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Nashville Press conference
Can you come and support silentlambs?
On 2-12-04 at 1:00 PM we will have a press conference in Nashville to announce to upcoming silentlambs conference.  We are inviting anyone that wishes to come for support and assistance.  There will be abuse survivors and others from the Nashville area in attendance.  For further details emails silentlambs at
We appreciate your help to make this a successful event in the interests of protecting children.

The press conference is stated below;

Molestation Victims to Deliver One Thousandth Stuffed Lamb to Local Church

Group Announces First Annual National Conference for Sexually Abused Jehovah's Witnesses

Will Also hand out Flyers at Several Nashville Area Kingdom Halls


Victims of sexual abuse in Jehovah's Witness congregations will distribute flyers at several Nashville area Kingdom Halls announcing the first annual conference of a self help group for molestation victims. They will also deliver the one thousandth stuffed lamb to a church as a symbol of abuse awareness within the denomination and a service announcement for the bulletin board of local Kingdom Halls. 


The conference of "silentlambs" will be held on March 27-28, 2004 at the Sheraton Music City in Nashville.


Thursday, February 12,
1:00 P. M.


Several child sex abuse victims, their families, along with former Jehovah's Witness elder William H. Bowen of
Calvert City, KY, national director of "silentlambs," the nations only support group for abused Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Jehovah's Witness "Kingdom Hall", 6020 Obrien Avenue, Nashville, TN. 

(Directions) I-40 west exit 204.  Go south on Briley Parkway, Obrien is the first right past I-40 before you get to Charlotte street.  Go west on Obrien 4-5 blocks church is on right side of street.  We will be on sidewalk outside front door.     


Three years ago, national media first began to expose that Jehovah's Witnesses headquarters has a policy that endangers children. Since then more than 6,000 abuse survivors have came forward to say they too were molested and silenced by Jehovah's Witness policy on child abuse.

Dateline, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, CBC, New York
Times and over 30 countries around the world have presented documentaries that have identified child rapists who enjoy sanctuary in Jehovah's Witness congregations.           

In the last three years, more than 40 civil sexual abuse lawsuits against "Watchtower" (the administrative arm of Jehovah's Witnesses).  Material will be provided to VERIFY AND add to this information at the press conference.

SILENTLAMBS is a support group of victims of child abuse and USES stuffed lambs as a symbol of abuse awareness.

Contact: William H. Bowen:

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