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Norway Television-silentlambs program
Swedish program airs in Norway

We are happy to announce that the Swedish documentary aired last night on the primary network channel in Norway.  The Program was in Swedish which Norwegians understand and will have an impact there as well.  This will put Wt in a scramble to start their distortion campaign there as well.  In the guest book comments below you will see some evidence of that in Sweden and Australia.  It is good to know the truth is still being given to those that wish to see it. Behind the scenes Wt continues to try to find fault with the program and the reporter to little avail, for further information on this check out this link to their latest attacks on the program,


Thanks to all that helped this to happen and the courage they displayed in presenting the truth of these matters.


Torsten Mentzoni

Monday, January 26, 2004
6:05 PM

Raping your faith?
I´ve just seen a TV-programme exposing the problem on Norwegian TV. I am a pastor in a pentecostal church, and have always resented the Watchtower organisation. If they have a database of 23 thousand pedophiles, I believe they will go down in a federal court in the
USA(will they not?) My question to you mr. Brown is: What about your faith, do you believe the doctrines of the Watchtower society today? (exept the doctrine of theocratical warfare I guess) From a general point of view I am interested to understnad what this major change of mind have done to your fundamental beliefs. -------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- silentlambs reply-At sl we remain neutral regarding doctrine or belief of JW's we simply wish to protect children and continue to move in that direction.


Monday, January 26, 2004
5:48 PM

Thank you.
I am a norwegian father of 3 children and I would like to thank you for what you are doing. The norwegian stateTV NRK showed a documentary tonight about childmolesting in Jehovas Witnes in
Sweden. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going on in Norway to. The swedish documentary has shocked many norwegians tonight and it is already making headlines on the internet. The debate sites are fulll of people standing up against JW. Keep up the good work! Havard


Monday, January 26, 2004
5:28 PM

Thank you.
After watching a documentary on tv, made in Sweeden, about child ab
users that are protected by the organization of Jehovas Witnesses, and having family members that are members of the norwegian Jehovas Vitner, I really felt a strong need to thank you for your very important work. Theese people, both the abusers and the people in JW who support and protect them, really need to be held responsible for their actions. Thank you for beeing out there, doing what you do. Best regards from Trondhiem, in Norway.


Monday, January 26, 2004
5:17 PM

Good work.
Norway. Keep up the good work.

Asgeir Olsen

Monday, January 26, 2004
5:14 PM

David vs. Goliath
Cheers to Bill Bowen for his work with exposing the child sex crimes and hypocricy that are ever so prevailant in the BORG, and my hat is off to R
andy Waters for being so diligent in trying to reach them. I salute mr. Bill Bowen and all others whom is trying to fight the battle of "Divine Crime". I was watching the "Silent Lamb's" documentary on norwegian tv (Nrk 1) tonight, and I must say that even though I've never been attracted to the gospel as preached by JW, I now for sure are totally in disgust. Not to say that any other extreme religious movement is better, but this is the most sickening I've ever seen. A.Olsen


Monday, January 26, 2004
9:37 AM

Lovers of Lies instead of lovers of Thruth
The recent CO visit has made me wonder if the JW I believed to be lovers of the truth actually have turned out to be lovers of lies. Of course the CO ferverently denied the pedophile affairs in
Sweden, what can he do since he is payed by the organisation he has to defend it if he wants to get his reward. But not content with stating that television program Uppdrag Granskning was totaly condemned by the authorities, when there is actually only one tiny thing that was not correct he continued to produce a couple of very unlikely "experiences" and toped it of with an arrogant lie about the behaviour of a small bird (Härfågeln) in a situation of danger. That is, to prove his point about the result of "bad behaviour", I can't remember what behaviour he wanted to condemn, this "defender of the truth" did not shy away from a totaly unecessary lie about something that Jehova has created. To me that feels a bit desperate, and one more reason to leave this lie-loving organisation. Especially since the CO stated that a true christian wife does not complaint about bad behaviour in her husband, even if it makes her depressed, she just prays and lets it pass. And, of course she will not take her child to see a child-psychiatrist. Well I could go on and on with what crap this "religious horsedealer" fed the congregation. The sad thing is though, that no one seemed to react, I guess they think that if the just accept it all they will get nice houses in the paradise, but what they don't seem to realise is that there can never be a paradise with that kind of dishonest arrogant people that are running th WT organization.


Sunday, January 25, 2004
4:30 PM

As a teacher and daughter of a devout Jehovah's Witness, I am appalled about the abuse of innocent children done by males of the faith. Who on earth could victimize a child and walk away unpunished when the men in control are knowingly sanctioning such behavior? I, too, am "witnessed to" practically every time I'm with my mother. I feel strongly that she has the right to partake of any faith that makes her happy......BUT her congregation is sick....many are so depressed and unhappy that they are taking medication and are not given attention from the elders when they try to talk to them about it. What type of supportive faith is that???? I am not supportive of the faith, and certainly look forward to the time when all the men in control are dealt with by Jehovah.


Thursday, January 22, 2004
4:54 PM

Replies To Llidio and A.P.
Yes, to llidio, "I left the truth", I realise that it was a bad choice of words for some who may be offended by it. Our lives have been so affected because we trusted that it was the truth only to have been misled. "I left a lie" probably sounds much more appropriate doesn't it? Maybe for now I will refer to it as the Org. or the Cult because there is certainly nothing truthful about it. To A.
P. The Sunday program was aired on a Sunday morning so most Witnesses missed it. We had been at home that day by chance when a brother who missed the meetings a lot dropped by and told us about the show and how disgusted he was about the attitude of the elders on it. I immediately went to the website of the TV station and we read the transcript. I just became so furious and I was so ashamed that they had let us down. I was just waiting for an admittance of guilt on their part but there was not even a hint of it. Viv Mauritz who was the spokesperson at the time in Bethel, Sydney refused to tell the media just how many paedophiles were on their books. Inwardly I said to myself "You are all a bunch of liars." A few days later a letter was read out from Bethel saying that elders were not under any legal obligation in our state (New South Wales) to report molestation to the police. That night my husband and others walked out never to return.(I was not there because I was too disgusted to go.) I am not sure if it was in that letter or subsequent talk where the brothers were told not to watch any recordings of the Sunday show. Talk about CONTROL. Yes, and that CO when he had to say that Simon wasn't a liar was just covering his own butt.


 The Swedish program, Mission Investigate, was televised in Norway on Monday and yesterday the congregations received a letter from the branch, responding to some of the accusations of the program. Let that be as it is, but the letter also pointed to how the elders of Norway would react to child abuse, and the reactions here do not deviate much from what you would like them to be:

1. If a child claims it has been abused by a member of the congregation (or someone else) and tells it to her parents (and they choose not to tell it to the elders from the start), it is their privilege to report it to the police, that is entirely up to them if they choose to do so or not.

2. If they tell it to one of the elders, that elder - or the group of elders - HAS to report it to the police, it is mandatory. Norwegian law says that anyone hearing about child abuse, is required to report it to the police without hesitation, and this law has to be followed by the elders as well.   

3. The elders independantly of the police investigations will talk to the abuser and the victim separately. If the abuser denies, and there is only the one victim as witness, and this was a "one-victim" abuse and there are no other victims having pointed to this same abuser earlier, then there is so far nothing the congregation can do.


4. If the abuser is found guilty by the court, despite his denial to the elders and despite there only being one "witness" - the victim - he will be df'ed by the congregation.


5. If the abuser is freed by the court because of lack of evidence or for similar reasons, the alleged abuser will nevertheless be stripped of his privileges in the congregation (removed as elder, congregational servant, pioneer or whatever). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------silentlambs reply-The above is not accurately stated in certain areas therefore this continues to give misinformation on this topic.  Point number one is correct in that the WT publicly sanctions the breaking of the law on abuse reporting.  That is, if parents choose not to report the crime of child abuse they will face no sanction from the congregation and continue to have the support of the body of elders.  This was clearly stated in the 2-15-02 letter to all bodies of elders and in effect encourages the hiding of criminal activity with congregation support.

Point number two would be correct if Norway is a reporting country but again who determines if it was actual abuse? The elders, yet this is unstated in the comments above .  This again is wrong when it comes to criminal activity.

Point number three also is a travisty in that untrained men are authorized to conduct a criminal investigation by the congregation.  This taints the police investigation and prepares the molester to circumvent the authorities investigation.   

Point number four is a complete and total fabrication.  No one is ever df'd based on the actions of a criminal court.  It is the elders decision when a judicial action is taken and based on biblical edicts.

Point number five is another total fabrication. If a person is found innocent by a congregational investigation and then found innocent by a court of law then there certainly is not basis to strip them of privileges. this is further verified by the 6-01 BOE letter in the UK which identifes elders that are currently serving that are "confessed" former child molesters.

I understand why the person remained anonymous, when you attempt to decieve the public you seldom do not wish to be identified.



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