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My Anniversary
Today marks my birth and re-birth

My Anniversary


Today marks the one year anniversary of an event that happened in my life that forever changed my perspective on who I am, on 8-15-02 I was disfellowshipped.  In the course of my life this type of pronouncement, in earlier times, would have meant disgrace and negativity that would have taken years to recover from.  Today as I sit here and reflect on the events that lead up to and the year following my expulsion, there is a strong sense of accomplishment and a strange sense of honor in looking at what has been accomplished.


If you would like to read what happened the night of 8-15-02 you may do so here;


Scroll down to the bottom of the page.   

 If you want to see the pictures,


What is the reason for my peace on this matter? To date fifteen documentaries have been filmed in eight different countries and shown in over fifty countries highlighting the horrible policy of Jehovah's Witnesses on child abuse.  Numerous abuse survivors have been empowered to come forward and tell their stories that, in turn has empowered thousands to know they are not alone.  Many have shared that seeing this information has helped them to reach a turning point in their lives to take back the power that was taken away by wt policy blaming them for what happened.  Many have restarted their lives, started to college, therapy, new relationships, or just a simple new beginning or outlook on life.  It is of greatest ideal to reach out to help another, it is of greater courage to be hurting yourself and find the valor to put yourself on the line in the interests of helping someone you never met.  I am greatly honored to know and associate with such people.


Heidi Meyer, Amber Long, Erica Garza, Simon Thomas, Allison Cousins, her sister, Holly and Heather Berry, Simon Brady, Victoria Boer, Pat Garza, and many others all say the same thing that they were all traumatized by bad policy.  These brave young people by speaking out have helped thousands find closure and seek proper healing and assistance from their abuse.      


Thank you one and all for you brave contribution to the good of others at personal expense.


My disfellowshipping illustrated in a small way what Watchtower has been doing to those that try to speak out on abuse.  What was my sin against God? It was defined as "causing divisions," in reality it was a simple way to discredit the truth.  I did not break any of God's laws calling for this action. I was denied my right to present eye witnesses to prove my innocence of these fabricated charges. The committee had a secret meeting to which I was not invited and the appeal hearing denied once again any eye witnesses or evidence to be allowed to prove my innocence.  I was told that though what I was saying could be proven to be the truth, the fact that it disturbed members of the congregation was the basis for my disfellowshipment.  Since when is the "truth" a precipitator for taking a persons salvation? This appears to be based not on scriptural foundation.  Sadly at least ten others have faced similar governing body ordered spiritual "execution" to protect the policy they do not wish members to question.  It seems people of conscience for what is morally and ethically in the interests of children have no place in the organization if they choose to speak out about it.  It is truly an Ezekiel 34:4 moment.    


As with all things in life that are important there is also a price to pay emotionally, financially, and physically in such a work.  I think all that have participated have felt the price was well worth it.  Personally I would have not traded the last two and one half years for the other forty three years of my life.  As I feel it has accomplished a greater good.  It appears I am at a point in which I have to recover from some of these things.  Sheila and I have taken this summer to draw closer together and look at our remaining time together.  I have taken an interest in self awareness put my self into a good exercise program and lost over fifty pounds in the last three months.  Finally financial matters are the next area on my list. Personally some hard decisions are going to have to be made and they are not pretty, I have to a large extent born many of the costs of silentlambs, it is time for silentlambs to stand on it on by the support of those that want us to continue.  More time is going to have to be spent in our business while allowing others more involvement with silentlambs.  I will soon be making an announcement of a new person that will be added to the board of directors of silentlambs as Treasurer.  They have extensive experience in fundraising and will be instituting new programs to help make a certain future for silentlambs.  Silentlambs is going to take a new proactive direction in two areas,


1. Raising abuse awareness through training seminars.


2. Motivational training for how to move forward from life changing experiences.          


The recently introduced "Child Protection" program is the first shot across the bow in that direction.  It is a fifty minute program that offers excerpts from key programs on this topic in a thirty minute video.  It is very powerful and will forever change anyone that views the material on how bad policy hurts children.  Details will be provided shortly on how to participate in this program.


So as you can see it is kind of a special anniversary for me today. It is the day I lost everything to find what is really important in my life.  I wear my disfellowshipping as a badge of honor for standing up for what is morally and ethically right in the interests of protecting children.  By disfellowshipping me and the others on the same grounds, the governing body have shown themselves to be less than men of God.  It is a sin they will stand before Jehovah to answer for some day.


Today is also the day of my birth, I am forty six.  So you might say it is a day of my birth and yet a day of my re-birth as a person that sees matters from a clear perspective and is very honored to have the friends I have and friends I never met. The truth will set you free and I am happy to find that truth at this time in my life.

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