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BAck in in the Black contd
Part of the Back in the Balck postwas cut off, here is the balance of the message

2. The SNAP conference in St Louis was a tremendous success.  Seven supporters of silentlambs were in attendance coming from as far away as Nevada and Alabama.  We gave a ten minute speech at lunch about Jehovah's Witnesses and child abuse.  Information was provided to show how much worse Jehovah's Witnesses punished children in dealing with abuse issues.  One person commented afterward, "The Jehovah's Witnesses are ten times worse than the Catholics." 
It makes you wonder how long leadership can squeal persecution and think the rank and file will continue to swallow this load of you know what. You may review pictures of the conference here:

3. The district conventions have started of course and are in full swing.  It appears silentlambs is good for about three jabs in the same similar lying deceptive way child abuse is covered up in the organization.  A person sent me these comments:

"I just got Back from my Give "God Glory Convention" and everything was fine except for a couple of Society cheap shots.
There was a talk called "Beware Of The Voice Of Strangers" and these are some of the Quotes from the Sermon. I added my own comments in red.
We know the internet can be a an agent of the Devil, but so can the media. The media can serve as an agency of the Devil to mislead us. The Canadian News paper The Globe Mail (dated Feb. 15 1999) had this following report from Moscow. When three girls committed suicide in Moscow last week, the Russian media suggested that they were fanatical followers of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Note the word fanatical, which would have a negative affect on the public. It says that the Globe later reported that the Police stated later that the girls had nothing to do with Jehovah's Witnesses. So can you see how the media through misinformation, half truths and un confirmed reports can have a negative effect and influence and prejudice people against Jehovah's people. So brothers we have to take to heart the point that is made in Proverbs chapter 14:15 and we have to teach our bible students to do the same. Just because something appears in the media, doesn't say! that it is factual or correct. In Proverbs the 14th verse of the 15th Chapter it says "Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps". So the media can become an instrument or an agency of the Devil to speak strange things that endeavor to mislead people from serving the most high God, Jehovah.
I got ticked off and said "what a bunch of idiots" out loud, and some people turned around. I am in the process of checking out the Moscow story. My wife was there and she could not believe it either and she is not even a witness. My wife just goes to try and get little tidbits of spiritual information any way she can, but that was a joke."

Second comment:

"The brother went on to speak about "fleeing from the desires that are incidental to youth". After mentioning running away from those who speak about false things he eluded to the "efforts of Satan to use the media against Gods organization". "We have to use our thinking abilities and spiritual discernment in considering material relayed in the media". The speaker then read (2 Timothy4:3-5). He placed emphasis on False Stories. He said "We must be on guard against those who bring false stories to the media".
 - Anyway they also repeated this segment at the end of the convention when they were doing the concluding review talk of the assembly. I am going to write the society and give them the quotes from the discourse and a piece of my mind."

So as you can see the sly tactics are being continued with no real effort to protect children.

Third comment regarding new book:

Learn From The Great Teacher, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Of New York, Inc., Published 2003.

Page 105-106

 Well, that is the kind of trouble that we would be in if we got mixed up in a fight between other people. We may not know who started the fight or why they are fighting. One person may be getting beaten up,but perhaps he stole something from the other one. If we helped him, we would be helping a thief. That would not be good, would it?

 This book is geared to the 6 - 10 year olds that are associated with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Why does the Watchtower even publish literature? Why can't they just use the Bible? I mean if they wanted to outline a scenario to instruct children, why not use scripture? Jesus, the great teacher, used illustrations quite often, as a matter of fact, "Indeed, without an illustration he would not speak to them." As I am unsure as to the message that the Society is trying to indocrinate children with, I only hope that the scriptures that I quote here will counter it. Let's start with the parable of the good Samaritan, coincidently also found in the "Learn From The Great Teacher" book. We all know the story, Jesus used the parable to show his disciples who their neighbor was. By examining the actions of the Samaritan as compared to the Levite and the Jew, Jesus showed them that even a detested non-believer is to be considered your neighbor. The principle is clear. Just for a moment though, let's suppose that the Samaritan had happened upon the poor individual while he was still being beaten. We know what the Levite and the Jew would have done. How would the Samaritan have acted? Following the principle that Jesus illustrated to his disciples, would the Samaritan have run away? What if the individual was winning and laying a thorough beating on the robber? How would the Samaritan have acted then? Would he have acted any differently?

 To teach children that strangers in distress are not to be assisted is simply wrong. It goes against the core teachings of Jesus Christ. Love God with all your heart. Love your neighbor as yourself. He even went so far as to show us explicitly who our neighbor is. How the Watchtower can justify this reprehensible behavior is beyond me. In light of the words of Jesus Christ, any defense of this doctrine must be viewed as uninspired and strictly the work of men. Christ said to love your enemy. Even a thief deserves better treatment from a Christian. Even an impaled evildoer recieved better from Christ. I hesitate to use this scripture, as it rips the soft underbelly out of much of Witness doctrine, but it fits:

*** Rbi8 Luke 23:39-43 ***
39 But one of the hung evildoers began to say abusively to him: "You are the Christ, are you not? Save yourself and us." 40 In reply the other rebuked him and said: "Do you not fear God at all, now that you are in the same judgment? 41 And we, indeed, justly so, for we are receiving in full what we deserve for things we did; but this [man] did nothing out of the way." 42 And he went on to say: "Jesus, remember me when you get into your kingdom." 43 And he said to him: "Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise."

 One evildoer ridiculed Christ, the other believed and was saved. Wow, Christ saved him without him even having to place one tract. Only in the Bible.

4. It seems another legal issue on door to door work is heating up in Canada, please review the flowing article:

Jehovah's Witnesses lawyer cites 1959 landmark ruling
Warns of duplessis-style persecution. Blainville taken to court over summonses for soliciting door to door without permit.
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
The Gazette 
A veteran of legal battles for the Jehovah's Witnesses was in a Montreal courtroom yesterday, revisiting his landmark civil-liberties victories of decades ago.

However, Glen How, 84, and other members of a Jehovah's Witnesses legal team received a skeptical hearing from three Quebec Court of Appeal judges for some of their arguments.
How wanted them to make an example of Blainville Mayor Pierre Gingras, as the Supreme Court did of Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis in 1959.

In November 1997, the town north of Laval began issuing summonses to 14 Witnesses for soliciting door to door without a municipal permit.

"The fundamental liberties of the people don't require a permit from anybody," How argued.

How, a resident of Georgetown, Ont., said the court should crack down so public officials won't "start trying to renew the persecutions of the Duplessis era."

The town and the Witnesses are appealing against different parts of an April 2001 decision by Quebec Superior Court Judge André Crépeau.

Blainville is appealing against Crépeau's decision to quash the 1996 bylaw as it applies to the Witnesses, as a violation of democratic freedoms. The Witnesses are appealing against Crépeau's refusal to order the mayor to pay $3,500 in "moral" and "exemplary" damages to each of the 14 Witnesses summonsed.

How recalled a 1953 decision in which the Supreme Court decided that a Quebec law prevented the province from interfering with Witnesses' distribution of pamphlets on the streets.

In 1959, the Supreme Court ordered Duplessis to personally pay damages to Frank Roncarelli, a Montreal restaurateur. Duplessis had caused Roncarelli to lose his liquor licence after Roncarelli posted bail for Witnesses.

Judge Benoît Morin, presiding yesterday, said the appeals court will release its decision soon.

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