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Letters to Spokane newspaper
A few letters to newspaper on JW elder molester

Sunday, October 26, 2003



Abuse victims do have supporters

In response to the letter, "Abuse punishment is disgusting'' (Oct. 20), I too am disgusted and wanted to clarify that Mr. Davis was disfellowshipped for only six months! The family was told he would be out for two years. But after he was reinstated within six months, the family decided to go to the police in an effort to protect other children. Hooray for them!

Many Jehovah Witnesses would be appalled to learn of the numerous threats that are meted out to people and to the media who expose wrongdoing by the Watchtower organization. Apparently, this is the reason for 14 attorneys on staff at the New York headquarters. I want the victim and her family who came forward regarding the sexual abuse to know there are many supporters here in Spokane and around the world backing them. Support and information can be found at

Rose Longmire
, WA

Monday, October 20, 2003



Abuse punishment is disgusting

Just read the article, "Jehovah Witness elder abuses girl'' (Oct. 16 Region section), and I am disgusted!

He gets 90 days plus two years probation, plus is disfellowshipped for only two years? I was disfellowshipped permanently for smoking in 1975!

Why did he get off so light when the Catholic Church pays millions for the same thing, and others get up to 10 years?

Get real, people. This is an outrage, and a slap to justice.

But, I guess that's the way it goes if you're well-liked and well-connected with the congregation and governments.

God really did save me from them after all when they disfellowshipped me.

Edward Ferency

Spokane, WA

Wednesday, October 22, 2003



Churches aren't above the law

Regarding "Jehovah's Witness elder abused girl'' (Oct. 16).

The news in a community that a child has been abused or neglected can spread like a wildfire, and rumors of who was involved can be difficult to determine, and the shame and humiliation to a family can be great. However, as a Catholic from a rural community, the church of that family should work with state Child Protective Services and law enforcement agencies in order to ascertain who the guilty person(s) is. That person should be expeditiously brought to justice based on a comprehensive investigation, with clear evidence made available to a court of law, no matter when it happened.

If a church _ whether it be Mormon, Christian Identity, Jehovah Witness or Catholic _ has a host of elders who believe that they are above the law because of their misuse of the separation of church and state doctrine, then I believe they are sadly and tragically mistaken, when you consider the lifelong mental and physical damage to a child who remembers the traumatic circumstances and can understand that the most significant support system in their lives is ignoring their pain and suffering in favor of maintaining that church's reputation.

James Gordon Perkins
Colville, Wash.
Colville, WA

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