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response to proud brother
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Sometimes you wonder whether some people think before they criticize something.  The proud brother obviously does not seem to understand what silentlambs is all about.  On one hand he says, Jehovah's Witnesses are the best on the other he agrees that there are some bad elements just like in other religions.  So for him its ok to bash other religions in the Watchtower and Awake! but the Witnesses should not be criticized for doing the same wrongs. Double standards! He did not give his opinion on Child Abuse or may be he doesn't care.  As for giving aid to Africa, he must be a very ignorant person. The Watchtower doesn't give aid to Africa, they ask brothers in Africa to help their own who are in trouble. I am in Africa so I Know. The proud brother should wake up.  He is living in another world.


Wow, you sure are an "angry brother".  So much for the humility which the JW's are always preaching.  Anyways, I always find it interesting when they think they know everything.  You obviously think you know everything.  Well, guess what?  You don't.  What you don't understand is the majority of the visitors to this site have lived these experiences.  Have you lived the experience of sexual abuse?  It is obvious that you have not.  Consider yourself blessed.  You haven't experienced what it is to be victimized, not only once, but twice.

First, by your abuser then by your own faith.  These elders are people you have known your whole life (like in my case).  Men that I saw as uncles and brothers.  In fact, I still have a decent relationship with these people.  They can't help what they are directed to do.  Like I've said before, they are like sheep to the slaughter, they never even question it.  Don't blame Bill Bowen because you haven't a clue.  Just because you haven't heard of any cases like ours, doesn't mean they aren't happening.  I dare you to question your elders on something...ANYTHING.  I guarantee you that if you don't like the answer they have given you and you question it, you'll be in some hot water.  It's just the way things are in that religion.  The elders are taught to teach from the resources given from the Society.  They aren't allowed to think on their own.  All the books and tracts that are issued to the Congregation are all written to make you and all the other followers think a certain way.

And they insist that it is the ONLY way.  I don't blame the elders, I blame the Governing Body.  They have control of the masses.  They are the only ones who can make that change in policy.  I've seen it done on more than one occasion.  Before 1992, a university degree was discouraged.  Once they realized that they were creating a bunch of dummies and there would be no one with a brain to run the WTC once they died, they changed their mind.  Especially since Armageddon doesn't see to be a foreseeable as they thought.  Another change in policy is organ donations and recipients.  It wasn't until recently that the Governing Body decided that it was up to your conscience whether you donate or receive an organ donation. It was considered cannibalism. It has to make the families of those who forewent a transplant and died to make the Society happy very angry.  The funny part is when I asked my mother about the change in policy, she replied the Society has received new information and decided to change it's policy.  Ironically, the New World Translation of the Bible hasn't changed a single word.  So I ask myself, where did the new information come from?  God?  The JW's themselves preach that God hasn't spoken to Man in centuries.  So?  Where did it come from?  My dear proud but angry brother, don't criticize what is new to you.

I've lived it since I was 4 years old and I'm now 34.  After all the false Armageddon predictions and policy changes, I've given myself a break from all that and decided to find things out for myself.


My response to "a proud brother writes" who really shouldn't feel so proud: If you did any research at all you would know that Bill Bowen started Silent Lambs while still in good standing in the congregation. He was disfellowshipped not for anything immoral, but for speaking out against molesters being protected in the Jehovah's Witnesses' congregations, and for not keeping quiet about the "two witness" policy that allows children to be victimized by so-called brothers or even elders, with the elders looking the other way and punishing the victims for speaking out or going to the authorities.


If you are so worried about how people make money, then why don't you look into how much money the WT Society makes each year, and is spending on lawyers, protecting molesters instead of their victims? Silent Lambs is a nonprofit organization, spending thousands of dollars supporting lambs nationwide, even in other countries, and bringing this scandal out in the open, just as the Catholic scandal was. The difference: The Catholic Church has admitted their problem with priests molesting their parishioners, and have changed their policy and taken steps to prevent this from happening, and take care of those who have been harmed. The "Society" will not even admit there is a problem, and try to silence those who have suffered at the hands of this policy by telling them to "wait on Jehovah", and then disfellowshipping them if they don't, and turning their families and "friends" against them.


Fact: The Society does not donate money to third world countries for natural disasters, it helps its own. Period. The purpose of JW missionaries to visit other countries, is to convert, and teach the bible - they do not have any "feed the poor" programs. And for your information, I experienced more love and true fellow-feeling by strangers I met at a local chapel in my time of need than I ever received from my so-called "brothers and sisters" a few years ago. And I was not expected to do anything in return, it was truly a gift. Not a single church that I have been to since leaving the JW "religion" has ever, EVER asked me for money, or contributions at church or anywhere else. In contrast, the elders are constantly mentioning how you should be "contributing to the worldwide work out of a pure heart" at every chance they get. You know it's true, you just don't know how think for yourself. Your information is based on propaganda fed to you at the JW cult ! meetings.


Maybe instead of learning Hebrew, you should learn English, so you will be able to spell, and write grammatically correct.


Maybe you should even consider whether something other than the lies and misinformation that are force fed you at all of these WT book-meetings (as opposed to a bible meeting) may actually be the "Truth". All religions think they are the only true one. Maybe none of them are. It's your life, your choice, why do you let others make your decisions for you?


This guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

Mormon only have to pledge 10% and they can stay in even if they don't pay anything.  If he really could read Hebrew and Greek he would see all the inaccuracies in the NWT.


I've never seen any Greek or Hebrew Scholar praise the NWT.


I have to wonder if this man would judge us to be witnesses if we were to use the same "language" as he does? I guess he proves one thing with his letter. A good education is not required to be a witness! I don't mean to put this person down, but I was a witness for 30 years myself and, although I know that not everyone who writes on your site has been a witness for that long, or maybe they only studied, the content shows that they know what they are talking about. Shame on this brother for judging those who he doesn't know, and worse yet, for excusing the mishandling of molestation cases as if they don't exist. I really hope that none of his loved ones ever find themselves in the position of victim in the congregation! As for Witnesses opening their door to the general public who is in need, I have to ask when that ever happened? From news reports regarding 9-11, which is the nearest to a disaster of this volume that we have seen, the witnesses locked the door of the Watchtower buildings to all but their own! Although it is true that they show brotherly love to their own, and I have seen this first hand when I was a witness, I remember well, being taught that we need not expend ourselves to anyone in the world in any way other than the preaching work. If they wanted anything more from us it was required that they show more than just a causal interest in the message we preached! As for these poor victims of molestation within the congregation, it is even worse. They suffer the horrors of molestation, and then to top it off, suffer the humiliation and degradation of being shunned in the congregation, and even by their own families who choose "Jehovah" first! So much for the scripture, "by your fruits they will recognize you!" What I saw was equivalent to graves filled by whitewashed bones!


A "real " brother is immune to criticism because it feeds their persecution complex.


Excuse Me? on 9/11 didn't Brooklyn Bethel only admit those in good standing?


In the Florida Hurricanes, why were the kingdom halls up first, then Brothers in Good standing assisted.


Closer to Home in NZ, 12 months ago we had disastrous floods, how come the 'Truth" helped only it's own


 Dear Brother??


You can go on various web sites and find  the story of Bill Bowen, freely available to all. To the best of my knowledge Mr. Bowen has never been accused of slander or libel. Search and Investigate!


Local brothers deal with the situations in their own neighborhood including expenses. No money is given to them from Head Office unless it is paid back with interest. Search and investigate!!!


You should also search and investigate what the Head Office in Brooklyn does with all their fabulous wealth( last time I looked 40 billion US dollars). That is in the US alone.


I also suggest that if you want someone to give your comments attention, you refrain from bad language. Can something good come from something bad?


Regards. L


This would be my reply:


First of all, your sarcasm is not necessary. The purpose of Silent Lambs is to help people. With very few exceptions, which are usually the ignorant mud-slingers like you, the people on this site have been far more polite to, and tolerant of, the rude perverts who defend the WT's sick and twisted policies concerning child abuse. Why Bill Bowen was disfellowshipped is frankly none of your business. You are not anyone's judge, much less his. In fact, you technically could be disfellowshipped yourself for visiting this site. Why don't you be a man and identify yourself? Then we'll see what the WT's open-minded logic has to say about your comments. Or do you like being a hypocrite?


Bill is not giving out false information on this site. Everything here is the truth and can be proven, either through court, police, and other records. The only people giving out false information is the WT, which they have done for decades. If the WT had told the truth all along, much of this site's work would not be necessary.


You claim that you learned to speak and read Hebrew, but I somehow doubt that. Your English is horrific and barely understandable. I counted at least 49 spelling and grammar errors. Perhaps you should finish 3rd grade before you write any additional letters to this site. Maybe if you are a good boy, your new 4th grade teacher will give you some new crayons to write your next letter with.


Most of the people who have posted on this site WERE Witnesses. That's the whole point. Are you so ignorant that you don't understand that? Apparently so. I don't think this site makes money or makes up stories in order to make money. Actually, the WT is making money, and it is doing so by breaking Bible principles every day. No one has to make up stories to "bad mouth" Jehovah's Witnesses. They are guilty of enough unscriptural conduct to provide all the stories anyone would ever want. Actually, the people on this site wish that there were NO stories about the Witnesses to tell, especially concerning child abuse. If the WT didn't handle child abuse incidents that way that they do, there would be no need for this site. 


There are "SOME" people who go overboard? I should say so. There are thousands who go overboard. For instance, the GB, the writing committee, the CO's, the elders, and many other Witnesses who have handled child molestation improperly. Not to mention the millions of JW's who blindly turn the other way whenever this topic is mentioned. Or the JW's who won't watch a TV show such as Dateline, which told only the truth, simply because a letter was read to all the congregations telling them not to. Are you proud of the fact that 6 million people whom you call fellow JW's are too stupid to be allowed to watch a truthful TV show and make up their own minds about the evidence?


It's not the same in "EVERY" religion. Other religions don't disfellowship or shun members who report child abuse. They don't call them names. They don't accuse them of slander when they warn other families that a child molester is in the congregation. Only JW's are world famous for doing these things. If you believe that Jesus would approve of such behavior, you are a very, very stupid person. And you certainly are not a Christian. The next few sentences your wrote were impossible to decipher, so I'll just ignore them.

Why don't we say anything good about the religion? We're not here to praise the WT. They pat themselves on the back enough as it is, and far more often than they deserve. I don't know of any "millions" donated to people in need anywhere. The WT has been accused before of not having soup kitchens, shelters for the poor, charity hospitals, and other similar things. They might build a few Kingdom Halls, but they always try to have the congregation pay them back with interest. Don't even get me started on the KH fund issue. You don't know anything at all. I used to be a JW for over 25 years. I was a book study conductor and did everything in the congregation that it is possible to do. I've seen it all. And I was raised Catholic, so don't lecture us about their actions. Whenever there is a natural disaster, they help only other JW's, often driving trucks loaded with food and water right past other needy people in their rush to get to the "brothers" quickly so that they can then publish in the Awake or local newspapers how loving and generous they are. This behavior is hypocritical. Or don't you remember the Good Samaritan?


Witnesses do NOT help everyone. They don't let people stay in their homes. In fact, when 9-11 occurred, I heard they locked the doors at Bethel so that people streaming across the Brooklyn Bridge trying to escape the dust and to find water couldn't get in. I live close enough to watch the towers burn, so don't tell me about Bethel's actions. I keep up with the news here. If you could spell and read, perhaps you might do the same someday. Every religion does not require you to give money. If the Mormons "tithe" 10% of their income, that's due to their beliefs. They are not thrown out if they can't afford to do it. Individual Catholic Churches might not smile at people who never give money, but that's not as bad as JW's disfellowshipping people who displease them, is it? And the issue here isn't money, fool, it's child molestation.


The Catholic religion's new Bible lies? What Bible is that? How would you know? Your knowledge of the English language and your utter disregard for truth makes me doubt that you are capable of knowing what the Catholic Bible even says. Why are you reading their Bible anyway? If you chose to be a JW because of the New World Translation, you made a big mistake. It is commonly accepted among all respected scholars that the NWT is grossly inaccurate and was translated by incompetent people who claimed they wished to remain anonymous due to "humility". That is patently false. They didn't wish to identify themselves because they had no credentials and no ability or right to produce a Bible and they knew it. They knew that if they revealed their names that their work would be attacked, and with good reason. By the way, what language is "original hewbrew"? (Is that Jewish Beer?) If you can't spell "Hebrew", how can you possibly expect anyone to believe that you can read it? Pretty sad, to say the least. The NWT changed many things in order to make it fit the beliefs of the WT.


No one has engaged in "filthy talk" about the Witnesses. The average Witness might be a nice person. But they are brainwashed and don't know it. And the leaders of the religion absolutely know what's going on and they are sinning and will answer for it. Bill started this work before he was disfellowshipped, so how can it be true that he's annoyed because he got disfellowshipped? I'm not disfellowshipped and I'm not happy with the policies of perversion that the WT defends. Who cares what you think about anyone agreeing with the "whole process of it"? Why would sane, normal people approve of child abuse victims being disfellowshipped because they went to the police or tried to warn others? If that is a disfellowshipping offense in God's eyes, then God has a problem. But people here generally believe that God is NOT behind the actions of the WT. The WT stands on its own in this matter and they will pay for it.


To conclude, making money is not the issue. And as you can see, your letter was put on the site. I believe that the purpose of posting one moron letter per month is to remind all of us just how badly the WT cult brainwashes people like you and how sick Witnesses who follow the WT's policies really are. Your attitude is sick and you are a sad, twisted person. Today, I earned my degree in Psychology, so don't bother offering any objections to my comments or to the comments of anyone else who answers your perverted remarks. Any kindness shown to you was more than you deserved and its purpose is to show the world that the WT produces far more cruel and mentally disturbed people than you think are on this site.


If this person reads and speaks Hebrew. Who taught them English. If you are going to speak out for a cause of any kind you need to learn how to spell or at least do spell check


The lies this bloke tells about the Catholic Church is extraordinary. could he please tell me what the Greek word for Jehovah is and could he please show me where it was in the earliest Greek NT documents.

While he's at it, he might like to tell us what the Hebrew for "Jehovah" is.


Wow! My "educated" guess Is: He will soon make it to elder position! He has the  attitude that some of them have.  What a senseless letter. Is he saying here that just because  molestation happens in other organizations, that it is quite okay to hide it? or to do nothing about it? If he is such a convinced witness, what is he doing going into "Apostate" site?(JW term). And as far as what he says about  the WT Society donating "millions" to poor third world countries for their true needs..I would love to see proof of that! Sure they send boxes and boxes of Watchtowers and other books. People  as far as I know

don't eat books! This person needs to do some research.

Keep up the good work Bill Bowen.


Maria..JW for over forty years.. Out seven and happy about it. Not disfellowshipped..just out! Thank God


This guy reads Hebrew? Hell, he can't even write English.


Sounds like another 'proud brother' [can I insert arrogant here] who just can't face the facts. 


To proud brother:

    Why are you on the SilentLambs website if you consider us to be so bad?  You are

sinning right there according to your religion. SilentLambs helps people who have been

traumatized in abuse situations when the organization of JWs has failed to comfort and provide. Silentlambs is a non-biased organization geared to acknowledging that abuse

happens in ALL religions, not just the JWs.


="So William Bowen, what did you get disfellowshipped for? I can't believe
the false information you are giving about Jehovah's Witnessess. You are putting
statements in your website that clearly the people were never a witness you can tell
by the way they word there stories. Is is the only way you know how to make money,
by making up stories to bad mouth Jehovah's Witnessess? Sure there SOME people who
go overboard and do things the wrong way. But it is the same in EVERY religion,
whether it is Catholic, Mormon, etc..


Well, I guess that means the Jehovah's Witnesses cannot blame "Catholics, Mormon, etc" for their short comings.


 I'm sure there are some cases where
molestation was handled bad. I never heard of any cases like that but no one is
perfect. In fact I know of an instance where there was a child molestation and it
was handled in the different from what you are stating.


How was it handled?


Why don't you say anything
good abouyt the religion like how millions are donated each year to the people in
need every year like in Africa and several other third world countries,


We know that Jehovah's Witnesses (JW) help only other JWs.


how in
natural disasters Witnesses help EVERYONE with cleanup letting starngers stay in
there home, contributing money.


Helping only those who happens to be jws.


There is no other religion in the world who will do
that enless they expect to make money.


I know several local churches in my area go out to the 3rd world countries to help people out.    They are not making money, rather they donate and help whether those poor people  would join their church or not.    But jws always have a string attached to their work.    They would not do a thing unless the person shows interest in their religion.   Once the person expresses no interest, the jws drop him like a hot potato.     Now that is NOT a sincere charity.


Every religion reguires you to pay them money
in order for you to stay in there church. The Mormon religion reguires 20% of the
household income. If your a Catholic and you do not pay the church, they look down
on you and do not help anymore. The Witness organization is the only religion that
does not require to pay money, and you get treated the same.


Not true!  So called voluntary donation is always so emphasized that every time you take the magazines to door to door, you look like a sales man.

Besides the jws weren't allowed to  go to colleges until mid 1990s.   So most of them are poor.   But they still are encouraged to quit their jobs and to go to door to door to sell their magazines.


The Catholic religions
new bible lies. They took out Jehovah's name and replaced it with lord. There new
bible is completly different from the Old King James version. They changed
everything. I use to be catholic. I learned to speak and read Hebrew just so I can
compare all the bibles of today to the original hewbrew bible that is in your public
libary. I choose to be a Jehovah's Witness because there bible was the most accurate to the original manuscript. There where no changes between the two except the New Translation was worded so everyone could understand.


Your writing shows that either you are not an English speaking person or you are poorly educated.    So I have a hard time believing that you studied enough to understand Ancient Hebrew.    By the way if you really research in the public libraries, you should find how the Watchtower Society's prophecies and claims are wrong.    But I bet you don't even want to try it to see the true.


Anyways all your filthy talk about Witnesses are completly uncalled for. Your just pissed off because you got disfellowshiped and you don't agree with the whole process of it. How much money are you making now? I'm sure you won't put this letter on your website."  


First I'm not Bill Bowen.   And he is not doing this work because he got disfellowshiped.    He got disfellowshiped because he was working for the victims of abuse.    Sexual harassment/abuses happen and because of jw's silent policy, it gets covered up.    It happened in my congregation, and lost almost half of the members at that time.   People thought it was the body of elders who tried to cover up.    Little did they know that it was coming from upstate NY.   

Another thing I want to tell you is that the jws lie in order to recruit new members, and when they leave they, the jws, spread lies about the person who "simply left."     I am one of those victims of lies.     So I beg you.  Please  do not lie to the innocent people.


How ridiculous!  You said that ALL religions have some bad in them.  This appears to be true as they are made up of imperfect people.  However, the true worshippers expose the ungodliness and take the risk of losing popularity among their peers.  That is how God works.  He takes the weak things of the earth and makes them a stronghold for his name. 

Some people have been victimized in the churches, but find their way to God's way of thinking and become thrivers.  God works on their heart as He prepares them to be stewards and protectors of the innocent so that they step out of their "box" to take a Godly stance to expose wickedness.  They can no longer stay blind under peer pressure. 


 His comment:

Why don't you say anything

good abouyt the religion like how millions are donated each year to the people in need every year like in Africa and several other third world countries, how in natural disasters Witnesses help EVERYONE with cleanup letting starngers stay in there home, contributing money. There is no other religion in the world who will do that enless they expect to make money.


My answer:


You should have been in Moore, OK, for the May 3, 1999 F5 tornado that literally took out half of the town.  My 2 uncles lost their homes.  I was helping one of my uncles with the clean up.  Salvation Army, Red Cross, the local Catholic, Lutheran, Church of Christ, etc., not to mention just people who came out to help, but not ONE of Jehovah's Witness came around to help non JW's.  The brothers from the area arranged for donations for JW's ONLY to be dropped off at a neighboring KH.  They had to stop that telling the Brothers and Sisters this was not a garage sale to bring junk to.  That is the giving spirit of JW's.  The locals did give Housewarming parties to the local brothers and sisters who lost everything in the tornado.  That was neighbor helping neighbor, not the Watchtower society.  It was embarrassing to see all the other churches helping out with food, blankets, clothes, etc. and JW's not doing one thing.  Especially so since the Baptist church less than a mile down the street from the local KH was where all the media was parked.



I know you get alot of hate mail.  You're doing a fine job.  Most people are just morons.  I think you did a great job on the Michael Jackson Secret Childhood special that has been running on vh1.  You told exactly the truth.  You were very professional about it too.  I know you will be called upon to do more interviews as the trial gets underway.  I think you did a good job of stating the truth and having a professional demeanor. 


Keep up the good work.  Don't let the idiot sticks get you down.





Well proud Brother, the same reason many have been disfellowshipped for.  You see once the WBTS figures out that a person sees through the Hypocrisy in the organization, they are afraid that they will loose more income from others like myself so they implement their tactic of having communication between others that are not aware of their Deception, stopped so as not to decrease monetary support, and having others expose them for what they really are. The policies regarding child sexual abuse are not reflective of the Christ the Bible speaks of. So they take his name out of the way he said things should be done.  Remember if Christ who was under the Law at the time he told his followers to save an "Animal" out of a ditch, on a Sabbath. How much more important would a Child be in his eyes? One can certainly see this person is not very Perceptive, or in the least he realize that the witnesses are now no different than the Religion he listed....ether way it i! s a relief to see the mentality of people like this, it is a Good reason to teach my Daughter that she does not have to be clueless about what Jesus taught like this individual and many more that are still in the Dark.  He should be thankful someone is pointing this out to him!! But then again the Pharisees didnt Get it either...You can lead a Horse to Water..........


Hope he reads and speaks Hebrew better than English. :-)


Say Bill, when you find out what this guy is smoking let me know cause I wanna buy some. Also if you'd like me to write a reply to this character just let me know and I'll happily do so. Peace, you disfellowshipped evil one you, Yer brother,M


By the wording in this article the person appears to be unable to spell properly which makes me believe that they are lies or untruths when he says things like he has studied Hebrew, neither does he use capital letters.

It is more like an email from a young person who is a stirrer.

He does not sound too much like a true Christian as well with some of the statements.



I would hold that.....Denial and Continuance will be far more comfortable course of action for this gentleman, rather than Repentance and Change?


Kind Regards


Well good for you and your blinders you have and as far as Bill is concerned he is the most honest man I know and he hides from nothing can't say that about the JW cult . Go on believing your the fool !!! Have a real happy blind life with your rose colored glasses


I think it's interesting that "brothers" write and use words like pissed off. ????

I think the problem this so called brother is talking about is rose colored glasses and over zealous loyalty. There are many fine people among Jehovah's witnesses but there is also a great deal of cliches, social status seeking, gossip and other very unchristian behavior. It's hidden because in able to be approved they must put on a false front. Everyone must conform and that is their comfort zone, that is what they want. Real spirituality is not about competition with other religions, it's a gentle space in your heart that causes you to act a certain way, a Christ like way. You're carrying Jehovah God's son in your heart so it becomes a compass to your life.  Putting the organization before Christ is what is apostate but most JW"s can't see that.

Don't you know that when you deny someone elses pain that you are denying them? You are holding them in contempt. You are demeaning them, blaming them for their pain. When someone victimizes someone else they need to do all they can to restore that person to a good place. Sexual abuse, sexual predators hurt far more than what you see on the outside. It affects the whole life of the victim because it takes away their since of value and dignity. How do you think a victim of a sexual assault feels when others call the offender a wonderful person and looks up to them while the assault has left the victim hurting?


Your denial is just that, a failure to see the truth of the matter because you don't want to. One whose been there an knows first hand.


January 31, 2005


Dear sir:


Thank you kindly for your Electronic Mail.


Sadly, Mr. Bowen and others like Ms. Barbara Anderson and the Fitzwater family of Nevada were disfellowshipped about one (1) year after going to the public with their child abuse concerns within the Jehovahs Witnesses leadership.  Many of their Jehovahs Witnesses families and friends now shun them per the doctrines used by the Watchtower.


Mr. Bowen with the help of many present and former Jehovahs Witnesses have brought public attention of this serious Jehovahs Witness tragedy by using real life examples that are or were or before the Courts and by exposing the actual written child abuse policies within the Watchtower.   


The main reason why Silentlambs and others, including Jehovahs Witnesses, publicly speak out about the child abuse issue is due to the fact that there is a serious lack of accountability in the leadership of the Jehovahs Witnesses and that the leaderships ten (10) plus year refusal to change policies that endanger the Jehovahs Witnesses children.  Silentlambs has no other quibbles with any beliefs or practices within the walls of the various Kingdom Halls.


I note that you have informed me that other religions prescribe members to make payments to the various Churches.  I am very aware that many mainstream religions, such as the Roman Catholic Church, ask for donations, not remuneration, through the collection plate system which is similar to how Jehovahs Witnesses utilize the four (4) collection boxes located in a typical Kingdom Hall.  I am also aware that many religious groups have a formal voluntary donation arrangement that is very similar to the Watchtowers 32 page donation system called Charitable Planning to Benefit Kingdom Service Worldwide.


Many of these Religious groups, unlike the Watchtower, have made themselves publicly accountable for how they spend their donated monies toward human disaster relief.  To date no independent or dependent accounting firm has publicly verified exactly how much money the Watchtower and its hundreds of corporations have actually donated to human disaster relief efforts through its Worldwide Funds.  Thus, I have no way of confirming or denying that millions of Worldwide Funds are donated each year to the general public by the Watchtower in Africa and elsewhere.


I am glad you believe you have found a religious group that provides you accurate bible information.  I wish you the best in your journey with the Watchtower.  While in the Watchtower, I hope you can join with us to bring pressure on the leadership of the Jehovahs Witnesses to change its child abuse policies, to take responsibility for their actions over the years, to financially help victims, to protect the innocent children of Jehovah and to bring judicial justice to those who practice child abuse or harbor child abusers.


Yours truly,


What a sad, misled fellow this guy is!  He has no clue that all the literature he MUST buy makes millions for the Watchtower.  If he wanted to learn another language, he should have studied Greek because it is the New Testament that is so badly translated and changed to fit the Watchtower's doctrines.  I feel sorry for him just as I do for all the --other millions who are trapped by misinformation. 


How sad that some are so blind.

In reference to the "proud brother..."  I find it difficult to believe that he studied Hebrew, considering he can't spell and has a 5th grade level of English grammar.

First of all, he complains about how the Catholics wrote their own bible, is he not aware that the JW's did the same but with magnificent biased changes?  Is he aware of who, in fact, wrote their bible? 

I am a Christian of another faith, and we do NOT have to pay the church.&nbs

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