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a victim writes
a recent guestbook post
My dear-when I went to the elders and told them that I was sexually abused by a brother I was told that it was my fault because I was not close enough to jehovah. My faith was not strong enough and I let the devil into my life. If I put my faith in jehovah and pursued my religious career I would be healed and forget it. I tried to kill myself. Not only was the abuser a brother in the congregation but he was my biological brother as well. My father who is an elder then took great pride in reading my disfellowshipping letter to the congregation. I refused to go back to meetings and act like nothing was wrong. I needed counseling and justice. The rest of the world needed my brother off the street. My father ,the elder, does not deny the abuse occurred. However when I went to the police and tried to file charges as an adult they spoke to my father who said that I was crazy and suicidal and I had never said anything to him. All lies! Yet when I bring it up today some 22 years later he admits he knew about it. Though I've never gotten an apology. He still associates and praises my brother the jw child molester. When I ask him how he can allow this his response is,"He's prayed to jehovah and jehovah has cured him." Funny, the rest of the world accepts the fact that child molesters are mentally defective and can not control their urges to have sex with children. Even offenders will tell you that they have no control. No one here is knocking the religion or the god jehovah. But the laws that they use to handle these cases are obsurd. My brother did not gather 2 witnesses before he raped me. Why would jehovah expect there to ever be two witnesses present to validate the victim's claim of abuse. As a result of this ridiculous protocol thousands of children are abused each day and the abuse is allowed to continue and the perpetrators are allowed to search out new victims while preaching against sin in the congregation. It's not right. If you do go back to the hall, I suggest you never leave your child
unattended with any of the witnesses because if your children do end up as victims, you'll end up disfellowshipped if you go to the police. If you're truly going to follow your religion you'll have to leave it up to the elders to decide what to do. Of course, you can still be a witness you'll just have to practice your religion solitary.  --M

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