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Erica Update
Erica's case dismissed 9/17, new office for silentlambs

I wanted to give a couple of updates for silentlambs and let everyone know we are busy behind the scenes.  New reports come in everyday and many are being helped with their situations. Here is some of the latest information.


Erica Garza,


As some of you might know the case was dismissed on 9-17-03.  The judge stated before the court the actions of Watchtower were egregious and outrageous regarding what they did to Erica.  Watchtower once again used a loophole to get out of it.  The loophole was the statue of limitations being three years for civil lawsuit after she testified in court against her molester.  Erica testified in 1998 against Manuel Beliz, the lawsuit was filed in 2001 which missed the statue by about eight months.  This is according to Washington state laws. There might be some argument as far as how the statue law is interpreted so there might be a chance of appeal but that has yet to be determined.  Where does this leave us?


  1. The organization is once again identified publicly as having hurt another child by their policy.
  2. The organization once again has refused to offer comfort or support to a child abuse survivor that was deeply injured by their policy and officials that take the lead in the congregation.
  3. In preparation for this case it appears they actively coerced JW abuse survivors to lie under oath in an endeavor to prevent any compensation being paid to Erica.
  4. Worldwide Work money was given to premium law firms to defend the pedophile policies of the organization in what is estimated well over $100,000 in order to see Erica never got one penny for the injury caused by this policy.
  5. By their actions the Governing Body have shown their complete willingness to spend millions of donated funds to ultimately defend child molesters and telling victims of their policy to go to hell. How would you define wicked?    
  6. The legal department led by Philip Brumley show just how unscrupulous and unethical a religion can operate in this country by raping the US constitution.


There is an old saying in this country, "what goes around comes around" if any part of this is true then those that lead this organization have much coming around to them.  Silentlambs will continue to tell the truth of these matters, brave silent lambs will continue to stand up to help other to know they are not alone.  I watched Erica testify in court against her molester, she is a small person but inside she has the heart of a lion. I admire her courage and willingness to put herself and family on the line in the interests of protecting children.  Erica was one of the first to go public with this matter she was the key interview on Dateline that helped to see the truth of this matter.  Erica remains a Jehovah's Witness in good standing it seems due to the lawsuit they decided to "wait on Jehovah" now with this dismissal they will probably go after her and her family as they have others . Thank you Erica, your actions in speaking out has helped thousands to understand they are not alone. 


If anyone would like to send a note to Erica I will be glad to forward it on to her.    


More lawsuits are working in the courts that are going to succeed it just takes time.  The newer cases are under the statues and filed in better states to deal with these matters.  The organization will continue to spend what will eventually amount to millions of dollars of "donated" funds to try to see abuse survivors that have been deeply harmed by their policy never get one penny of comfort or support.  Yet these cases are very winnable and in time we will see "Worldwide Work" money going in the right place, that is, to compensate those that they have caused to suffer.


I am happy to report a start in that direction.  Recently silentlambs received a check from World wide work money in the amount of $877.26 to pay for my expenses in the deposition I attended back in May.  It seems the "faithful and discreet slave" were a little negligent in managing the "Masters" belongings as it took them four months to pay up. It resulted in them having to pay late charges in the form of interest for their tardiness.  Now would the "Master" be happy with those actions? How would the "Master" view a slave that spends millions of dollars of "His" money to defend child molesters and tells abuse survivors to go to hell? In time the answers to those questions will become clear.


We have now moved silentlambs to a new office that is outside our home.  It helps to separate things a bit and get the hotline out of our bedroom.  It also lays the foundation for future work and assistance.  This of course brings on additional expenses so please remember to support silentlambs through your donations.



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