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Help victims of Katrina


Scam Alert

Date: September 4, 2005

Scam Warning: There are already "news releases" directing people to donate to a general fund that has nothing to do with hurricane relief efforts. This way the group gets to make money while members think they are donating to help those in actual need. Instead “surplus” monies are kept to fund other projects unrelated to the reason donations are being sent to begin with. Please remember to make sure your donation is being used to directly benefit victims of Katrina unless you wish to make an additional donation unrelated to the disaster. At silentlambs we make available websites where you can do this directly, click the picture above to access those links if you wish to assist our work in assisting abuse survivors you have arrangements to do that as well.


Latest developments

Date: September 4, 2005

It was announced today at the Public Meeting in the local Kingdom Hall that so far no loss of life has been reported among Witnesses. 23 Kingdom Halls have sustained heavy water damage, 8 are completely submerged, 2 are partially submerged and 1 was completely destroyed. Various disaster relief committees along with Regional Building Committees (RBCs) are coordinating the relief effort in their respective zones. 


Missing Persons page updated

Date: September 3, 2005


American Red Cross
Missing Persons Registry

Website link:

Telephone:   1- 877- LOVED 1S
Pronounced 1-877 Loved Ones
Starts with 1-877, not 1-800
Ends with number 1 and letter S

For other websites recommended by FEMA go to:

If you know the local congregation of your loved one,
you may want to call or send a letter to their Kingdom Hall. Search for the published address and telephone number at www.google.com (for example, search for “kingdom halls near Carencro , Louisiana .”



Helpful Links

Date: September 3, 2005


Official websites

Watchtower Society Official Web Site.


Authorized site of the Public Affairs Office of Jehovah's Witnesses.


Agency of the US government tasked with Disaster Response & Recovery.


Tools for those traveling to the disaster area


Google Maps
Street maps with superimposed satellite/aerial imagery.


Free Download: Google Earth
Extremely useful and detailed mapping and satellite imaging tool. Provides GPS coordinates of specific addresses and locations. Current overlays of damaged and flooded areas are available for download.


NOAA Satellite Images
Current and very detailed satellite images of the disaster zone.


News release at www.jw-media.org

Date: September 1, 2005

For Immediate Release 
September 1, 2005 
Local Witnesses Organize to Help 
Victims of Hurricane Katrina 
UNITED STATES—Representatives of Jehovah’s Witnesses were cooperating with local authorities yesterday afternoon to assess the needs of their fellow worshippers and others 
victimized by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. 
Initial reports indicate that Witnesses who sought refuge in the Superdome in New Orleans are now being evacuated to the Astrodome in Houston , Texas , some 350 miles away. Some 
Witnesses who are residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas were not in the city because they were attending a Witness convention in Beaumont , Texas , when the hurricane made landfall. By that Sunday afternoon, arrangements were made for all of them to be accommodated in the homes of their fellow worshippers in the Beaumont and Houston areas until they can return home. 
Witnesses across the United States were moved to offer their services, donations, and/or materials to those needing assistance. A relief committee is being set up to coordinate these matters once a clearer picture of the extent of the damage is available. 
Media Contact: J. R. Brown, telephone: (718) 560-5600 
Web link: 
http://www.jw-media.org/newsroom/index.htm?content=/region/a ericas/usa/english/releases/humanitarian/usa_e050901.htm