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The Humanity of Justice


We wish to introduce you to a new book written on the abuse issue of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The book is written by California prosecutor Burke Strunsky. In chapter seven the case of

Gilbert Simental was highlighted. He was convicted of molesting multiple JW children.

In 2008 Silentlambs worked with Mr. Strunsky on this case. The case was successful and resulted in a prison sentence for the pedophile. Read about the case here, 


Convicted JW Pedophile Gilbert Simental


Interestingly several Jehovah’s Witnesses testified as character witnesses for the child molester as they have in other sentencing hearings for convicted child molesters.


Note comments in the Paul Berry trial involving Holly Brewer, 


Convicted JW Pedophile Paul Berry


William, Holly, Heather, Sara


Also the Manuel Beliz trial involving Erica Garza, 


Convicted JW Pedophile Beliz in door to door work


Erica Garza



Convicted JW Pedophile Carl Pandelo in door to door work


Pinky and Barbra Pandelo, father and mother of victim


Cory Pandelo


The Prosecutor, Burke Strunsky wrote a book about his court room experience with abuse cases and in chapter seven reviews the assistance of Silentlambs as well as the issues of religion covering up abuse. In addition, he shows how the judges' ruling assisted in the review of documents that the Watchtower tried to keep confidential in order to protect the pedophile. The basis of this case allowed the successful win of the civil case involving Candace Conti. What so many sometimes miss is so many abuse survivors like Erica, Holly, Sara, Heather, Pinky, Barbra Cory, etc… helped to push the boulder of proof up the hill with no compensation but with the heart and purpose to protect children and change the misguided policy of Jehovah’s Witnesses on abuse. So many brave young people that gave so much so Candace could have a chance in court. Take a moment to say a word of thanks to these courageous people and go to the links below to buy the book called “The Humanity of Justice”. The book is a very well written expose of abuse in the courts and the best part is every penny goes to help victims of abuse. So buy the book and help children. We appreciate your support and hope this information can be helpful to understand the path of helping abuse victims to find justice. 



JW Elder John White in Erica Garza case


The following is from the book’s author, Mr. Strunsky, 


Please send people to for all the links and information on buying the book in all kinds of formats. They can also go directly to and search for "The Humanity of Justice." I hope that you can move people to get the book so we can raise some money for as many abused children as possible. Again I appreciate all your help and the work that you do. I really need your help with this.”


Please support and buy this book to have a key part of the history in establishing justice for JW victims of abuse.


William H. Bowen








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