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A brother writes
email today and response

sorry. I understand your view point but am totally insensed that your are

willing to undo all the work that the slave class has done to educate people

about Jehovahs ways and will knock it down to seek your own glory. You know

Jehovah says,, each will render an account for himself. I understand why you and your group are being disfellowshipped. Though i have seen injustice, as i said, i would never do anything to destroy all the work Jehovah has done in teaching me and through his organization. There were bad judges and priest in israel too but jehovah still used israel and ,in time, brought justice to be done. I dont respect anything you have done to defame the work Jehovah has done in our day. I have been a Jw for 30 years and have worked hard to search for others to see the truth and to have someone like you make a point in trying to say that jws are full of abusers , basically irritates me to the core. You never told me about the group you have formed to unite and encourage, teach people about the truth about jehovah and his purposes. Remember , they have to be completely united in thought and no war or racism among their members worldwide. 

Interesting, you have nothing to replace what you reject. Jehovah said no wepeon  formed will succeed, I guess you would fit nicely in the catholic faith or whatever since they have such a nice record of blood guilt in all the wars, etc.

It is nice you have wanting to help people but what better way than to teach

them about jehovah and his laws so as to live well now and for all eternity./?

You have created your own little battle. Remember , the sinning against the

holy spirit concept. I will let Jehovah be the judge, Oh,. by the way, the lady who supposedly had access to watchtower files in n.y , shown on datelline? I hear she was a proof reader. Many will not keep faith to Jehovah but to talk against the slave class and perhaps cause millions more not to be willing to investigate biblical truths that jehovah has revealed through his organization of Jehovahs Witnesses is nothing less than total arrogance! I know everything you feel, as i said before, being a victim or injustices, but i know i have the truth. I never forgot my old lutheran days . Despite all, i had to suck up and deal with things the best i could but still obey what Jehovah has said for me to do. remember Job! Even though i have great compassion for those who have experienced injustices, we have to deal with that in a compassionate way, even though despite all, we must never do anything to undermine our determination to serve Jehovah despite everything satan may put upon us. You now can find yourself fighting against Jehovah himself. I dont wish you the best. k

Fascinating email....


I have no group that is based on religion nor do I wish to do so.  Silentlambs is an abuse awareness group that assists abuse survivors.  Many of those abuse survivors remain JW's, some are not, belief or doctrine is a non issue when it comes to protecting children.  Interesting you cite the story of Job, how about considering the story of Jehu?  He was one man that stood up for what was right, as a matter of fact there are numerous examples in the bible of men that did just that. How about Jesus? Yet most were labeled as heretics and demonized as being bad men.


Understand there is little "glory" or money when it comes to helping abuse survivors. My letters of recommendation are in the thousands of letters and emails of appreciation that we have received from those that were raped as JW children.  We have stopped many from suicide and helped many others to start a new beginning based on closure and healing.


Yet somehow you feel "Jehovah" is threatened by this work??  Perhaps you need to do a little research on what defines God and what defines wickedness. Also it might be good to read Matt 7:1-5 when it comes to the judgments you are offering to silentlambs.  We simply present the facts and the stories of abuse survivors, if that hurts Jehovah then by your definition he is a weak God.  We do not believe that and feel any God that serves the interest of what is right would have the strongest protection for children and the harshest penalty for anyone that allows them to be hurt in His name. It would appear that those that allow Watchtower policy to continue hurting children by biblical definition have much more to fear than silentlambs.  We are very proud to be in that position.  






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