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A person writes
How would you answer?

Comments "This has got to be the stupidest site in the world. It is clear you have no actual molesting data, no real or factual information to victims, and no real 'molestation' concerns with the witnesses. You either hate them for one reason or another, but molestation is really grasping for straws.... you must work for the Catholic church, and put up this site to show the problem of their filth and mismanagement is "widespread through all religions".

1)I read some of your 'incidents' with the 39 year old, that had birth at 13 years old... "then the baby quit crying like somebody pushed an 'off' button". What stupid rhetoric....nobody talks like that at 39 years old. I suppose you were trying to quote her at 13 years old...which is what you meant to do, when it supposedly happened. But did you forget she was supposedly 39 years old at the time of reporting this 'heinous act'? Did you know her at 13 years old, and interviewed her then? Dumbass.

You are a stupid moron that continues spreading hate, fear, and seperates this country further. This country needs love, understanding, and bringers of "good", not hatemongers. Why don't you go work for The President or John AShcroft? I am sure they have a position for people like you. What happened, o bitter one, a girlfriend leave you because of religion & not wanting to live life with your sin-plagued lifestyle? I just cant beleive you would go to such expense and effort to attack them like this. They keep to themselves, why don't you?

2) Michael Jackson was a witness, yes. He was also a memeber of many other religious groups - and despite his humongous potential to bring in new 'recruits' and 'donors', and the large regular financial donations to the organization, he was 'disfellowshipped' or barred from the organization. You tell me ONE company, church, or group in the past 50 years history of this country that would turn away sometimes $500,000 donations at a time. Just because this member made some inappropariate grabs to his genitals in videos that hardly seem at all racy compared to today's daily filth on tv. They felt his 'Thriller' video and Billie Jean videos were too 'risque' to be asscociated with. As many religions scream about the major movie star members(scientology, catholic, etc.) Witnesses actually discourage, and disassociate themselves from these potential 'spokespersons', because they don't want believers(and possible donantions) under false pretenses, a 'trendy' status, and from idolatry of a movie star, etc... They don't put money as above morals.

I am not a witness, but know a few; and hands down.....I wish I could live the pure, honest, tax-paying, good life they do. I am sure my life would have less problems! I would hire them in a second. Every one I know is honest, would not gossip about anyone, hard working, and I don't have to worry about leaving my wife or kids with if I am away. No one there is going to try to seduce my wife, or molest my kids. The families I know don't even let their kids watch regular tv, or any movie over PG. Actually, that is a rule for themselves as well ....not just the kids. Which I was amazed to find out when going to their home. Not one R rated DVD. (yes they DO own dvd players and much of the new technology) They just dont want to pollute themselves with filth. I have learned much about the subliminal programming of all these things on the human mind. Obviously, there is no hope for you..... because you are a retard.

3) Another evidence to your ignorance, is the fact that this is a "molestation site". Your link about the settlement for 1.5 million? What the FUCK does that have to do with molestation? Obviously, you are trying to generally just slander them. Molestation is just the dirtiest way to get there quickly.

You must live in Alabama, or mid east somewhere, and got pissed off about having to get your fat ass off the couch watching Jerry Springer to answer the door a few times to these people. Must have strained a 'fatass muscle' or something....

Now pull this 'site of lies' down; before I do. You wont like it if I make it happen....


Go spread love and kindness.

Practice 'random acts of kindness, and senseless acts of beauty'.

Have a nice day.

I fear for you spreading such slander about a worthwhile, and beneficial organization. That's gotta hurt in God's scoreboard, or whatever He uses....

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