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silentlambs summit update/website fixed
Exciting new developments for the silentlambs summit

We want you to know that things are ok on the website.  The ISP went through a software upgrade that would help security on the website.  The down side was we had some custom programming that was in conflict and causes the newsletter and the guestbook to become inoperable.  Adjustments have been made and it appears that we are up and running again.  The guestbook information from July through March of this year was corrupted and lost.  We are checking backups of the website to try and restore this data it will take a few days and we will have to see.  I hope it be able to be archived.


Now I must mention that things are coming together for the Summit.  When silentlambs was founded three years ago the purpose of the organization was to help abuse survivors to have a voice.  The leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses went to great length to say not only there wasn't a problem but that there policy on abuse was far superior to any other religion.  After fifteen documentaries and eight different countries as well as hundreds of news and magazine articles it appears the real "truth" of these matters is there for anyone to see that may wish to do so.  Thousands have been helped to see they are not alone; they were not at fault and have the right to stand up to those that hurt them.  They are no longer silent lambs.  Each event that silentlambs has planned has had that as its central purpose, that is, to allow abuse survivors to have a voice and show them they are believed and supported.  The "silentlambs summit" will be yet another opportunity for those that wish to offer support and give a voice to those that cannot speak for them, if you see any event as important view this one as something significant for you to be apart of. You will not regret the time effort and expense put forth by supporting this conference. This is your chance to "walk the walk" so to speak and help be a voice to make a difference in the interests of protecting children.


Now what are we doing to get you there? I have just been informed that Swedish Television will be there to do interviews for an update that will appear nationwide later this year. The National News Writer for the Associated Press will be there to cover the conference.  Sue Archibald of Linkup (the oldest organization dealing with clergy abuse with thousands of members nationwide) will be there to speak and talk on abuse awareness issues.  Barbara Blaine of SNAP as well as members from the local area will be there to speak on abuse awareness also.  Silentlambs delegates are coming from Sweden, England, Africa, and Canada. Local television has asked to be there to do stories for the local news programs as well as the newspaper will be covering the conference. 


We are spending a tremendous amount of time effort and money to give you the platform to have a voice.  Will you be there will you be there to support abuse survivors?  We invite anyone that wishes to do so to be part of this conference.  Jehovah's Witnesses will be there, X-Jehovah's Witnesses and many advocates that all have one simple goal, we want to protect children.  If you feel that is important, be there and support the silentlambs summit.    

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