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Jackson Documentary Tonight!
Silentlambs interview to be featured in MJ program

We were sent information about the Michael Jackson program that silentlambs did an interview for last year, in part it goes as follows,

"A reminder that the magnum opus, "Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood" premiers Saturday night at 9pm on VH1.  (The preferred the title "Whatever Happened to Baby J?", but you can't have everything.)

While "Access Hollywood" and "Celebrity Justice" have hyped it as shocking, and Jacko himself has condemned it, "MJSC" is not your average celebrity bio-doc.  It's ninety hilarious, heart-tugging minutes of tragedy, absurdity, and oddball characters -- just like real life.

Plus, there's phone sex, an uzi, dirty-dancing by Emmanuel Lewis, and a surreal visit by Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.  Also just like real life.

It's a really well-made little TV movie.  So make some Jiffy Pop, and uncork the Jesus Juice.  Saturday night is for Schadenfreude."

So this will interesting program to watch it will include an interview with William H. Bowen and the child abuse issue in the JW perspective as well.  Sorry this is such short notice but we just got the email about it.




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