. It is the following: "Jeannie, 35: Round Lake Beach, IL: age 5, mom's boyfriend, Lake Villa, IL" -- source silent lambs web site. I hope this helps catch the Jehovah's Witness sex pervert. May God bless you.

J Monday, July 2, 2007
@ 8:34 AM
Answer for the Police Officer
Elders aren't hired. I believe they are recommended by other elders in the congregation and then approved by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. They are not paid in money but rather in ego strokes. In most cases, they are strictly obeyed by the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses. Elders are given no training other than what the Society provides, and there is no particular educational background necessary. None of them could possibly be a police officer, as the Society forbids JW's to hold a position where they must carry a firearm. During my seven years as a JW, there was only one elder that I heard of who was a doctor. Most of them hold ordinary jobs that have nothing to do with law enforcement or counseling. Hopefully this information will help you to nap the pervert. I hope other posters on this site will have more to tell you than I can. I am a woman, so during my tenure as a JW, I wasn't privy to alot of what went on.

mt Monday, July 2, 2007
@ 1:45 AM
Thank you
so much for all your comments. I am so great full for your support. The website will be up running during the week. But the the press release will not be before the 13 or 14 of July. I made a mistake about the dates. We are going on a holiday today, and I would like to be at home, when we tell the press. The name for the website will be: So you must look for it, during the week. I do not know what day it will be. But thank you so much and God bless you all. Sincerely Maja

CharlieJ and Jamie J Sunday, July 1, 2007
@ 9:12 PM
We were Witness’s most of our life but are no longer associated with them. Elders are not hired in the organization. I was a ministerial servant, which is one step below an elder. I was just a few months away from being appointed an elder. They believe that the Holy Spirit operates in the recommendation and appointment of overseers (ministerial servants, elders, circuit overseers, etc.). The way it is supposed to work is the existing body of a particular congregation will recommend a man based on his record within the congregation. The Society’s representatives, Circuit Overseers or other higher members of the organization, will ok or deny that ones appointment as an elder. We feel the belief that God recommends and appoints these overseers plays a major role in the widespread abuse that goes on in the organization. The way elders are appointed creates a good ole boy club in which only elders can appoint or remove elders. The regular members of the congregations have no say. We were taught to trust explicitly in these men, even trusting them with our lives and the lives of our children. We were taught to believe that no one would be as mindful of our best interests or welfare as the overseers. That meant that we were to trust these men more than ANY person outside the organization, especially non believing family members.

JM Saturday, June 30, 2007
@ 9:45 PM

Glad to see people standing up against the WT. God Bless You All and Thank You.

LOUISE Saturday, June 30, 2007
@ 5:34 PM
Well done! Look forward to hearing how the press release goes. The more in the open the better. They are so sheltered from reality and brain washed that it is so hard to reach them. In the UK there was a panoram investigation which was the first step to me not feeling alone like a worthless sinner. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you.

Saturday, June 30, 2007
@ 5:23 PM
I am not a Jehovah's Witness. I am currently a police officer in the Lake County, Illinois Police force. I have reason to believe that there is a Jehovah's Witness pedophile in the Lake Villa area and I have one question that needs to be clarified. Who hires pedophile "elders" in the Jehovah's Witness religion? Can anyone answer that question? Thanks in advance.--------------------------------------------------- silentlambs reply-Elders are appointed by the home office in Brooklyn, New York. They first have a recommendation from local elders before it is submitted. Elders are considered "lay ministers" as they do not receive salary for their work. If you have further need for clarifying information please contact sl directly at, we will be glad to help anyway we can. There are certain ways that we can assist you with your investigation.

George Saturday, June 30, 2007
@ 5:13 PM
The message is loud and clear
Hi, To whoever posted the post on creating a "Jehovah's Witnesses...protects pedophiles. Please see for further information." That is a great idea. We can put it on index cards and post them at grocery stores or wherever bulletin boards are. Great Idea!

Friday, June 29, 2007
@ 4:27 PM
Yay, congratulations, Maja! I am so happy for you and for the victims in Denmark, who now really have a place to go for support and friendship! You have done a really good thing, and it sounds as if you are off to a great start with a very successful website! Awesome!!! :-)

PCW Friday, June 29, 2007
@ 10:29 AM
Silenced Witnesses
Wonderful news. Just what we need.

MB Friday, June 29, 2007
@ 10:25 AM
Thank You!!!
Thank you, for all your help on our case out here in Western Oklahoma. I wrote asking for help on March 5 concerning the building of a Kingdom Hall on our homeplace. So to update everyone, the construction of a hall in Elk City is still on hold, hopefully until the rapture! My brother replaced my dad as (temporary) successor trustee of our parent's living trusts and we go back to court on July 6th. Please pray that my brother is named the permanent successor trustee, as the JW's have been taking advantage of my elderly father, trying to take over his entire estate. Thank God, everything was in a living trust! On top of everything else, the JW's sold their old hall and it is now being made into a steak house, so they don't even have a place to meet here in town anymore! Phones have even been disconnected! And my dad said there was nothing I could do! Anyway, just wanted to update everybody and say a great big "Thank you" and ask for your continued prayers as we go back to court! "Victory In Jesus" is what we are going to have!! God Bless You and Hope You All Have A Very Happy Fourth of July!!

JamieJ Thursday, June 28, 2007
@ 9:29 PM
Murders protected
In regards to the article that J mentioned. I was in a congregation where an illegal alien was protected by the congregation. He was not allowed to be publicly baptized at an assembly or convention but it was done in private. Everyone in the congregation knew he was not a legal resident but no one brought it to the attention of the authorities. I remember him saying that the only restriction he had was that he could not be a ministerial servant or elder until he was a citizen. He was eventually granted amnesty in the late 80's during the Reagan Administration. Of course, at that time I didn't think anything of hiding it because that's what the JW's taught us to do when it came to issues that may put a shadow on the organization. Isn’t it funny how they teach you that the organization is perfect and good, they never do anything illegal or immoral, and never teach their members to do bad, when the whole time they have you covering up the bad. You don’t even realize you are doing it until you are out. At least I didn’t realize it until I was out.

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