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a sister writes
yet another abuse story
dear Lambs,
for many years we all wondered what happened to a girl I shall call sister dee, she was raised by her saintly step mother. she was a playmate of mine in my witness childhood. her stepmother and biological father divorced when dee was 16, the next wife married dee to a nice young brother, it seemed too young to marry but hey they were witnesses. and I see now it was a great favor.....the saintly step mother looked for years for dee, to find her again as an adult, to be reunioned with the little girl she helped raise, we all wondered where she was. the biological father was married over and over again about six times, he was a jolly sort of guy and a handsome womanizer, but why married so much?????well the good news and the bad news, the saintly step mother did find dee, she is good... still a witness and has her own kids. the problem with the guy years back her father the jolly handsome womanizer that married within the congregation over and over again, he abused his own daugher  sister dee at age 4, I cannot think about it,,,,(this was before the saintly step mother got there to do good), before I even knew her as my childhood playmate)  and then he went thru a series of adulteries and marriages (with other little girls in tow), one after the other,,,,,,,,he's dead now, guess he won't be in paradise.........looking back , zny signs of his behaviours,I do recall disrespectful comments and jokes about girls and women from him and the cuss words of an oral implication around little girls.....sick and so sad and so well hidden....I fight for the righteous and the innocent, but I do see how these criminals are experts at hiding behaviours from wives, friends,.... Little lambs "be cautious as serpents and guileless as doves," the universe supports you and loves you beyond measure......our beliefs are good, it is management that needs improvement. be vigalent sisters and teach reality to kids, protective strategies........that is all. this comment may be placed on a board......

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