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The mind of a pedophile
The following is a recent email sent by a child molester

Mr Bowen,

My apologies; I thought you had received my last message. I wrote because I believe my experience may shed some light on the basis of your operation. I was recently disfellowshipped for being sexual with an 8 year old girl. The reason I am writing is because in my 8 years in the truth, I have never experienced anything of what you described on your website. I first brought the dilemma of my pedophilic feelings to two elders when I was first studying. I had never acted on them, and it was made clear that as long as I never did, I would be considered as any other brother in Jehovah's eyes. Three years later that all changed after a letter was received from the branch committee. I had a number of privileges in the congregation and was being considered for ministerial servant when I was told that I would not be used anymore. Throughout the years before and after this, it has always been made clear to all of the friends not to be alone with non-relative children regardless of whom you are. I was especially cautioned, of course, because of my feelings toward little girls.

In August I went to the elders to confess that I had become sexually involved with a worldly family's daughter through contact with one of my studies. I was, and am, truly repentant. I wanted the help I needed so that I would never repeat such acts. But the decision was made to disfellowship me anyway. Each time I showed remorse and willingness to cooperate and accept counsel, thee reasons changed to outmaneuver my attempt to 'beat' the decision. The appeal committee was a waste of time as well.

My point, Mr Bowen, is that in my experience the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is not the "pedophile haven" you make it out to be. If you have any questions or counter-points, please feel free to write.


My response


I of course assume you are writing from prison for the crimes you committed? Did the elders turn you into the police? Did they advise you to do so? Has child services been notified about the child? Is the child undergoing proper treatment?


The answers to these questions will determine if the "pedophile paradise" is alive and well and if you as a child molester are enjoying the benefits of WT policy on the criminal act of child rape.






Second email


Mr. Bowen,

No, I am not writing from prison. In the state in which I live the elders are not under obligation to report me to the authorities. They were under no moral obligation to do so because it was not a case of rape or coercion. The reason behind the decision to disfellowship me changed a few times, but eventually fell upon the fact that I would not go to the girl's mother about what happened between us. I chose not to do this for two reasons. First, to save her the public humiliation and ruined life that arises from the media getting hold of this. As a person who went through the state's Dept of Child & Family Services' psychiatrists, I know how much damage they can inflict. The girl was and remains in a state of emotional and mental health. The only thing she's upset about is the fact that I haven't continued to come around to see her. Second reason is that although I committed an act of gross immorality, I did not do anything deserving of imprisonment. As stated, acts committed (though not excusable) were of mutual consent.

These decisions were reached not on my own, but upon lengthy discussion with my 12-step group. I also discussed it at length with my girlfriend, who although greatly devastated by the news, is a faithful sister who loves me very much. She is waiting for my reinstatement so we can continue seeing each other and eventually get married. The only condition upon which she would see me upon reinstatement, of course, is that during my time outside, I do everything in my power to get the help I need to never commit such an act again.

I know some people, perhaps you included, believe that children are not capable of consent at such an early age. But ask yourself the question; why do we baptize children as young as 7 or 8 from time to time? Such a decision is a decision that affects the course of their entire lives, tantamount to that of marriage. Why would Jehovah authorize the baptism of those who are incapable of deciding anything important or life-altering for themselves? Please be assured that I am not attempting to justify what I did in any way, but I believed this would be your next line of inquiry, so I thought to address it ahead of time.

As for this "pedophile paradise" you claim exists, let me address that. I was once used in the congregation some years back. Until this recent incident, I had never committed such an act with a child. When I first came into the truth the elders told me that I was like any other brother so long as I did not act upon it. A few years after that however, the Branch Committee issued a letter stating that any person with my feelings could never be used. [silentlambs response-There has never been a letter sent saying a child molester could never be used for privileges.  There is a twenty year waiting period for confessed child molesters.] So a line of demarcation was drawn up for those who had done nothing. You call that a paradise? I went to the elders for help after I had committed this gross sin against Jehovah, sincerely repentant. They would never have known if it weren't for my confession. But I was disfellowshipped anyway. The reason even kept changing each time I would show a humble heart and a spirit of cooperation. It's almost like they kept searching for a bone of contention at which to be at odds with me so that they could make their decision justifiable. So you see, Mr. Bowen, your concept of a "pedophile paradise" is an illusion.


How would you respond??

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