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One billion reasons
A billion reasons abuse survivors should not be suffering due to WT policy

As WT sues abuse survivors it seems they do not really need the extra cash.

Read below,,0,1905261.story?coll=ny-business-print


Company Profiles NYC 50


September 22, 2003



# 34



25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, 11201


Revenue: $951 million


CEO: Don Adams

Employees: 5,227 (all volunteers); local, 3,000

The Brooklyn print shop responsible for producing almost half of the books used by Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide will soon complete its final run. The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York printery that has produced more than 1 billion books since 1927 is slated for closure now that printing, binding and shipping operations will be moved to a Walkill, N.Y., location. Walkill's new bindery equipment will be able to produce hardcover books and deluxe Bibles at a rate of 120 a minute.

In May, Watchtower announced plans to sell the 1-million-square-foot building - just one of the buildings in the
Brooklyn waterfront complex. "Perhaps this building will be used by others in a way that is compatible with the Brooklyn waterfront development," said Robert Alexander, a spokesman for Watchtower. The organization headquarters will remain.

Watchtower says these changes will contribute to a streamlined flow of literature to its 12,000 congregations in the
United States. The Jehovah's Witnesses' primary journal, The Watchtower, has an international circulation of 25 million in 147 languages.

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