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an elder writes
An elder writes about a recent convention in Canada

A friend from Canada that serves as an elder recently sent the following email, thought you might find it interesting.

Dear Bill


            Recently, we had our two-day circuit assembly. Some points for you to note.


            What information you can share is that which I now relate from our two-day circuit assembly. The C.O. talked about the spirit amongst the brothers within the congregations. He noted that there are problems between brothers and went on to suggest a few examples, the last of which will catch your attention. He asked the audience to "let go of resentment" and suggested "maybe a past where someone was abused as a child... can you let go of that..."

He went on to add "it's no cause of real concern" and
"God will right all the wrongs" very soon because the "end is so close now anyway". He suggested that it probably "may be a misunderstanding". There were several hundred in attendance to hear this.

 Keep in mind that his talk is on the backdrop of the
discourse given by the district overseer who had indulged in an apostobash tirade. He talked about those who had left and said that they "had rebelled against the Bible" and they "oppose the slave". He said they are full of "half-truths" and the TV programs are "erroneous information". He compared the TV programs to "the National Enquirer".

He wasn't finished there though. He said concerning
these National Enquirer-like programs that "they don't say that we abhor sexual abuse" and "they don't say that every  allegation is reported to authorities". He closed by saying that if you can see that the program is "designed to attack the slave" or "our mother-like organization", then change the channel.

 Now, I don't have to highlight the lies here, but
oblige me. After all, I had to sit through all this nonsense BS session.

First, the statement "they don't say that every
allegation is reported to authorities". Of course they don't for God's sake! Nether does the Watchtower, but rather that they do so only where it is required by law. That's a big difference! And that's at the heart of the issue. If they really did report every allegation then they wouldn't be getting so much criticism.

Second, to compare the Fifth Estate to the National
Enquirer was a real desperate slap. Just like the pharasees of Jesus' day, they attack blindly and slander. If the Fifth Estate had done a piece praising the Watchtower, then the Governing hypocrites would have made it required study material, licensed the rights to the piece and made thousands of copies to be sent to congregations all over the world.

Third, the statement "they don't say that we abhor
sexual abuse". This was another bald-faced lie! The Fifth Estate gave airtime to their stupid J.R. Brown tape from which this 'we abhor' statement was taken. The Watchtower also declined an on-air chance to speak their piece. Further, if they really did abhor abuse, then why do they only report it if required by Ceasar's law? I guess they don't abhor abuse where Ceasar says they can conceal it.

Fourth, to say that the TV programs were full of
"erroneous information"  and "half-truths" yet not wanting to get into "specifics" was the pinacle of evil. That the Watchtower can tell so many lies and then point the finger at those who are telling the truth is proof positive that the Watchtower really is the offspring of Satan.

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