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Jamie J Thursday, June 28, 2007
@ 8:33 PM
Awesome news! I look forward to visiting the site. Be sure and keep us informed.

charliej Thursday, June 28, 2007
@ 8:31 PM
Congratulations! That's great to hear!

mt Wednesday, June 27, 2007
@ 1:20 PM
Now it's a reality
Now Silenced Witnesses is a reality. I will release the news to the press the 8'th of July, and our web-site will be on the air the same date. But officially it's a reality now. Sincerely Maja

mt Wednesday, June 27, 2007
@ 2:03 AM
Hi everyone
Thanks for writing, that I'm missed. It's always nice to be missed. :) And it warms a lot to read. I also miss Maluenda and M.A.N. Well I am waiting now for the codes from a telecompany, because I need a digital signature, to confirm or settle Silenced Witnesses. I do hope, that our home-page will come up running during the weekend. I am going on a holiday to Norway, so the press-release will happen the 8'th of July. You know I have been telling you, about a discussion-forum, I write there everyday. Another person also write there every day. And every day, he is posting a long letter with the headline, silence thoughts to victims, with whom The Watchtower settled abuse cases in court. One victim every day for now almost 16 days. Every day with new comments. Which I off course comment to. Janemissy who also writes here, comment to. We sure wont let them forget about it. The witness who write there, has not commented one of them. But in another thread he wrote: It doesn’t happens within Jehovahs witnesses. Come and see for yourself in the Kingdom halls. There are no molesters within JW. I promise you, he got a lot of comments of that. I hope you all are doing fine. Here in Denmark it is raining all the time. Looking forward to the sun to shine again. I will write again, as soon as everything is settled with Silenced Witnesses. God bless you all, and have a nice holiday, to all of you. Sincerely Maja

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
@ 3:07 PM
To all
When I told my sister about things that go on in her religion and behind the curtains of the WTBTS she said I was "digging up dirt". Well, of course!! I believe in whistle blowing. Without it people wouldn't learn about certain things, and they need to know these things! If I was still a JW, and someone told me about all the crookedness and illogical, unethical, immoral stuff going on with the Jehovah's Witnesses religion because of the WTBTS's "governing body", I would be grateful, especially as there is proof in documents and court cases, and so on. I'd be glad to know about these things, to have had them drawn to my attention! As I said, I believe in whistle blowing. I don't want to bury my head in the sand! What good does that do?!

J Tuesday, June 26, 2007
@ 12:46 PM
Do JW's Protect Murderers? Article
As well as I think I know the JW organization, something else comes up that just boggles my mind. Let me get this straight; according to the above mentioned article that was just posted today (June 26), a person who commits murder before being baptized doesn't have to turn him or herself into the authorities. Did I read this correctly? I was disfellowshipped more than 20 years ago, because I divorced an abusive JW husband and refused to stay single. Since then my JW mother and other relatives refuse to even speak to me. So, in essence, a JW would also be disfellowshipped for associating with me, but it's ok for them to congregate with child molestors and murderers as long as the criminal commits the crime without 2 witnesses or before they're baptized. This is absolutely disgusting! If it wasn't so disturbing, it would be funny. Heaven help any poor creature that has in the past or will in the future stumble upon this evil empire!

LOUISE Sunday, June 24, 2007
@ 6:14 PM
Thank you. I had to laugh. Of course, they are so blinkered. That is why abuse thrives within their organization in the first place. Kids having to be good and not question adults, then being told they are sinners for allowing the abuse to happen. It’s so worrying how this can be happening over and over, different stories but the same. As great as it is to have so many people who know and understand, it’s so sad that others have had to go through this devastating journey too. Thanks again. Take care.

louise Sunday, June 24, 2007
@ 5:51 PM
Hi, I can understand. For so long I have been so mad at god and religion. Well, I would never become involved again. Its terrible what you have been through and no child should ever have to go through what we have. People like them hide behind a mask and profess to be good and godly or respectable do gooders. They’re the sickest most deceitful twisted people and we are the ones left with all the pieces to pick up over and over. Every time I try to pray I start to yell, I can’t believe or trust, and to this day still, believe I failed god! But I am so angry when they say no matter what you’ve done the JW door is still open! Shame on them, because they are wrong. I had to get away. They don’t only abuse us with our body but add to it with the way we are treated afterwards, and the shear hypocrisy of professing to be people they are not. You are not alone anymore. So many others understand. It’s comforting but so worrying at the same time. Take care

Sunday, June 24, 2007
@ 5:07 PM
To MT and Maluenda
Hello, you two, I sure miss your posts and hope you'll be joining us again here soon! How is your site going in Denmark, MT? It is sure exciting what you are doing over there, trying to help people!! I hope that we can hear from you two soon, and M.A.N., also, when he is able to post again. I am sure that everyone misses all of you here at Silentlambs! It just isn't the same. Take care!

Sunday, June 24, 2007
@ 4:52 PM
To ?
Hi, that makes sense, something short, simple, and eye-catching that will grab people's attention and draw them to this website. It would get the point across and arouse people's curiosity. Good idea! :-)

Timothy B Sunday, June 24, 2007
@ 4:03 PM
My new wife's past what was she thinking
I just got to the site and have not read any posts. I have struggled to comprehend the damaged family and the monster this affiliation has caused. She was married and did her best for 20 yrs. she was raised jw. Her mom and her don't talk nor sister or inlaws her kids once raised don't come around and she banished them due to there lies and making the choice to follow her x. She was out when we met sort of... and now after all this. I find we're back going to the JW HALL. I am 12 yrs younger and now 40. married for over a year. Why do I allow this cult I am most certain we are now back in? Why follow she keeps returning and relearning. the same defending that the religion as great only flawed people, and just wait you will see better. The JW WILL USE ANYTHING. bind them with fear as they will you.

Saturday, June 23, 2007
@ 1:42 PM

Jehovah's Witnesses...protectors of pedophiles. Catholics...protectors of pedophiles. see for further information. ************************************************** Such a bulletin needs to be posted for the people to see. As you can see, the message is short and to the point. People in general do not read much. They need an eye catching message to respond to. Short and simple is the key to the message. Pass it on.

Earl Friday, June 22, 2007
@ 10:07 PM
to all
Nice to see the stories here that try to explain the abuse perpetrated by the WT. I was around different congregations for over 40 years and I saw the same types of abuse of power. The elders even tried to blame my daughter for something another gal was doing. I watched over the years and gradually saw things I knew that a God instructed org. should not be doing. . I came to realize that what kept people going was their ego, each one comes to a point in life where they know something is not right and they try to change things for the better. But JW's have been told over and over that only they are saved and they start believing the lie. For once in their lives they are on top, everyone is wrong but them. This gives them a false sense of things and only an honest, loving person will step back and say this isn't real If they look they will see conditional love only as long as you attend meetings, they will see few friends show up when they can't or don't go to the hall. They will always feel guilty because WT says you have to earn your way to salvation, but you never feel good enough. Even old timers will say I don’t know if I am saved. They will see everything the world is doing also amongst the group. I saw adultery, drunkenness, hatred, back biting etc and people getting away with it and asked myself what is different about these people. The difference was that because they were JW's they were still the best and their excuse was always ' We are not perfect". Well neither is anyone else but why does everyone else’s mistakes or sins send them to hell and yours do not. I asked questions and they got mad at me. I finally realized what my dad said 30 years ago was true, they are all brainwashed. kool-aid drinkers I say. Jim Jones cult was just one step ahead of JW's. To be a JW you have to agree and believe every thing they say without questioning and that is why the WT has become so powerful. No different than Hitler and his brainwashing, they allowed him to be their god and they believed everything he said including that they were better than the Jews, sound familiar? The WT can not admit it's wrongs and has backed itself into a corner where now it has to lie and cover-up to save face. I stood up for them most of my life but I got honest and admitted the WT is corrupt. Get out of her if you do not want to share in her sins is one of their familiar quotes and today I hope every witness will ask themselves if a loving God would be pleased if we turn our heads while his little ones are being abused and not say anything, or do everything in our power to stop it. The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Once we know of evil we are accountable. Blessings to all

charliej Friday, June 22, 2007
@ 9:32 PM
cds and aNoNoMoUs
To J regarding your comments to CDS. Amen!!! To the stranger responding to aNoNoMoUs I agree with what you said about intelligent people being manipulated. I believe that my sister, who is still a JW is reading and posting on this site in defense of JWs, and is likely sharing the info with my parents. Unfortunately she is manipulated by them though she herself has great potential to be a strong and independent woman. My father who was raised in another Christian religion is a very intelligent person. I have always admired him for that, but he has allowed himself to be manipulated to the extent that he is an elder who would defend the organization to his dying breath. He, along with my mother, on more then one occasion have made the decision to sacrifice the lives of their children over the blood issue, and now will not even acknowledge my or his grandchildren’s existence anymore. I hope that one day he proves me wrong, but I fear that they have too tight a grasp on him. It’s a shame that those people live in such misery. Those of us who have experienced the terrible abuse, in more ways then one, at the hands of the WBTS, and/or those associated with it, at least have found our way out from under their control and have sought control over our own lives.

Friday, June 22, 2007
@ 5:50 PM
To aNoNoMoUs
I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "humility is lacking in the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society". I think one of its main characteristics is actually arrogance. It is indifferent to the victims of pedophilia and what they go through. It seems to be indifferent to the "rank and file", in general. Pomposity does not represent Jesus Christ. I have known some very intelligent Jehovah's Witnesses. When they started studying with the JWs (if they weren't already raised in the religion), they are struck by the seeming logic the JWs present. In a matter of time, these people are hooked - - line and sinker by the religion. Little do they know they are going to be manipulated, handled by a so-called religion. Eventually, they are in so deep their intelligence can't and doesn't do them much good. I have been reading a Dean Koontz book called 'The Husband' (wow, what a book!) I hope I am not doing something illegal (gulp) by quoting he said in his book. It made me think of the WTBTS. Well, here goes! I hope this isn't plagiarism or unethical or anything, but his comment really made an impression on me. ".....If you had admired and loved a monster, your gullibility would shame you. Worse, it seemed that by your willingness to be deceived, you empowered the monster. You shared at least some small portion of the responsibility for his crimes." - Dean Koontz from 'The Husband', pg. 236 in the paperback version. Well, guess who the monster is? Yup, the WTBTS! I don't think that JWs of the 'rank and file' mean to be so gullible, so naive, but when they buy into the WBTS's take on child molestation and, therefore, the elders', they are championing the crimes of pedophiles while being cold and callous, heartless, toward the children, the victims. And that is "empowering" to the WTBTS - - the "monster". Therefore, the 'rank and file' shares in a "small portion of the responsibility" in the WBTS's crimes. Maybe the 'rank and file' don't realize they have a "willingness to be deceived", but, yes, by their attitude, by their treatment of the victims they are most certainly sharing in the "responsibility" of the WBTS's crime toward children, toward the young, innocent, trusting, and now horribly damaged - - perhaps for life - - precious children, the little lambs of Christ. They are truly accessories of these crimes. How horrible. And it doesn't matter how 'well meaning' these people feel about letting the WBTS handle them and misguide them into such inexcusable behavior, it is still horrible. It is terribly, terribly sad and such an insurmountable shame. It is not God's name that gets such an appalling image, it is the collective 'mass' of people from the WBTS on down through the elders and down to the 'rank and file'. They all share in the shame, and they only make themselves look bad, not God. Nobody can make God look bad without His permission. He is strong, powerful, and He is glory. I'm sure He isn't worried about getting a "tarnished" image through the pedophile issue. What a joke. What a laugh. He is so far above it all. It is mere human beings, mere people who are responsible. They are only bringing shame and tarnish upon themselves. Shame, shame, shame on them. Keep God out of it. His image is pure, period. So, show blessings and mercy on the children, the true victims, and make the pedophiles pay for their crimes. The pedophiles are responsible. NOT the children! Leave them alone, and show them the mercy they deserve. Give them comfort and solace. Be there for them, and give them the care, love, and support that they need SO much, that they are craving with ALL their hearts and souls. And that they deserve.

J Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 8:55 PM
First, regarding your comments, "Jehovah's Witnesses aren't protecting these people. JW are at least trying to handle those situations using the scriptures having 'faith' that God knows what he is doing." When child abuse is not reported to the authorities for a complete police investigation and follow up therapy for the victim, the crime is being hidden and the criminal is being protected. Second, regarding this statment, "What if someone just is mad at and elder and says he abused her. Remember the salem witch trials." Study after study has proven that the vast majority of children who report molestation are not lying! Third, regarding this statement, "I believe all of this would be different if people had more faith in God to handle all of this." Why don't you read the personal experiences on this website and see how many women and children suffered abuse within the organization and waited on Jehovah for years with no relief? A true Christian organization would not insist on the innocent suffering but instead would take action against the abusers. This is not done in the JW organization. Fourth, your comment, "So im going to keep my faith in his justice system and organization. You go right ahead, my friend, and have faith in this organization. Being both an abused child and wife while in the JW organization, I pray you or yours never suffer physical or sexual abuse at the hands of a man who is supposed to be your spiritual head. I hope you and yours never turn to the elders about such horrible behavior and be told, "Well, if you would just be a better child or wife, he wouldn't do the things he does." I pray you and yours never see the side of the WTB&TS that I and so many others have seen.

JamieJ Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 7:55 PM
So, are you saying that it’s ok to cover over blemishes or black marks on a religion or organization for the sake of God’s name? You realize that the Catholic Church probably thought that was what they were doing? If it is ok to do such, then the WTBS had no place slamming the Catholic Church as they did. Especially since most of us realize that the WTBS was covering over their own black marks even at the time they were bashing others for the same discretions. *** g89 1/22 p. 9 Christendom Walks in the Way of Canaan *** “At a time of heightened national awareness of the problems of child abuse, the Catholic Church in the United States continues to ignore and cover up cases of priests who sexually molest children, according to court records, internal church documents, civil authorities and the victims themselves. *** g90 9/8 p. 29 Watching the World *** CLERGY MORALS According to the Star, another lawyer stated that Catholic Church officials, on discovery of child-abuse complaints, have historically kept the priests in the clergy. He said: “Instead of reporting them to the police or booting them out of there like most any other institution, they have, out of loyalty to their own, just moved them around secretly.” *** g99 4/8 p. 11 Who Will Protect Our Children? *** Think of the heartbreak of parents who have discovered, too late, that their children have been abused by trusted clergymen, teachers, or even close family members. It would be good for you as a parent to ask yourself, ‘Does my church tolerate or cover up child abuse? Is my religion holding firmly to high moral principles?’ Answers to such questions could help you to make wise choices in protecting your children. Remember, the Watchtower thinks it is always right, never wrong. Some have been disfellowshipped for disagreeing with the Watchtower before. What if someone, maybe and elder, committed murder and it were able to be hidden, there were not 2 eye witnesses? Would it then be OK to go by the 2 witness rule? I would stand to say, “NO, it would not!” I don’t think there would many people on the entire earth that would say it would be ok. Murder can be proven without 2 eye witnesses and has been done so on numerous occasions. SO CAN ABUSE. Abuse is no less a crime than murder. It murders a child’s spirit. It murders who they may have become. It murders their childhood, innocence, and trust. If God is as powerful as you say, and if you believe that in your heart, then why does the WTBS feel the need to cover over any blemish or black mark for God. Wouldn’t the Truth and God be able to over come any derogatory mark on them, especially if untrue? If, as Witnesses say, “Jehovah draws those with the right heart condition to his organization,” then no number of black marks on his name especially if untrue, would keep his sheep away would they? *** w03 8/15 p. 9 Jehovah’s Servants Have True Hope *** Jehovah exposes the revolt of Israel and Judah. *** w03 11/15 p. 11 ‘Handle God’s Word Aright’ *** The Word of God exposes what a person really is at his core as compared with what he thinks he is or what he allows others to see *** w96 10/1 p. 7 Can Dreams Foretell the Future? *** Thus the Bible exposes what is false.—James 4:4. *** w95 11/1 p. 7 The Truth About Angels *** As we have seen, the Bible exposes *** w95 11/1 p. 27 Comfort for Those With a “Stricken Spirit” *** This armor includes Bible “truth,” which exposes Satan *** w01 10/15 p. 23 Safeguard Your Heart *** 8 Though “it is impossible for God to lie Clearly, we must be careful to avoid lies, for Jehovah hates “a false tongue.” If the WTBS does not want the truth out about itself then what does that say about it? Keeping quiet can be considered lying, especially when it puts others at risk. If there is no truth to these accusations of abuse then what does the WTBS have to worry about? . If the public were able to see into the organizations records and see for themselves whether the allegations were true or not then each individual would be able to make an informed choice. By covering over and suppressing these accusations the WTBS not only robs people of being able to make an informed choice, promotes a hideous crime, but puts themselves on the same level as they put the Catholic Church. They will be known by their fruit. Isn’t that what the Bible says? If the accusations are false, then let that fruit be sown. *** w84 1/15 p. 6 Does Honesty Pay? *** The Bible tells us that God cannot lie. (Titus 1:2) Yes, Jehovah God is honest, and he expects us to be honest too. Listed among the things that God hates are “a false tongue” and “a false witness that launches forth lies.” (Proverbs 6:16-19) God hates it when people tell lies to reduce their taxes, to steal from their employers or to take improper advantage of others in any way. *** w04 11/15 p. 15 Jehovah’s Judgment Will Come Against the Wicked *** Jehovah, the all-powerful God, who loves righteousness and justice, will not forever tolerate what he hates. Allow the trained authorities to do the investigations. Legitimate organizations that do not want to hide anything allow 3rd parties to do the investigation into allegations of unlawful conduct. Is the WTBS trying to cover over what its fruit really is? The same would be true if the allegations are true. Let the fruit be sown instead of hidden or covered over which is a false witness or a false tongue.

SJG Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 6:30 PM
Two Issues
Hello & Peace to all! It's really two issues that are connected. 1) The child sex abuse issue, which should be handled by the legal authorities regardless. 2) The religion issue. The governing body of JWs has declared themselves to be God's only true channel for relationship with God and salvation. Is that true? One must actually pray to God and ask Him to lead them to understand the bible the way He wants them to and believe that He will answer this prayer. Since the satanic veil was removed from my eyes by God, I have found 25 things that the JWs teach that is an outright contradiction to what Jesus and his apostles taught. I stopped counting. When one views their CD for the explanation of these contradictions, they are wordy and lame. The wording is obviously the trickery of the devil. No wonder they don't want their members to be educated. It makes me sick because there are so many nice JWs who don't know about, or are tolerating, really disgusting things because of this teaching. The bible does say that if anyone comes to you with a teaching other than what Jesus and his apostles taught, that we are not to believe them. JWs teach the opposite of what Jesus taught in Matthew 24. Why would Jesus say things that are not true? Hmmm! Therefore the JWs do not have the truth. It is rather a satanic cult. We need to pray for the members and that God take care of their governing body for all of the harm it has caused: broken families, suicides, sex abuse, rejecting the needy, judging, false teachings, altering the bible, fear tactics to get people to worship instead of positive encouragement (since God gives us a choice to follow Him. He does not force us).

@ 6:09 PM

Hello & Peace to all! If you read the bible and it says one thing, then a person (s) comes to you and says it's not true and tells you that they have a deeper understanding of the bible and you are not to believe what the bible actually says, but what they say, which is different, you are dealing with what Adam and Eve dealt with in the garden of Eden. What legitimate excuse is there for a so called Christian religion to teach that what Jesus said is not true? What the JWs teach contradicts the bible in so many ways. God would not choose as the only true religion on the planet one that teaches the opposite of what Jesus taught and then condemn us for following Jesus' words not that religion's. God is not the god of trickery, Satan is. JWs are being misled by that secret men’s society called the governing body. The key is to pray to God for His truth and to worship Him His way, not to just believe someone because they claim to be special.

Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 6:01 PM
You assume that because people speak out against the policies of the WTBS that means that "everyone just forgot about God and is treating it like he has no power or he doesn't see what's going on." Many who speak out against WTBS are very religious people some more so then any JW. For some it is simply impossible for them to believe in God based on how they have been treated by those who claim to represent him. Then there are those who simply choose not to share their beliefs regarding divinity with others. Regardless, this has to do with abuse not spiritual beliefs. The WTBS teaches that God uses man to spread his word. It is therefore reasonable to believe that he would also expect responsible men to take care of children rather then sacrifice them for the sake of an organization.

charliej Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 5:41 PM
Amanda Mae
Sounds like you and I have very similar mothers. Mine is still alive and thinks that I am a terrible person now. Both my mother and sister think of me as your mother described your father. My father is so disappointed with me that he refuses to even acknowledge that I still exist. I also was afraid to do anything wrong as a kid, so as you said I was an unusually good kid. Now simply because I can think for myself they have compared me to Satan, and say that I have misled my wife and children. Fortunately I know for a fact that my wife and children are very happy, and we are now better off then we were.

silentlambs Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 5:32 PM
can you make the flyer in some other languanes??????in that case more people can by reached-------Flyers have been written in other languages. If you have a specific language that you would like to see it in please sign on to "contact us" and let us know.

charliej Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 5:28 PM
I know exactly what you mean. I have a hard time trusting anyone, especially those who speak in God's name.

cds Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 3:11 PM
God has no power
Jehovah's Witnesses aren't protecting these people. Im so tired of this. It's like everyone just forgot about God and is treating it like he has no power or he doesn't see what's going on. JW are at least trying to handle those situations using the scriptures having 'faith' that God knows what he is doing. What if someone just is mad at and elder and says he abused her. Remember the salem witch trials. And the reason they probably tell ones not to go to the police is because it will cause major reproach on Jehovah's name. And look what happens when they do, now all people see when they see God's name is child abuse. And it distracts and blinds people from what the bible teaches and who God isd. God states in the bible Vengence is mine. I don't want people to get away with abuse anymore than anyone else, and how much more so would Jehovah, But no one can have a better justice system then God so the debate should be turned toward scripture if there is a disagreement and not to Predjudicially condemnd an entire religion. I believe all of this would be different if people had more faith in God to handle all of this. But the world doesn't really believe in God anymore. Ok if someone goes to jail for 21 years for abuse gets out did his time then what. Is everything going to be fine. Jehovah says evil doers will be forever cut off. Unless they are truly repentant. Imperfect humans can only go on actions to examine repentance, but God can read our hearts and he knows if we are truly repentant. So im going to keep my faith in his justice system and organization. ----- -------Here is a good example about how little JWs understand the real issues of child abuse.

silentlambs Thursday, June 21, 2007
@ 10:05 AM

Ruben wrote to all abuse survivors: "Your bravery in speaking out against this is an inspiration, and what you do could make a difference! I admire all of you for the mere fact you are still standing and breathing! You are all heroes and masters of your destiny! Thank you for fighting against injustice! Thank you for your bravery!"-----------Thank you Ruben for such kind and powerful words. You are right - the survivors are true hero's!

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