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response to John
Your comments to John

As you may recall silentlambs received this email,


Comments="Is this a christian site. I have two brothers who are JW's.I am not one but I find it funny in my view that christians are much worse than JWS and THAT IS A FACT AND I WOULD LIKE TO PROVE THAT TO YOU.At least the JW's go door to door and preach the good word of the bible to all and they do not go to war unlike the christians who on many occasions kill christians on the opposite side they are fighting .They read the bible in depth unlike the christians who are oxymorons. I am sorry to chriticise you but don't you think you have spent enough time and resources attacking the JW'S.Clean up your own faith before you criticise others.I was a catholic and as far as I a
m c oncerned there are a site more murderers and child fxxkers in the chatholic religion and the christian religion.

I would like your response if you have the balls magot.See I can use those words as I am a fence sitter, an observer but a true realistic outside observer and honest.

Merry Christmas,happy birthday,happy hallowen,happy easter bunny,

john "


We asked how would you respond and the response was overwhelming. We thought it might be interesting to see the varied comments from those that wrote so here below are all of them. It was about thirty-three pages on the word processor but many good points were made.

So what did we do? We just decided to send a link to this page to John and see if he wants to read it, otherwise the passion of so many for speaking out is a good thing to learn from.






Hello Bill,


I would respond by saying that:


JW's go to war with one another.  The High profile cases in the news where the society goes to lengths to defend child molesters are perfect examples.  This "kills" the victims when they see how those who they believed to be their brothers and sisters despise the ground upon which they walk.


Jehovah's witnesses go from door-to-door and carry their bibles and preach.  It sounds so wonderful until you realize that they are not telling the people they visit that they believe they are scum that will be destroyed by god.  they sweetly ease them into the fold and teach them to be mindless.


while they are wooing people into the front doors of their kingdom halls, they are secretly kicking others out of the back door.  I am one of those people.  Because they could not understand my problems and needed to "help other people that they could really help that didn't take up all of their time," they branded me demonic, not worthy of their attention, and put stringent restrictions on my activities in the religious circle when I was not ever there.  I was at home only listening to the meetings on the telephone.


JWS don't kill as conscientious objectors to war.  JWS kill by loving conditionally and removing and evidence of showing it when they no longer have use for you.  How many people have taken their life because JWS have told them they are not worthy of God's love.


Now if that makes them better than other Christians, why have you not joined them?




Well, I'm not sure where to start, for your e-mail was full of mistruths and misunderstandings. 

Fact:  Jehovah's Witnesses ARE Christian. 

Fact:  This site does not criticize the Jehovah's Witness religion. 

Fact:  Child molestation is against God's law and Man's law.

Fact:  Jehovah's Witness must obey man's law as long as it does Not conflict with God's.

Fact:  There are some Child sexual molesters who are JWs

Fact:  There are some wife ab user s who are JWs.

Fact:  There are some child ab user s who are JWs. 

Fact:  No one is perfect... we are all human.

Fact:  The Watchtower Bible and 'Tract Society and JW elders have allowed abuse and

        Molestation to occur and continue under their policy. 

Fact:  The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society protects the privacy of molesters over the

         Safety of the victims.

Fact:  Their policy allows for more abuse and molestation to occur. 

Fact:  Jehovah's Witnesses believe they have the only ONE True religion. 

Fact:  Jehovah's Witnesses believe they need to be an example to the rest of the world. 


Yes, JW's don't fight in war

Yes, JW's know their bible

Yes, JW's go door to door. 


Question:  Will the next person who answers the door to a JW, and studies the Bible with a JW, have their children be molested by a JW? 


Question:  Does all the good they do make it OK for children to be molested? 


As far as I can see, this site only criticizes JW's for their policy regarding abuse and child-molestation.  It is not accusing JW's as being a false or wicked religion. 


My four year old son was butt-fucked by his father who is still in good standing.  Do you want that man going door to door in your neighborhood?  Do you want that man to have a bible study with your son? 


I've noticed, many child-molesters try to defend other child-molesters. 

  Where do you stand?   When it comes to Child-molestation... there are no fence sitters. 


So just because JWs don't go to war and kill other Christians, that makes how they

allow sexual child predators to get away with murder of another type, okay? Puh-lease.

Grow up E-mailer, and get some balls, we know you are either a JW yourself, or you

are a sex offender who has found paradise with the JWs!


This e-mail is obviously from a pissed-off JW who doesn't have the balls herself or himself to come out and state that is what they are. They may even be one of the many sexual predators who loooove the JW organization that shelters them, and they obviously want it to stay that way. I hope they read this as they are the maggot.


I don't know that I would bother to answer.  Only you can say whether you are a Christian site or not so I would let that answer come from you. You could use some of the points below.


Door to door is an effective way to witness and many religions including Christians use that method, in fact the church I attend does it regularly bringing a message of salvation, not an end times message with false dates. We don't have to go door to door we go because we want to.!  We need not fear at death that we might not have done enough.


It's good to examine one's religion.  I could never let my child die for lack of a transfusion.  Read Lev. 17 and see what the Jewish law and the punishment was for failure to keep that law.  where did it say you could not have a transfusion and where did it state   that you could have certain components of blood but not whole blood.  Did it name the components?  If not, how would you know which you could use. is it really eating blood or is it going into the circulatory system?

How many ho mel ess shelters does the WT have, how about soup kitchens? 

Can a religion that breaks up families be from God? 

Why is Jesus not the mediator for all, only the 144,000? Of course your Jesus can't be mediator , he is only Michael the Archangel .

Christians have given their lives for people like you, giving you a freedom that war brought about.

Christians did not have to rewrite the Bible to fit their doctrine.

If you are truly honest you would check out WT pedophilia. 

It seems as though because I have told you the truth I have become your enemy, Gal. 4:16

Reread the book of John in an unbiased Bible and see that only Jesus is the Way.


Dear John: In response to your email stating " I am sorry to criticize you but don't you think you have spent enough time and resources attacking the JW'S. Clean up your own faith before you criticize others." You see John, Silentlambs does not do the attacking! It is the child molesters that do the attacking on innocent children! John, since you have never been a Jehovah Witness and only know of it form your brothers, you obviously do not know what you are talking about! I am the mother and sister of incest survivors, who were molested by a JW, who was a ministerial servant at the time and also the biological father and brother in law of the victims. You can not possibly understand the horror these poor children went through, only to be mentally abused by the elders when their ab user was not disciplined by the Watchtower Org. Children who are molested have to face their ab user s, thousands have to live in the same household, and attend meetings with these perps, the victims lives are turned upside down with years of after effects facing them. Sure other religions are at fault for the thousands of victims of abuse also. BUT, Silentlambs is helping these victims and survivors, because they were abused by other JW's. Silentlambs does not attack people, donýt forget this, CHILD MOLESTERS and those who condone their actions and look the other way, and those people like yourself are the ones who are the attackers!!! If you would like to email me,I give Silentlambs the authority to give you my address. John, you need to wake up and pray for insight and to have God open your eyes to reality. J Mother of Incest Survivors and Former JW



With kindness and with facts. He is wrong on most points. My guess is he is a JW.


I would not reply because the sender has nothing to say........perhaps "Merry Xmas ,John" ,might be in order. Cheers


This is a response to X Catholic John Who claims that your web site picks on JW"s. First I do have the BALLS as you so mildly put it to answer you. The JW"s are the phoniest Bunch of people on the planet and I should Know I was one for over 20 yr's. As far as the catholic Church is concerned at least they are owning up to there mistakes. . And as far as being a bunch of murderers by fighting in the wars of our nation , there would not be any JW's because If Hitler had won WWII he would have exterminated them all along with the Jews. You show how ignorant you are by the language you used in your E-mail. to the Lambs. Further more I am a practicing catholic since I came to my senses, I am a 4Degree Knight of Columbus , A member of the American Legion, VFW, and a proud Vietnam Veteran . Also I read my bible daily also scripture What for  which the JW's feel aren't in the bible Like the Maccabees.  So as to Quote your ignorance (maggot) Why doN't you jump off that fence and join the MARINES and Learn to be a Man!! 

          Yours Truly A Proud Catholic And A prouder Vet. GOD BLESS AMERICA you Maggot.     


Please forward this to "john."

Dear John,

I received your comments from a friend with SilentLambs.

I was born and raised a Catholic.  I am unfortunately also a survivor of nun sexual abuse which began in the 4th grade at age 9 and continued for 2 more years.
But I'm fortunate to have survived - many of us have taken the ultimate escape from pain.  Truth and reaching out would have given these souls a fighting chance.

Do I still go to church?  No, not at this time.  I am passively looking for a church or faith that is courageous enough to tell the truth.  Do you know of one?

There is no room anywhere for sexual abuse of children, young teens, or vulnerable adults.  I believe you would agree with this and especially agree if the sexual predators are hiding behind and among habits, collars or any religious sect.

We try to survive with the life-long consequences of abuse.  It isn't easy and we work, hope, and pray to stop this abuse.

It takes truth to heal - not only for survivors, but for churches, and for those in the pews/congregations.  A truth many religious sects fail to reveal. 
Why? Isn't truth important to them?

I hope you would agree that healing for the victims and the prevention of future abuse is most important followed by healing for the churches and their members.

I would argue that anyone who confuses these goals as an attack on their own church or faith is really not secure with their church or faith.

(and if you feel it is necessary to call me maggot, there is nothing I can do about that).




I think I would file in my file under "crazies" and ignore it entirely as far as responding to  him. Just reading  his message reveals his ignorance. And you have far more important things to do than wasting your time explaining yourself to him. As a good friend of mine says, "don't get in a pissing contest with a skunk!" If it appeared on a mail list instead of email ... that many other persons saw, I probably would post a response like we got when we were in our group: "thank you for sharing."



All I can say, he sounds like a JW himself. He's a crude illiterate one that doesn't deserve a response. Maybe he's the one that would have no problem letting his children be alone with the pedophile.




For me getting into " who or is worse conversations" is a no win situation. Comparison conversations create division and he said they said conversations. Taking a common goal approach unites people to one cause in this case children . I would turn the comparison conversation around to one of making the children visible and say there is enough hypocrisy in both religions (all religions for that matter) and that worrying about which one is worse will get all of us no where. Rather let's spend time holding both accountable ( all churches --all states--all peoples)  for the violations against children. In other words instead ---lets get away fro m c omparison and focus on the rights of children globally ---regardless of the religion. "Worse than conversations" are stone throwing debates with no end to how many rocks can be thrown---and in the end when everyone is tired of throwing all the rocks the children are totaled buried under the rocks. What has been accomplished in the end? Nothing but a pile of rocks ---with more to throw the next day.


with care, L


How do you respond to such rubbish? This guy is obviously dealing with anger issues or he is so caught up in himself that he didnt bother to read the site, and the good information that you provide there. I am not sure exactly the point he is trying to make? Is it that he thinks we are blaming his brothers because they are JW's for any pedophilia that goes on there? Many of us who visit this site have been JW's and pedophilia appalls us. We have never excused the other religions for their cover ups. But that doesn't mean that we should turn our backs on the victims among Jehovahýs Witnesses either! I think this guy needs to calm down, take a step back and look at the site a little closer. With some further examination and follow up research I am sure he will agree that what you do here is good work. Thanks for sharing!



My reply to John,


Comparing people is silly. If you are not a J.W. then why are you defending them with blanket statements? I was a J.W. for 20 years and it's true they do not go to war, etc. but many have a false front for covetousness. They want people to THINK they are righteous while covering up hurtfulness.  Every person who becomes a Christian, or follower of Christ has an individual responsibility to be genuine and not to judge others, they and they alone are responsible to keep their own light shining. This is the problem with J.W.'s they judge and often unrighteous and cruelly.

I watched, "The Scarlet Letter" the other night and know full well what it means to carry the letter "A" around by malicious men. I wasn't an adulterous, or an apostate but I did speak up and THEY CANNOT STAND THAT, not from a lowly woman. Like those religious men in the Scarlet Letter, the elders put demonist clothing on anyone who dares to speak of  any of their injustices or wrong. Arrogance is not Godly and these men are arrogant, what they practice is arrogance, like the Pharisees.

I say, respect them for what is genuine and Christian and speak out against what is not, but do not judge or condemn anyone.

A former J. W. who will never go back due to the harm done and the unrepentance of the elders who take for themselves what is God's work and position.


I've been away for a while, Bill.   But I think this sums up what I would say to this fool.   I hope I'm not too far off.:


Have you read the site?
You say you are a 'true realistic outside observer' and you say 'honest'.   I ask again, have you read the site?  Because, had you read the site, you might have noticed that it is for abused individuals.  Granted, they are of the Jehovah's Witness faith, but none-the-less they are abuse victims.   The events that are chronicled on the site are not fiction.  They are 'true' and 'honest'.   It just so happens that victims within the Jehovah's Witness faith don't happen to have another outlet for their grief and anguish.  If they did, they wouldn't be congregating here.  This site serves a purpose.  If you don't understand that purpose, then congratulations, because that means you don't need it.  I hope you never do.   Since it is obvious that you don't understand the purpose, please, take yourself elsewhere.  You have no need to be here, and we don't need you here.  Have a little respect for the victims.  They've gone thru enough already.



a recent email

>i think he doesnt know what he is talking about better to keep quiet if he doesnt have the facts that is the easy way out by being a bench sitter get off and get to work before he is pushed off. R


What kind of abuse were you subjected to as a child? The level of anger you

exude needs to be faced and worked through. Someone has to step forward to

protect the children. Yes EVERY religion has people in their organization

who exploit their position, take advantage of weaker members, such as

children, women, and the inexperienced or uneducated. For ones who are

aware of injustice and do nothing but complain, no transformation or

altering of policies and procedures is possible. Holding adults accountable

for actions that harm our children and insist on policies being

re-established and written into their code book to protect ones who are

unable to fight back is what Silent lambs is all about accomplishing as well

as providing an outlet for people who have been abused to speak out and be

supported and heard with empathy, understanding, and affirmation. There are

many good hearted people who are Jehovah's witnesses and are totally unaware

of what goes on behind the scenes, being involved in this religion work's

for them and benefits their life at this time. For others it has been a

trauma they are working through in order to live a joyful, productive life.

I love the analogy of two people holding up a coffee mug, one on the handle

side and one on the other, each person sees the cup from their perspective

and realizes that to dispel anger and animosity we must seek to understand

where the other person is coming from; what is their frame of reference?

Why do they view the world the way they do? The more people who seek unity

and peace, based on love and joy, the sooner we will transform our planet,

one person at a time.





My response is: She will never know until she has lived it. I was raised as a JW. It is a constant change of ideas in that religion.

I love my family but there are so many things that were just wrong.

I was date-raped by a witness when I was 17. My requirement for going to my prom was that I go with a witness that was a friend of the family. I felt so guilty about being raped. Like it was my fault even though he was 23 and someone I grew up with. But I was publicly censored and because he denied it, he was disfellowshipped. It only took a few months for him to be reinstated as a witness. (This would not be his last encounter with the committee of Elders or his last

discipline.) My parents didn't want to bring reproach on Jehovah's organization, so making a report to the police was out of the question. I know that they are good people. That isn't an issue.

It never has been. It's that they are so brainwashed to follow what the Watchtower Society says as true gospel. I wasn't allowed to go to college. That idea was supposedly to protect the young people from "worldly" association and influence. But NOW it is encouraged that young people go to college and get a 4 year degree. It wasn't okay to receive organ donations or to be a donor. NOW, it's a issue of conscience. How is it that the "true" organization of God be so wishy washy? The Bible hasn't changed; just it's interpreters have.

Is it a matter of time before blood transfusions are just a matter of conscience? Or Christmas? Or Birthdays? It's truly funny how people who happen to stumble across this site are so self-righteous and self-entitled to criticize it. It's obvious that it is not a site for you. If you cannot relate or cannot have an open mind when you visit this site then you should just move on.


Thank you for this site Silent Lambs. It made me feel like I wasn't the only one on earth to feel like I was on the outside looking in.


I'd prefer not to have my name published as my family might just happen to stumble onto this site as well. It's just comforting to know that there are people who can relate.


I would like to respond to John.  John, if you read Revelation chapters 2 and 3 you will find Jesus' critique of 7 congregations.  There may have been no murderers in them, but Jesus did say to a few of them that he ' had some things against them.'  Paul criticized the Apostle Peter.  lf some of the silent lambs are Witnesses, why would they be any different than Jesus or the Apostle Paul?  In the book of James 1:27 it says that the form of worship that is pure and undefiled is this, to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation.  If some of the silent lambs are witnesses, it causes them anguish that what they regard to be true religion has been defiled by the witnesses lack of tender regard for the victims of abuse.  I agree that there are religious groups worse than the Witnesses.  There were persons worse than the Apostle Peter.  But when he wouldn't eat with Gentiles when Jews from Jerusalem were around him, the Apostle Paul called him on the carpet for it.  Jehovah's Witnesses are then within their right to call their leadership on the carpet for not showing love among themselves in the way they know Jesus would have shown it.  Read John 13:34, 35 where it shows we would know the disciples of Jesus by the love shown among themselves.
       And, in case you ask, no I am not one of JWs.  My wife and I are Biblical Unitarians.  But we have compassion for the Witnesses who seek justice for the unprotected ones in their midst.  J



        Like with anything John has no idea. He has failed to notice that the Catholic Religion stepped up to the plate and has tried to clean it up as it were. The JW's simply hide it, deny it, remove the non offender... in some instances they act like the Child Protection Scums I deal with always making the totally COMPLETE WRONG move EVERY SINGLE TIME!


 Now as you know I have chossen an eclectic paganistic approach to my life.... I am one of a growing population of neo pagans who embrace Christ and the Goddess.... It was not an easy decision to allow myself to go back to "church" and I know there is much to be desired in this world.. What I have found is those who celebrate life and earth a goodness tend to be the most honest about other things as well.


John will never see this of any religion... and clearly he missed the point as what Silent Lambs is doing is "Shining the light of scrutiny on makes the cockroaches run for cover."


 I say we continue to make them run and when we catch them bind their feet to the very fires they bound my sisters feet to at Salem . In this system the only way to do that is through the courts, even though the JW's expound and Bible thump that all is to be left in Jehovah's hands .... That is all well and good if Jehovah would take those hands out of his pockets and accept the challange that is before his people.


    My molester is now allowed to go in service and give prayers again at the hall. He is known to associate with families with young girls... this is a scary thing. But as a parent of a 12yr old girl... the lesson I learned has helped me be extra vigilant towards M. My mother never knew where I was and what I was doing half the time. In today's society a parent needs to be concerned when a child leaves the house just to go to school, never mind running foot loose like I did at her age. So to the Johns out there who just want to pee on our shoes and tell us its raining..... May you find some peaceful resolution to that anger inside and through it become a part of the solution rather than a cog in the wheel of consternation.




Clean up your own faith before you criticise others.

He's kidding right?  LOLOL!  Tell him to show us ONE article that the JWs have written about other religions where they dont CRITICIZE them and call themselves superior.  Poor sap...he isnt fence sitting...he isnt willing to give up his cigarettes, booze, sex and perhaps get his GED??? to JOIN the JWs so he just sits in the stands and cheers them on thinking his "support" will save his ass in the end.

Gotta love em.


John has issues and is probably a jw himself. Yes they do go door to door spreading their word which is nice. Catholics have their problems which are definitely out there BUT Catholics unlike jws dont go to the trials and testify FOR the priests! Catholics dont predict the end of the world and keep changing their prediction. Catholics will go into the army, vote in elections and TRY to make the country they live in a better country. Catholics will not shun a family member who leaves their religion for any other religion and will continue to talk to and love that family member. Yes and Catholics will celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th. Merry Christmas John!


I would respond to John by telling him that JW's murder other JW's without there being a war. The door-to-door people murdered my brother by convincing him NOT to have surgery which would have saved his life. My brother was retarded and unable to preach door to door due to his lack of true understanding of the faith. The JW's convinced him that he would go to hell if he took blood, and NO surgeon could be found that would do it (not even the Cleveland Clinic) without blood. He DIED for a religion that would not even baptize him. Murderers.


My response to this would be, firstly, this person sounds very angry, and

it seems that he has a bone to pick with ex JW`s. What he fails to realize

is that many ex JW`s are very bitter towards the organization because they

have been treated badly by them,( my case being that i was disfellowshipped

by an elder who had been trying to seduce me!) But thats another story!

Getting to the point about child abuse within the JW`s, the reason why it is

more shocking and unacceptable is the fact that because it professes to be

the true religion, and has such high standards, and we totally believed that

it was, and that it didnt tolerate any kind of wrong doing, we then find out

that it is protecting child abuse by not exposing it! We (sincere and

genuine people) then start to question if it is Gods true organization! Then

we find more flaws, added with our own experiences, dissect it, and then

question if it is what it professes to be! So if this angry person knows

anything about the religion, he should know that it sets itself apart from

the world religions, and calls it Babylon The Great! and they are the first

ones to condemn it! Rest my case! D, England . Please send me feedback

about this, thank you.


Suggested reply (if, indeed, a reply was considered helpful):


"Thank you for your good wishes.


"I fully understand your concerns with your own church and would encourage you to join with your fellow believers to support abuse victims. There may be more local groups in your area, but if not you could contact SNAP - The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests  ( ).


"We do not now have any religious affiliation and do not attack any religious organization. However, because of our own past experiences as Jehovah's Witnesses, we concentrate on aiding those victims of abuse whose special needs we understand.


"Please accept our best wishes."


Kind regards,



I think that this person is maybe a JW in wolf's clothing, if you like, and does not realise that you are attacking those who are pedophiles and has not looked closely at the issue.


Obviously the brothers,  being JW's,  have not taught this person much about language or love, or even the little things to do with the sect's religion.


I believe the JW's to be a sect,  not a religion.


Oh and by the way,  possibly this person is just a teenager who has cottoned onto this site and making waves for the fun of it.







This writer should remember one thing: Silentlambs is about child abuse.

Silent lambs does not engage in faith bashing. There are JW's who support silent lambs (i am one of them) because child abuse should be condemned by all regardless of what you believe in. The writer of the email is mixing issues.




Probably not worth a response at all, is my feeling. I get mail like this everyday. Had to giggle when I saw "oxymorons" - but I think I'm just feeling particularly petty today. In any case, once words like "balls" and "maggot" appear, it's clear you're not dealing with anyone who is going to enter into authentic dialogue. It is very strange, but it seems to be a pattern in these emails that they start out with a semi-decent point, and then somewhere in the middle they twist into raving. Sites like ours invite the least stable among us. The voices of truth and compassion are a kind of overload and it seems to catalyze inner psychic violence.  My advice is not to respond to this one - just too unstable.




I think this is a baby elder trying to bait someone into debate. It

could, of course, be a baby elder who is attacking to cover up his own

insecurities about the Tower. But it is a bait, imho.


How to respond? thais is a totally good question but here is one I am gonna come up with.



Dear John


Are you telling us that when a Jehovah's Witness molests an Innocent child the Molester should not be reported to the Police Dept at all?


I am well aware that not all Child Molesters in the world are Jehovah's Witnesses and not all Jehovah's Witnesses are Child Molesters.


I use to attend Kingdom Hall meetings and I fell for the Watchtower Teachings too and I use to think that virtually everyone in the Religion was Angelic even though the Aunt and Cousin I went to meetings with weren't always completely Angelic.


Of course even after I declared the Jehovah's Witnesses were not the truth faith I remained a bit of a sympathizer in a way like when Michael Jackson got accused of being a Child Molester back in 1993 I did not even want to believe he did it considering ok I had quit the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1987 (one of the factors involved was when he got told her was not allowed to talk to LaToya Jackson ever again back when the Watchtower Society decided to shun LaToya Jackson), and I thought to myself he knows better he couldn't have done it (although things are up in the air that give me reason to believe he probably has Molested kids but I am going to let the Courts decide the verdict thank you very much).


And I have to say I never would have thought that the Child Molestation case would have been brought up as far as the Watchtower Society was concerned but it has because it is absolutely true that some of the members of the Jehovah's Witness religion are in fact commiting Child Molestation that is no lie, if it were a lie then how come some of the Molested Victims who absolutely were very Loyal to the Watchtower Society dared to report another Congregation member to the Police.


Of course the Watchtower Society does not like it when one memebr of the faith reports another to the Police but in my opinion if you do such a filthy crime then you gotta do the time I don't care if you belong to the same religion as well (and I happen to be a Missouri Synod Lutheran these days was baptized Lutheran 4 years ago).


Indeed while I would be as willing as possible to keep Sin confessions from another member of the Congregation a Secret (although such Confessions should be reported to the Pastor of my Church since he can keep most Crimes a secret in some states but in some states including last I checked my State the Pastor, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Iman or other persons of Religious Authority have to report Confessions of Murder, Rape and Molestation to the Police Dept).


The Watchtower Society has a policy that is so Crummy I give Praise to Pope John Paul II for wanting to actually take Action on Priests who commit Molestation (including I do believe Excommunicating such Priests for the deed and in my opinion they ought to be Excommunicated from the Catholic Church as well as reported to the Police if they committed the crime, my Maternal Grandmother was Molested back in 1944 by a Catholic Priest).


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