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a recent email
What would you write?

silentlambs received this email today, how would you respond?


Comments="Is this a christian site. I have two brothers who are JW's.I am not one but I find it funny in my view that christians are much worse than JWS and THAT IS A FACT AND I WOULD LIKE TO PROVE THAT TO YOU.At least the JW's go door to door and preach the good word of the bible to all and they do not go to war unlike the christians who on many occasions kill christians on the opposite side they are fighting .They read the bible in depth unlike the christians who are oxymorons. I am sorry to chriticise you but don't you think you have spent enough time and resources attacking the JW'S.Clean up your own faith before you criticise others.I was a catholic and as far as I am concerned there are a site more murderers and child fxxkers in the chatholic religion and the christian religion.

I would like your response if you have the balls magot.See I can use those words as I am a fence sitter, an observer but a true realistic outside observer and honest.

Merry Christmas,happy birthday,happy hallowen,happy easter bunny,

john "

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