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Denmark BOE translated additions
The complete translations of the Danish BOE are in with interesting implications

We have just obtained the complete translation of the Danish BOE letters and some revisions to the original. You can review them here,


The comments are interesting in that the last part of the letter seems to be directly from Brooklyn as far as outlining the "action plan" on abuse.  Once again this letter outlines compliance with Danish law as well as reporting in other countries that have reporting laws.  This letter is a common ploy to use as legal reference if authorities ever ask about written policy.  As has been evidenced in other countries these statements are common but the actual practice and procedure of the Legal and Service Departments when dealing with abuse are far removed when abuse allegations arise.  An example of this is the 1988 letter written in Canada to all BOE on how to handle abuse allegations you can read it here,


In this letter an excellent policy is presented to show in fact the organization knew very clearly how allegations of abuse should be reported to the authorities.  If you review the CBC documentary that aired in 2003 you will see that since that letter was written seldom were those guidelines actually followed.  There is even an interview with a brother that worked in the Legal Department that clearly stated this to be the case. You can read the transcript here,


So what does this show? That the organization has a long standing practice and policy to make letters that protect themselves legally while verbally informing elders to not follow what the law of the land dictates.  When elders follow these directions they have no back up in writing to cover their actions.  If and when legal issues arise the organization then says it was "renegade" elders that acted outside of their written directives and then uses that as a basis to get themselves removed from any legal actions.  The elders that followed the Legal and Service Department "verbal directives" are hung out to dry in that they are sued without support or backing from the organization.  The proof of this is the recent litigation in Texas in which this happened.  You can read about it here,


Another interesting aspect of this material is the implication that abuse has long been reported to authorities.  In several cases the newspaper in Denmark has shown again and again that abuse was not reported.  How did the Danish Branch happen to miss all these cases?  Why is it they refuse to acknowledge the allegations the victims of abuse are making? Is this just another example of the organization ignoring abuse survivors and saying there is not a problem?  All the words and all the letters written by the organization cannot cover one simple fact; thousands and thousands of children were and are being raped within the organization. Untrained elders are being required to investigate, interrogate and often traumatize children about the crime of rape. The organization refuses to offer support to the victims within and consistently refuses to acknowledge the crimes against children they have committed with the least iota of remorse.


While there are many good people trying to raise their families in the organization they are in conflict with the way the "governing body" has authorized and approved these actions. Is it any wonder the Danish press called them "Satan's Witnesses?"      

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