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Murder and JW Fathers
Are children being murdered to cover up abuse?


A victim is taken from the house Monday. We are now considering these deaths as potential homicides and the fire as suspicious,


The picture above is of the South Carolina corner removing the bodies of the Meza children.

You can read the full story at this link,


The South Carolina case of a Jehovah's Witness father murdering his wife and children appears to be an ongoing problem that seems to occur when JW fathers become emotionally disturbed. To understand the reason why this phenomena presents itself you must understand the theology of the religion itself. Anyone that becomes a Jehovah's Witness must accept that they are part of the only "truth." That "truth" is defined as being the only persons on earth that are approved by God. To find corroboration of that, note the following quotes from JW literature,


" Become members of an international brotherhood known for cleanness and good manners, the worldwide congregation of Jehovahýs Witnesses. In harmony with Ephesians 4:24, these sincere Christians have ýput on the new personality which was created according to Godýs will in true righteousness and loyalty.ý Soon the world will be filled with such people because these will be the only ones who will survive and live forever." Watchtower99 6/15 page 6


" Is it presumptuous of Jehovah's Witnesses to point out that they alone have Godýs backing? Actually, no more so than when the Israelites in Egypt claimed to have Godýs backing in spite of the Egyptiansý belief, or when the first-century Christians claimed to have Godýs backing to the exclusion of Jewish religionists." Watchtower 01 6/1 page 16


" Of all the organizations claiming to be Christian, only Jehovah's Witnesses both think upon his name and magnify it among the nations." Watchtower 92 12/1 page 17



"In fact , only Jehovah's Witnesses today follow the example of Jesusý early disciples and help people worldwide to ýcall on the name of Jehovah and be saved . ý They alone can truly be called ýa people for his name." Watchtower 85 1/15 page 29


"However , every person on earth will soon be involved when Jehovah executes the false gods of this world and their worshipers: "The gods that did not make the very heavens and the earth are the ones who will perish from the earth and from under these heavens." (Jeremiah 10:11) There will be no bystanders then. There will only be those who are witnesses for the true God and those who are not." Watchtower 88 2/1 page 20


"Far from lulling people to sleep with sweet-sounding platitudes about peace, they diligently strive to awaken them to the reality that today is a time for war ." Watchtower 99 10/1 page 14



"The message is clear: If we want to survive Armageddon , we must remain spiritually alert and keep the symbolic garments that identify us as faithful Witnesses of Jehovah God ." Watchtower 99 12/1 page18

As you can see from the material Jehovah's Witnesses believe they have the only path to surviving the end of the world. Anyone that does not become part of that path will be killed by God at the battle of Armageddon. The belief continues that Armageddon is immanent and the only way to help mankind survive is to allow them the opportunity to become Jehovahýs Witnesses by calling on the homes of the public and inviting them to become members through home bible studies. Any member that does not participate in this "preaching work," will be killed by God at Armageddon.


What happens after Armageddon? The earth will be given to Jehovah's Witnesses to cultivate into a garden like park they call the "paradise earth." The function of the paradise earth will be for humans to be returned to perfection by God and live eternally in human bodies while cultivating it as a beautiful place to live. In addition, according to doctrinal belief, there will be a resurrection of those that passed away in the former world. These resurrected ones will be provided with education and an opportunity to become Jehovah's Witnesses as well. If they decline then they will die. Any Jehovah's Witness member that died in the former world will be resurrected to live eternity with friends and family, they will have perfect health with none of the maladies they may have experienced in the old world as well as have the prospect of living forever. The paradise earth is viewed as a solution to all the problems that Jehovah's Witnesses experience living in the current world they view as being ruled by Satan. The only escape from Satan's world is to have one of two options;


1. Wait for Armageddon to start the paradise earth.

2. Die and wake up in the paradise earth.


When JW father comes under severe emotional distress due to financial or other circumstances it is an easy escape to consider giving their family a way to enter the paradise earth immediately. The only way to do that is through murder. This has happened on several occasions in the last few years. One of the earlier cases involved the Kostelniuk family in Burnaby , British Columbia . The mother remarried a JW man who subsequently molested the children after which he murdered the family when placed under pressure. A book was written by the childrenýs biological father called "Wolves among Sheep" You can read about it at this link,


Yet this was not the only case, another came up in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Barton case involved once again a JW father slaughtering his children and wife, the reason was financial and he also killed several other people as well, but why his wife and children? Could it be the reason giving them exit to a paradise earth? You can read about this case here,


Another case was Christian Longo in Washington . Again a JW father strangles his three small children and his wife puts them in suitcases and throws them in the ocean. Financial difficulty was citied as part of the reason. You can read of this case here,


A year later in the next state, JW father Bryant takes a shotgun and murders his four children and wife then turns the gun on himself. The reasons were financial and related to reporting of abuse. You can read this story here,


In a reverse concept children have murdered their parents. The Freeman brothers killed their brother and parents after becoming skinheads. Part of the reason given was due to being raised as JWýs. This resulted in a book and movie, you can read about his here,


Then there are cases of JW parents killing just their children. In each case you have to wonder if they believed they were helping the child find paradise. You can read these s tori es here,


Laree Slack age 12 Chicago IL-01.

Riývene Phifer infant NC- 97

Knight infant CA-99

Infant France-02

Brian Mackey and son 12 Florida-03

Robert and Ben Moore 10-13 WS-93 unsolved murder


When you consider that Jehovahýs Witnesses are a relatively small religion, under one million members in the USA it is disturbing to see that most cases that involved the murder of a family by the father in recent years have had JW connections. Is this just a coincidence? Could it be that the theology and doctrine of Jehovahýs Witnesses creates a type of time bomb that can be tripped of the right set of circumstances presents it? The information above seems to indicate that this could be a strong possibility.


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