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Dorte Tveiti Danish book released
As a follow up to the Danish program Dorte Tveiti has a new book out, hopefully soon there will be an english edition.

Following is an email recieved recently,

Dear Mr Bowen

Referring to the communication between you and Dorte and Hans Jørn Tveiti in Lemvig, I hereby have the pleasure of sending you some info on the coming book. It will be published Monday 20 October, the Danish title being Overgreb. Han stjal min barndom (Molested: He stole My Childhood). As an attached file you will find a description of the book in English. I hope this gives you an impression. You may use it on your web site. As publishers we are proud to release this book. Both Dorte and Flemmming, the journalist, have done an excellent piece of work. Dortes story is truly horrendous. I am sure we will see an good interest from the media. Right now I am on the threshold of leaving for the international book fair in Frankfurt. I look forward to presenting the book for some foreign publishers.

Best regards


See front cover at,

Dorte Tveiti: Molested. He stole my childhood.

True story told to Flemming Hove. Documentas Publishers.

To be published October 2003. 160 pages, ill.


Molested is the powerful tale of the cruelest fate that can befall a child. Throughout her childhood, Dorte’s father subjected her to severe sexual abuse. The abuse culminated when she was 13, got pregnant and gave birth to a child that was the result of the father’s sexual perversion.

For many years, Dorte remembered nothing of her childhood. Then, at a class reunion, he memories started to surface.

Molested tells how Dorte and her husband Hans Jørn have fought to reveal the truth. This struggle has also involved a confrontation with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

At the same time, the book is an incredible story about a woman’s struggle to find happiness in spite of personal tragedy.



In her foreword, best selling Danish author Jane Aamund writes:


"I met the young, likeable couple Dorte and Hans Jørn Tveiti in my home. Hans Jørn made an emotional plea for my help and my confidence and shared his grief over what had happened to his family."

"I asked Hans Jørn Tveiti to return with his wife, so that she could be present when we talked about her experiences."  Dorte was an attractive, quiet woman, intelligent and articulate. She told her horrendous story, and it was no ordinary family she was talking about. Hers was an unhappy and insecure childhood; the details were dreadful.

Dorte and her husband not only fought the effects of the molestations she and her sister had been the victims of, but also fought Jehovah's Witnesses, the powerful organization that refused to believe her story and covered up similar cases that had come to its attention…

I asked Dorte: "When you are about to go to sleep at night, and the memories wash over you, what do you do?" 
Dorte looked at me and said quietly: "I pray to God that no harm will come to any child tonight."

I replied that the more people share their experiences, the greater is the hope that pedophiles will be punished and removed from the children.

Dorte Tveiti's book is almost like a case report, and that is why it has such a dramatic effect and conjures up so many images. You can visualize her home; you can feel the atmosphere and sense the oppression.




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