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JW abusers in the news
interesting story


by Geoff Fox
JEHOVAH Casanova John Daley has been jailed for attacking his wife - who is twice his age.

The 38-year-old Jehovah's Witness, who was known to friends and family as Paul, threw scalding water over pensioner Eileen just three months after their "blissful" wedding.

His solicitor told Leeds Magistrates Court how Daley flew into a rage after his wife, also a Jehovah's Witness, told him her friend had suggested he was a gold digger.

In an exclusive interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, Mrs Daley described her toy-boy husband as "strange", claiming he had been in a rage on the day of the attack because he had been turned down for a business loan by a number of banks.

And she revealed he had previously met and married a 58-year-old cancer victim when he was just 23.
The attack on December 20 was the culmination of a series of violent flash points which had occurred in the three months since their lavish wedding at the Kingdom Hall Centre in Undercliffe - the Jehovah's Witness hall where they had met three years earlier.

Mrs Daley told how on the day of the attack at their semi-detached home in Rodley, Leeds her husband - who had failed to hold down a regular job - had returned in a bad mood after his failed attempt to secure a loan to start a cleaning company.

That evening, he went berserk after it was suggested he was a gold digger. He violently threw her out of a living room chair.

Later he ordered her to "get to bed" before throwing a mug of cooled tea over her head. Mrs Daley then went into the kitchen to clean herself up and make another cup of tea. But her husband followed her and threw a mug of freshly boiled water over her.

The burns he inflicted were so serious Mrs Daley has been told she has to stay out of the sun for two years.

Daley admitted three charges of common assault and one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He claimed the marriage had not worked from the start  a claim his former model wife denies  and added the relationship was now over.

Jailing a gaunt-looking Daley for five months, Judge Broadley said: "The sentence reflects the serious nature of these offences."

Two Jehovah's Witness elders from the Undercliffe congregation were in court to hear the judge pass sentence but refused to comment afterwards.

05 February 2005


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