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An elder writes
An elder expresses how silentlambs helped him

The comments below were recently posted on the guestbook it is good the see there are those within that truly get the purpose of silentlambs and why we exist.  By reading the website this elder was helped to have a firm resolve if he ever deals with child abuse. The organization will find it more difficult to go after elders that report abuse due to the silentlambs organization.  As a parent if his child was molested he would know the importance of reporting and care for the child due to the silentlambs organization. 


So for the many negative perceptions propagated by misguided people the simple message remains; silentlambs through education about abuse protects children.  That message continues to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children around the world.  For the elder that wrote this note and the many others that have expressed appreciation we simply say, You are welcome. 


It helps us to see the importance of our work and how deeply appreciative we are of your financial support that helps us to continue.  Please remember silentlambs in your list of worthy causes to donate to.





I just wanted to thank you for your courageous stand. I am
an active JW, raised in the truth and an elder in my local
congregation. While I've not (and hopefully will never) had
to deal with a child abuse case, I can certainly understand
your frustration & anger that the Society's misdirection in
these cases has caused. In reading through some of the
website, I was moved to tears. It's hard to believe these
types of things happen, but I understand that in fact they
have and continue to happen. I do not believe that these
allegations are made up to defame WT and I can tell you
that most of the thinking JWs I know don't believe that

To all who have had to suffer these horrible things, I know
there is nothing I can say that will make things any better
for you. My heart aches for you and I pray that Jehovah
will help you to heal and also pray that Jehovah will
punish those who have hurt you so much.

I have wondered what I would do if faced with this type of
case. You can rest assured that the pedophile would be
reported to the police, not matter what trouble it would
cause me. I take the responsibility to look out for the
welfare of the brothers and sisters in my congregation as
the most serious responsibility I have. Especially when it
comes to the children. I view every child in the
congregation as if they were my own and would react to
their being hurt the same way.

So, please don't think that every elder has the attitude
that many of you have experienced. Please understand that
some like Brother Bowen will fight with all they have to
help. I greatly admire his courage and all the personal
suffering he's gone through as a result of his stand. My
brother, if you read this, you are to be commended and in
my opinion you are an excellent example of what a real
shepherd does to try to protect the sheep in your care.

I really wish the Society would publicly apologize for the
problems that have gone on and ask all the victims of abuse
for their forgiveness. Alas, I don't think that will
happen. And I'm not sure what is sadder, not apologizing
because you don't think you did anything wrong or not
apologizing because you're afraid of the legal concequences
such an apology would bring. I really think the motivation
is the later.

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