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Radio Show Success!
The Dr. Laurie Roth show went very well last night
The radio program went very well and the response was excellent, calls were recieved from several silent lambs across the country and the comments nailed the points home. It interesting to note on the last radio program when the topic was brought up, Jehovah's Witnesses called in very angry that the issue was being discussed and defended current WT policy. Last night there was a strange silence on the airwaves it seems they could not find their telephone somehow. It is interesting to note when the truth is being presented with clarity what cowards it makes of those that wish to defend WT policy on abuse. Perhaps these previous defenders will rethink their position and place phone calls to the service department instead to ask for proper policy to protect children. We hope to have a recording of the program up soon along with a transcript. Dr. Laurie Roth was excellent in nailing the key issues home and taking the time to listen to the cry of those hurt by WT policy. Not one person that called in had anything negative to say about the program. We thank Dr. Roth for her great heart and compassion in bringing this issue forward with such clarity. Some of the callers were outraged at what WT policy was doing to children and the lack of interest by WT of doing anything about it. As these programs continue around the world they are a shot across the bow to remind the governing body their days are numbered if they continue to hurt children in the name of God. We appreciate the abuse survivors that called in to confirm how WT policy worked in their cases, their courage continues the give strength and hope to many that are unable to do so. The truth continues to see the light and wickedness once again is exposed. Hopefully as this message continues needed change will come to protect the children. silentlambs

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