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UPDATE silentlambs Summit
Silentlambs "courage" Award Banquet recipients



We are happy to announce that we will have a silentlambs "courage" award banquet on Saturday evening.  The program will start at 6:30 with a catered meal and presentations that will follow.  While part of the recipients will be in absentia those that are present will receive their award and be asked to say a few words if they wish to do so.  If you plan to be there for the banquet please notify silentlambs as soon as possible so as for us to have a number to supply the hotel for total attendance.  We might mention the banquet as well as the entire conference is an expense that will be cared for through your donations.  The meal figures at around $30 per person as well as the hospitality suite for Saturday morning welcome, Saturday after the banquet and Sunday morning.  If you are not able to come to the Silentlambs Summit but you would like to contribute to help someone else attend it would be very welcome as there is a need in this area.  You can contribute through the website or send your tax deductible donations to: Silentlambs, PO Box 311, Calvert city, KY 42029.  If you have any questions you can reach us at 270-527-5350.  We want everyone that attends to participate and not worry about missing something due to financial concerns your kind assistance can see that take place.


Your hotel reservations need to be completed before March 1, 2004 to get the discount rate for the conference.  You can call the hotel reservations at, 888-625-5144 or local number 615-885-2200 ask for the "Silentlambs Summit" discount and reserve your room.

lease make your reservations as soon as possible so we can know how to plan for the seating and conference room arrangements.  We will also have a press conference on Sunday morning to alert local media to the work of silentlambs.



The following will be "courage" award recipients at the Silentlambs Summit in Nashville on March 27, 2004.


Tedd Shanks

Genevieve (Geny)  Shanks

Jain Owens (UK)

Jennifer Lynn Newcomb

Anders Christensen (Sweden)

Sister (Sweden)

Mike Moss (Canada)

Julie Moss (Canada)

Michele Sandstrom

Hollie Brewer

Heather Berry

Sarah Poisson

Mellisa Woods

Amanda Woods

Roger Carlsson (Sweden)

Donald D'Haene (Canada)

Jan Josefsson (Sweden)

Tabatha Anderson

Claudia Kittel

Ian Yyde (Australia)

Simon Thomas (Australia)

Natalie Webb (Australia)

Jim Donald (Australia)

Warryn Stuckey (Australia)

Amber Long

Heidi Meyer

Alison Cousins (UK)

Sister Cousins (UK)

Simon Brady (UK)

Jack Zellar

Paul Kuberek (Germany)

Dorti Tveiti (Denmark)

Randy Frederiksen (Denmark)

Ursel Wagner (Germany)

Cornelia Wagner (Germany)

Ruth Schlegel (Germany)

Stephan Wolfe (Germany)

Kristi Hynes

Randy Cardozza

Dan Young

Elaine Stanton

Karen Barba

Tema Boskin

Jessica Brown

Angelica Taylor

Glenda Cook

Lisa Darbee

Gail Decourso

Randy Waters

Warren Lusk

Loris Matheny

Sabrina Montgomery

Roberta Moore

Paige Moore




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