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A proud brother writes
OK how would you answer?
"So William Bowen, what did you get disfellowshipped for? I can't believe the false information you are giving about Jehovah's Witnessess. You are putting statements in your website that clearly the people were never a witness you can tell by the way they word there stories. Is is the only way you know how to make money, by making up stories to bad mouth Jehovah's Witnessess? Sure there SOME people who go overboard and do things the wrong way. But it is the same in EVERY religion, whether it is Catholic, Mormon, etc.. I'm sure there are some cases where molestation was handled bad. I never heard of any cases like that but no one is perfect. In fact I know of an instance where there was a child molestation and it was handled in the different from what you are stating. Why don't you say anything good abouyt the religion like how millions are donated each year to the people in need every year like in Africa and several other third world countries, how in natural disasters Witnesses help EVERYONE with cleanup letting starngers stay in there home, contributing money. There is no other religion in the world who will do that enless they expect to make money. Every religion reguires you to pay them money in order for you to stay in there church. The Mormon religion reguires 20% of the household income. If your a Catholic and you do not pay the church, they look down on you and do not help anymore. The Witness organization is the only religion that does not require to pay money, and you get treated the same. The Catholic religions new bible lies. They took out Jehovah's name and replaced it with lord. There new bible is completly different from the Old King James version. They changed everything. I use to be catholic. I learned to speak and read Hebrew just so I can compare all the bibles of today to the original hewbrew bible that is in your public libary. I choose to be a Jehovah's Witness because there bible was the most accurate to the original manuscript. There where no changes between the two except the New Translation was worded so everyone could understand. Anyways all your filthy talk about Witnesses are completly uncalled for. Your just pissed off because you got disfellowshiped and you don't agree with the whole process of it. How much money are you making now? I'm sure you won't put this letter on your website."                       

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