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AFF and Linkup
Reminder for upcoming meetings

If you check the home page of the website on the left column there is information regarding the upcoming meetings the next two weekends.  This weekend silentlambs will be speaking at the American Family Foundation on the topic, "Are Jehovah's Witnesses far worse than main stream religion when it comes to child abuse?"  Helpful data and material will be discussed in the forty five minute program.  The conference is going to be held in Atlanta, Georgia and is at an airport hotel.  We encourage all than can to review the link and if you can attend please be there,


Also the following weekend silentlambs will speak at the Linkup Conference in Mobile, Alabama, on an update for silentlambs and the current events regarding the legal progress to protect children in the JW community.  Linkup is one of the oldest clergy abuse of children support groups and have a long history in speaking out and supporting abuse survivors. They have a new project called "The Farm" where victims of abuse can go for workshops and healing. Check out this link for information on the conference and Farm project,


If you want to do something think seriously about attending these conferences.  They are made up of good people trying to make a difference as well as educate others on the extent and reason abuse occurs.  You will meet those that are on the front of this battle and see the courage they exhibit working to help those that suffer in silence. Silentlambs is very proud to be part of these meetings as it represents the mission we have had since day one, that is, helping abuse survivors to speak out and have support. 


Thanks to all that have supported sl activities in the past and we certainly hope that these events will be yet another where we can visit and stand together for what is right.



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