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A sister writes
A silent lamb is silent no longer



A sister wrote today she is just one of many correspondences from brothers and sisters trying to expose pedophiles and protect children. Perhaps putting this up helps many to understand why silentlambs remains neutral when it comes to doctrine or belief of the organization.  We simply want to protect children and do not follow or support the many agendas that xjw websites offer.  It is rewarding to see more and more JWs using silentlambs as a resource for assistance, as always we protect the identity and never use information unless the individual allows it to.  This correspondence was very powerful and this person bravely agreed to allow it to go up.  We hope this can help others to know they are not alone and that many "within" fight the good fight and charge the hill to try and change policy in the interests of protecting children.  One day someone will make it to the top, it maybe a lawsuit, or just a brother with a conscience that will provide key information, when that happens the real truth will be known and the organization will never again be allowed to operate in a way that silences victims of child abuse or protects child molesters. 


We wait and fight for that day.






Hi Bill,


You may remember me. I'm the one molested by an elder, and also my sister by xxxxx.  You have been helping me for the past two years telling me what letters to write to the Society, notarize them, return receipt.


I went ahead and faced this man via phone conference with two of my elders and two of his.............he couldn't remember the molestations of course. My PO read a 3 page letter to them, one that I wrote with all the accusations against him. He apologized and then promptly denied everything.  It felt really, really good to finally tell him just what I thought of him.  Felt like 20 million tons came off of me.  I called him a liar, I called him a molester, ...............felt good.  My elders could tell he was lying.  His elders said that he had kept his slate clean and that he said that he hadn't molested anyone else.  That was four months ago.  I have been waiting all this time to see what would happen to him.


This filthy man has affected every aspect of my life for the past 30 years.  I have waited 30 long years to get someone to listen to me and to act against this man.  The elders wanted to meet with me Saturday.  I didn't want to get the news and then drive............I am under psychiatric help already and didn't want to drive my weapon home.......I don't know if I'd make it.  So I called my PO this morning from work and told him that I have to sit here for the next 9 hours and that I wanted to know the decision now so that I would be in a safe place.........The molester is on public reproof.  Can you believe it?  He's publicly reproved for molesting two teenage spiritual/physical sisters.  My CO told me that without a doubt he would be disfellowshipped.  Wrong.  The elders want to explain to me why they didn't kick him out.  Scriptures to look at and read and reason on them.  Had my mother spoke up years ago and called the police instead of being loyal to an organization he would have gone to prison!  Did I tell you this man also molested/raped his daughter? She wasn't even a teen yet.  He was disfellowshipped for that years ago but no one called the police.  The witnesses don't have too.  They're special.


You know what?  It's too bad that David and Bathsheba didn't know that if they kept their sin hidden for 30 years that the baby wouldn't have had to die.  Of course, Jehovah didn't kill the baby, it was just sick and he let it die.  Hogwash.  The penalty was the death of the child and trouble in his house for the rest of his life.  Well, all I got is the satisfaction that this man is on public reproof.  Of course, no one will know what he did and they'll still think that he just did something bad.........he'll say that he's paying for something that he didn't do years ago and that the sister lied.  They'll all feel sorry for him.  Then they'll leave their children with him as he readily agrees to watch them for him because he's such a fine brother.  Then he's going to do it again, and again, and again because he can get away with it.


I told them that if they kept him that I would quit because you can't keep the pedophile and the victim.  Done.


Dateline watcher.


PS  Thanks for doing the dateline program.  It helped the victims come forward and write letters to the WT.  But they haven't changed a thing. 

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