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Open invitation to Nashville JW's
Invitation to attend silentlambs summitt

March 16, 2004


Letter sent to all Bodies of Elders in the Nashville area


Dear Brothers,


We would like to arrange a meeting to drop by some material on how to better protect our children. To set up a time you can contact us at the telephone number at the end of this letter. As you may know silentlambs was started in the interests of helping abuse survivors to speak out on abuse in the Jehovah's Witness community. Since our inception over 6,000 abuse survivors have contacted silentlambs and hundreds of child molesters have been reported to the authorities. When you consider that one child molester can molest up to two hundred children in their lives it certainly should help to see how our work has had results. If you have any questions regarding this information you might wish to review our website at or you are welcome to call the hotline if you know someone that needs assistance in this area 877-WTABUSE.


We will be in Nashville on the 27 th and 28 th of this month for the first national convention of silentlambs. We would like to meet with you to drop by aid material on the symptoms of child abuse as well as direct numbers to call for assistance in reporting and seeking assistance for victims of abuse. We also would like to extend an invitation to any of the brothers and sisters in the area that might like to attend the conference, if you would like to make an announcement in that regard on the Service Meeting it would be appreciated. The conference will be from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday afternoon and cover material on how to raise abuse awareness in local communities as well as interviews with abuse survivors from around the world that are attending the conference. That evening we will have a banquet to offer silentlambs "courage" awards for those that have shown courage above and beyond the call of duty in the interests of protect children.


Some have incorrectly circulated rumors that silentlambs is an xjw organization, this of course is untrue. We have no interest in doctrinal issues or in anyway challenging the beliefs of any member of the organization. The silentlambs board of directors currently has two Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing as well as members that have never been Jehovah's Witnesses that serve as advocates from other major child abuse awareness organizations such as Linkup and SNAP . We hope this sets your mind at ease in this regard.


We look forward to meeting soon when we are in Nashville as well as see you at the conference so that we can work together progressively in the interests of protecting children.




William H. Bowen

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