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Annual letter to Watchtower
An open letter to the Service Department



Watchtower Service Department

25 Columbia Heights

Brooklyn, New York 11201


Dear Brothers,


It is sad to see another year has passed with rampant deceit and corruption while children continue to be harmed by the Governing Body directed policy on child abuse.  In 1992 the Writing Department in an extensive report outlined three simple suggestions that if implemented would have saved thousands of children from being molested.  Those guidelines were simple and succinct,


  1. Never appoint child molesters to positions of authority in the congregation.
  2. Report the crime of child molestation to police for proper investigation.
  3. Never allow members that are child molesters to go in the door to door work.


These guidelines offered no challenge to biblical directives and were offered with the simple intent of putting our children first. How sad to note twelve years later not one of these suggestions has been fully implemented thus allowing children to continue to be harmed as a result.


The year 2003 was a defining moment to show the true heart and intentions of the Governing Body.  Numerous articles and talks were given to demonize the media and call abuse survivors liars.  When you make continual statements concerning "false stories" or any "negative statements" as being an attack from Satan it is simply a form of "theocratic warfare" otherwise known as withholding the truth to those not entitled to know it.  Who is this being done with? Faithful brothers and sisters who trust the organization for guidance and look to you for the truth.  The only negative stories from media in the last two years have been about the child abuse problem in the organization.  Thousands of victims have come forward baring their souls to show how Watchtower policy on abuse destroyed their lives.  How dare you call them liars to their fellow brothers and sisters in the organization. Sadly you took matters yet further by Governing Body authorized attacks on abuse survivors that appeared on these programs.  Thousands of dollars in Worldwide Work money was spent on newspaper advertisements to call one abuse survivor in Sweden a liar. Hundreds of thousands of Worldwide Work money is being given to worldly law firms to abuse the rights of abuse survivors further. In not one case in the last three years has the court found that abuse did not occur.  Instead of assisting these lost lambs with healing, thousands of dollars is literally being flushed to find any legal loophole or technicality to not render an ounce of compassion to these injured sheep.  Even when one abuse survivor won a very small settlement your lawyers chose to exploit the law to cheat her even out of that small amount.


As dozens of lawsuits over abuse are being argued in the courts the Governing Body continues to condone deceptive practices.  In the November 2003 tract a comment is proudly displayed about our organization not having a "clergy class" yet in practically every court case extensive arguments are offered to demand "clergy class" status to allow ecclesial privilege and thus protection through the First Amendment when it comes to not reporting the crime of child rape.  How can you tell members and the public one thing out of one side of your mouth and then tell the courts and judges the opposite out of the other side of your mouth?  What happened to speaking truth?     


What is the truth? As this letter is being written abuse continues to not be reported in non reporting States and in all States untrained elders are authorized to investigate the crime of child rape at the direction of the Governing Body.  Confessed child molesters can be reappointed as elders after twenty years.  Accused child molesters remain anonymous and retain their privileges if with their denial the child cannot produce two eye witnesses to the crime.  Further reproach is brought upon Jehovah by requiring Jehovah's Witness child molesters to participate in the in the door to door work with unknowing fellow members.


You bring shame and disgrace to the name of Jehovah at the expense of children, the most vulnerable part of our organization.  It brings to mind the scripture in Luke regarding it being better for a milestone to be tied around the neck and cast in to the open sea, anyone that would hurt a child.  May Jehovah judge you and any that choose to support your continued crimes against children.


We will not forget and demand an apology to the many abuse survivors harmed by Governing Body directives and inaction.


We demand full implementation of the Writing Department directives from 1992.


We demand immediate disclosure of the child molester database that contains the names and detailed information on thousands of child rapists that have not been reported to the police.


We demand that key elders within the organization that are responsible for the current abuse policy be removed from their positions and disfellowshipped for allowing children to be hurt and not taking proper action in their behalf.


Unless immediate humble and positive actions are taken, the truth will be the end of the "truth".  Brothers and sisters must stand for what is morally and ethically right in the interests of protecting children.  The future of your children is in your hands.






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