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Members respond to Brother "k"
comments to Brother "k" and his response to sl

Responses to "K"


We received several responses to the brother that wrote so we thought we would put them up for all to see anonymously of course.



May I respond to the angry email that is posted on the newsletter? I hope you will post my response. If so please edit my name, to protect the innocent so to speak. I too was a witness for over 30 years (and am still locally considered a witness, though we are inactive now.)The specious argumentation that this man presents reminds me of that type of defense that I and other pioneers, elders and publishers would put forth at the doors when confronted with logical argumentation that we had no basis to refute. We spent a lot of time dragging a red herring across the doorstep of the people. The argument that Jw's are 'Jehovah's organization' does not fit the illustrations he used. I too believed that it was for most of my life, as did you Bill. But if this man was living in the times of Eli and his sons would he approve of those errant men raping and stealing on the alter of the Temple too? Those actions brought great retribution on God's people then. It is true that He took them back time and again, but that gives no proof that Jehovah is with this modern day organization does it? Obviously God had in mind rejecting the Jewish way of life when he send his son to the earth. That organization had shown itself to be in opposition to God although it had been earlier chosen by Him. Years of observation, scriptural study and the actions I have observed within this organization have caused me to re-think my position. Even so, I do not attack Jehovah's witnesses though I have found them to be in tremendous error in some areas. And I have not found that Silentlambs is any different in that respect. The OBVIOUS purpose of this website has been from the outset to protect a group of children that have no one else to protect them, and give them a voice. I was a parent in the organization, and although my daughter was not molested, I fear that my response to that, had it happened, due to the deeply ingrained  'overprints' that the society has used to shape our thinking and  dependence on them, may have caused me to act like most others have, and just 'leave it in Jehovah's hands.' That is how most witnesses handle this tragedy. It is a direct result of the imprinting process that such as precisely what you and Silentlambs are fighting for. The right for children to be safe, and for the environment in which they reside to be a place of safety,i.e.; a new imprint on the way we treat this matter. This can only happen with a complete change of the current reliance on an impersonal Governing counsel, in an impersonal city far removed from the daily lives of the persons affected by such policy! Dorothy went to the Land of Oz to find the help she needed too. There was no help, just an elaborate hoax designed to garner adoration from an ignorant populace. In the final analysis, it was up to Dorothy to maturely solve her own problems. The Jews did not need to be rejected by God either, but chose to turn his undeserved kindness into a legalistic style of worship that tried to turn their God into some sort of fanatical despot that ignored the heart of real problems and focused on arbitrary and traditional rules, rather than love. They, the Jews, God's organization of record in the Bible (by the way Jehovah's witnesses do not have such credentials recorded in the Bible) became as Jesus called them, 'whitewashed graves, full of dead men's bones'! One must wonder how many Jews expected the answer they got when Jehovah rejected the nation. They too expected, as God's chosen people to just 'wait on Jehovah' and he would usher in the hoped for blessings spoken of in Psalms. And certainly as God's chosen people they would get the blessings. They were disappointed with the Christ who directed them to do things in a way that God would approve. The blessing came in way they never imagined. Could that happen again? It might! Only the Almighty Himself will make the final judgments of life and death, but just as clearly as the Jews had mispainted the God of Love, so too the current organization has painted God as one willing to watch the little children suffer, even be disfellowshipped and shamed as some sort of evildoer, for speaking out in their pain, rather than change a few basic dictums that would give them safety an o have such, in the place where they worship God.


Silentlambs: May the God of all righteousness be with the spirit of love that you have shown!



It is so sad your blindness for the Org. An Org. might I add is not for sure Gods arrangement. Let's please dissect your message see if you can get any sense of what you wrote. You started by mentioning the ***slave class*** who is the slave class? Are you referring by any change to the group of people that work in bethel for little or no money? Yes, one could call them a slave class, or just slaves for that matter. Or would you be referring to the so called ***faithful and discreet slave?*** There are still a few thousand left on earth according to your records. If you do some research you will notice that they do not provide any spiritual food at the proper time as claimed by the Org. We had 2 in our kingdom hall that were never asked nor they contributed any prophesies or to the magazines that the society prints. Yes, one of them brought me into the JWs; (he was a presiding overseer for 23 years! ) I even took care of him till he died 3 years ago. You must remember that the society is run by 10 and not all of the heavenly class. So you must know that the *slave class* term is just a mumbo jumbo term that has no sense it today's society.

Than you go on to talk about **defaming the work Jehovah has done in our day** Gee, what work would that be? The selling of magazines, annoying people from door to door? All of this have been done before by vacuum sellers and other entities.

Also you mentioned ***teach people about the truth, about Jehovah and his purpose*** What truth? What purpose? Truth and purpose according to whom?

Next you go on to mention how we fit well with the Catholic Church. You darn about it!!!! Just like the WBTS they also had problems with child abuse with a few differences though. 1- In less percentage numbers (molesters). 2- They admitted that the problem existed. 3- They have spent millions of dollars in compensation for the pain caused. Has the society done any of the above? NO. Will they ever do it? NO. Why? By admitting that they were erroneous one could see they don't have the light, light you so much talk about. YES, for this matter I rather be part of the Catholic Church.

You also quote ***obey what Jehovah has said for me to do*** did he came to you in a dream or you just dreamt the whole thing?

You say you have great compassion for those who have experienced injustices? That being true you would be part of the solution (our group) not of the problem. If you want to be part of that small world called **kingdom hall** it is your choice, however do not come here and put Bill down for the great work he has done. He got the balls to expose a society for the crimes they are committing, are committing, will be committing. You on the other hand are taking the WBTS side; do you think God must be happy with you supporting an Org that harbors molesters? Think again.

I agree with you on one point, we should not undermine God despite everything Satan may put upon us. Satan is up there laughing as he was able to twist your minds and you do his works thinking you are working for God. But don't you worry God is not so blind to see what is going on. Just a little while longer and the wicked (WBTS) will be no more.

Lastly, some in our group were disfellowshipped others in my case wrote a letter and asked to be counted out as we could not continue being part of a satanic organization that gives safe haven to child molesters. Disfellowhipped or disassociated we are proud to be NO part of a society that creates a safe place for molesters.

We have to go in accordance with 2 Corinthians 6:17 which says in part "get out from among them and separate yourselves".

I do wish that you see the light and get out from Sodom and Gomorrah while you can. Unlike you, I do wish you the best.


The truth is the JW's do not care what the Watchtower has done and continues to do that hurts people, even if it is against the very being of what Jehovah is, they have been JW's for years and they will stay loyal to the Watchtower against Jehovah himself they will listen to the Watchtower even if they know it is wrong, like the rape of children issue. There is no way Jesus would be a member of an organization that refuses to change a policy that has proved to allow child rape, and defends the ones who are doing it, and claim they are God's organization and they have the Truth.  Jesus warned us about this kind of group.  The Watchtower is supposed to be Holy Spirit led, if that were true the policy would change, and the Holy Spirit would not lead God's organization to be members of the United Nations for ten years. The Bible says Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth. God is allowing the body of Jehovahs Witnesses to be tested to see who will be loyal to him, who are the lovers of Justice and will do what they know is right,--- the things Jehovah himself stands for, and the Jehovahs Witnesses who follow the watchtower even when they know it is wrong.



I have to say, when I read the letter from the disgruntled brother, it was hard for me to get past all the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

Although he has a right to express his feelings, it brought me back to my JW
days of a congregation who did what they were told and didn't feel that education was important. When I graduated from High School in 1989, many of the young brothers and sisters my age were not encouraged to finish high school.

In fact, these young people were dropping out of high school to
pioneer, and were rewarded with praise on and off stage. I was told that because I finished high school that I wasn't putting "Jehovah first in my life" and some families said that I wasn't a good association because I was reading and studying often.


Although I started university a lot later in life than most, I just completed my bachelors in psychology. In a year I plan to apply to graduate schools to study in a masters psychology program in the hopes to become a marriage and family counselor. I would really like to help people who have gone through challenges living within the boundaries of the organization and help them figure out what they really want to do for themselves.


I really appreciate all the information the silentlambs has given me in the last year. It has made me feel up to date. I left the organization in 1995 and every year away I am happier. The biggest realization is that Jehovah is much more loving and kinder than the Jehovah portrayed to me as a child.


One question... are you encouraging people who have gone through sexual maltreatment to get some psychological help? I know therapy has helped me get through the feelings and transition into living my life in the way I feel is right for me.


Thank you


Hi Bill


This email brings to mind the scripture.....1 James 27....Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. I have no doubt this scripture, not only refers to the physical orphans and widows of our age, but the spiritual orphans and widows of our time, and 1 James 27 is exemplified in this age by


In regard to .....keep oneself unspotted from the world....I would pose the question, what is more important to Jehovah...Maintaining the Corporate Image or upholding justice and righteousness for the weak and venerable?


I do wish you the very best, knowing you fear and love God, his Spiritual Church and his Judgment more than any corporate body and church of human governance. I also wish the person below and writer of the email, the very best, in the life of pure and undefiled religion.


Keep up the Good Work!


Hi Bill - Just got the latest missive from Silent Lambs. Congratulations on keeping your cool and transcending the attack with logic and compassion. I get letters like this all the time, and a few times it actually moved me to tears of frustration that I could be so misunderstood and JWs so thoroughly co-opted as thinking, spiritual beings into saying things that they (must?) know somewhere deep inside to be wrong. In any case, Silent Lambs has been doing a great job - and I think it has actually forced the JWs (despite all the ways they handle it in public) to think about the issue - and it has raised awareness so that people are not as afraid to speak. I wrote a poem a few months ago. Perhaps you might enjoy it:


 My God

The real God

the monotheistic God

the God I could believe in

is not the God I hear described

by heartless folk

that love the judging

and throw their judgments

up up up to the sky

to form the ultimate authority.


My God would be

gentle and kind

full of forgiveness

for all the unrealized potential

of my being, and more than that,

in complete understanding of

exactly why that potential

could not be met.


My God would love me

and show me how to be

more like the ultimate spirit -

kind and forgiving,

compassionate and loving,

nestling me in warmth

(not hotness, not chill)

like a baby in the womb.


My God would show me

the meaning of ecstasy -

that being outside myself -

beyond language,

a melding with the cosmos

a vision of the interconnectedness

of all things, and still hold dear

what makes me unique to him

or her, or that beyond gender

that so confounds our imaginations.


If there is an afterlife

I might ask for a moment

to see and understand

the answers

to all the questions and problems

that so bothered me

as they lay unanswered

throughout my life,

before moving on

to an entirely new way of being.


Having learned and absorbed

all that is possible to know

from the joys and sufferings

of embodiment and materiality,

to find a new life in spirit

as the spark that made me

enters the warp and woof

of the cosmos

in new form.


My God would be

beyond our human understanding,

so that everything we know

about friendship and love

becomes a pale reflection

in comparison

and yet, these things would

best teach us and train us

for the ultimate unity of

all things.


My God is beyond the

highest thought that we can think.

But my God is also very simple -

the ultimate source and definition

of love, the shadow of God

simply the way we sense

the limits of our time-space


like trying to explain the

resonance of poetry

to an ant.


My God is best worshipped

by breathing, by feeling,

by kindness, by smiles,

by forgiveness, by actions,

by refraining from actions,

by the myriad of thoughts

and feelings and behaviors

that all of us already know.

We already know.


And if there is such a God,

(insofar as it is fair to reduce such a God

to the language of being)

such a God of love,

I invite this God to manifest

in my being, in and through me,

and to help raise me up

(and again, the metaphor of

upness is misleading)

to love.


And if there is no such God,

do not speak to me

of religion.


    Compassion.  Yes.  Compassion.  Compassion is the key word, the key feeling.  And compassion is as compassion does.  When people have been victimized through pedophilia, the abuser is protected and his/her sin toward a child is covered up, and the child is told to keep mum and suck it up, well, where is the compassion for that child?  The child who is the victim.  It's all phony, all so phony. Do you think if you take white out and smear it over a typo mistake that the mistype didn't take place?  It did, and you can see where it was covered up.  Do you think that by covering up gross sexual sins against children that you can purify the dirt that lies underneath this religion?  That dirt is still there.  It's just 'covered up'.  It's disgusting.  It is gross.  Do you want to be a credit to the Person for whom your religion is named?  Then use honesty and justice for the poor abused children to please that Person. the Person above all persons.  He doesn't need your 'protection', by the way.  He is just so much bigger than all of this, so very, very, very far above it all, that I think people should be embarrassed to think that this almighty God is dependent upon them to not tarnish his name.  I mean He is just so FAR above it all that we cannot begin to fathom the depths and heights of His greatness.  Don't worry about HIM.  He can take care of Himself.  Take care to truly clean up your religion, to clean up where it really counts.  Be there for the children, not for the molesters, the rapists.  Don't coddle pedophiles.  Take the children under your wings.  Christ said to take the little children to Him.  You are turning away the children and anyone who wants to help them and trying to lead abusers to Jesus Christ.  Boy, you all have things so backwards and inside out.  You'd better get busy and get busy fast to try and straighten out the mess you have been making of everything.  Because you have one big mess on your hands.  And the children didn't make it.  You did it.  If it still makes you nervous regarding using the name Jehovah in your religion, well then, you could always change the name of your religion.  Maybe Carnal Witnesses would be more apt, more suitable, since you want to look after sexual molesters.  Since you want the victims to shut up.


If this brother was living in the nation of Israel when they went against god, would he have followed their wayward path or stood up for God? . If he lived during the time of Christ, would he stand up for Jesus or follow the religious leaders who claimed to represent God? No were in the Bible does it require us to stay faithful to any religious organization. We are, however, required to be faithful to God at all times!  The Watchtower policies on child abuse need reform. The Watchtower has and is still acting ungodly in their attitude on these issues and towards silentlambs and all those who have been victimized because of these evil policies. Israel lost god's favor long ago. Any religion, including the Watchtower, who acts to harm children and protect pedophiles could not possibly have god's blessing. At least  not the god I worship! This brother needs to open his eyes and put his mind to work. He needs to love God and see the Watchtower for what it is. A manmade organization full of corruption and deceit!  If your going to be part or this organization, at least see it for what it is!   Please let this brother know that I am a witness in good standing and will pray for him. He needs to open his heart and feel the pain of these innocent victims.  That is exactly what Jesus would do!



My comments to this brother....You just don't get it! "K" states (in this organization) we must be completely united in thought....In other words, if one wants to be in this organization and you are abused (in it), there is no room to disagree or use your own thought or mind or follow your own instincts to complain. This is MIND CONTROL to say the least!!! 


The brother who wrote the letter about silentlambs is in denial and is afraid of what so many who are in the organization are afraid of and that is they are not the only people on earth who Jehovah, gives favor or who can do good work on behalf of those who are in pain and those who love what is good.


This mind-set of the so-called devout JW, is self assuming and prideful... the very thinking that allows so many to shut their self-righteous eyes to what is really Love, the love that is from Jehovah, and the love that was demonstrated by Jesus, the giving up of ones own comfort zone in order to do what is right not what is popular with the organization or group.


Jesus denounced the Jewish system because it was teaching traditions of men not of God...It seems to me that this is what has happen in our modern day JW organization, so many set by idly and pretend they are protected by their consenting blindness to what I term is this " We are the only people on earth Jehovah approves and listen to" falsity.


I remember being just as presumptuous and how I had to abandon this form of thinking from a very deep soul searching mind boggling series of events to clean out this self deception, and that is we could not question, or make complaints about the organization and we were not to evaluate  any criticisms about the organization closely or when we did, we would be thought to be under the influence of the devil. This is a very effect manner to keep people from hearing truth, and to keep deep dark secrets about those in the organization from surfacing.


When I made the choice that I would be obedient to God first, and the organization came somewhere after, I started experiencing the real spirit of people in the JW organization who were as cruel and self righteous as those who impaled Jesus using the same types of lies and deception to accomplish their goals of silencing those who would speak up on behalf all of God's children who were down trodden and oppressed.


Hebrews 12:6, in the experience I came to understand that all though I was being persecuted from those who claimed to be in good standing with Jehovah, I found my GOD had given me favor and enlighten me through this realization that it is to HIM alone I gave my sole devotion first. My peace and the Love I now can experience in helping others is not limited to those in the JW organization only.


I ask the brother, when did Jehovah's law change to give an organization the absolute last say as to what is good and what is bad?


This self deception by those who fear others who dare to speak truthfully without the consent of the JW organization's slave class, is setting themselves up for a big surprise, Rev. 7:9 the JW organization is keeping tabs on everyone active and inactive,  announcing how many publishers world  though there can be an accounting.  How can that be so when the scripture says "no man was able to number" who is going to be standing before the throne and before the Lamb? This is a clue there is no patent on GOD, and his word, and JWs are bent on teaching and preaching this wrong concept, and many have been mislead. Love is the underscore to having GOD's approval, not the approval of an organization who is afraid of the truth regarding itself and some of its members.





What a great pity your under such mind control. You are judging in your letter. I am a Jehovah's Witness except I call myself a Witness for Jehovah. You see the Jehovah's witnesses have to do & say all that the organizations till's you to do ..But the difference with a Witness of Jehovah does is TESTIFY to the wrong doing of other's. & to be like the Good Samaritan , help the abused....... Bill is doing just that. You my friend should listen to what the WT is doing, the hundreds that died from no organ transplants until Jehovah changed his mind,??? or those who went blind before Jehovah allowed cornea transplants,

To all the thousands that killed themselves when they lost all family because they stopped to believe the wrong teaching of the WT. I was a VERY FAITHFUL JW until I found out that The body of elders????? made up their own rules, For instance they told me to teach that the UN was a very bad thing, Which I obeyed & taught THEN I learn they signed up with it. Until they were caught by those checking..

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