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Fear and Hopelessness
A mother writes
It is 2 am and I cannot sleep.  My 4 year old girl will be going to him again this weekend.  I saw him today in court laughing with his attorney as if he has the world in his hand.  I am paying a mortgage, utilities, all expenses to live and take care of my two daughters with no job.  I have tried to get visitation changed to every other Sat 7 Sun so that I may work a day job.  God forbid that I ask for supervised visitation again.  Attorneys will not change it, they say he is entitled to his visitation.  If I work a 2nd or 3rd shift, I have been told I will probably lose custody.  He works, makes excellent money and lives with his father to save money and has dissipated assets or hidden them since the divorce has been filed.  This is the hell I live because I told my pshychologist that I came out of the bathroom to find my husbands head between my 2 1/2 year olds legs.  Of course, I died at that moment but I knew the narcissist would fight till death.  I cannot hire a 3rd attorney to fight him over stupid things like who registered her in pre-school first.  So many lies, so much borrowed and blown money to attorneys who treated me like garbage.  I keep praying to the lord.  Please help me, Please help my child.  When will this end?  I am beside myself watching all of this cruelty around me in disbelief.  It seems to me that all it takes is money to take a child from a women who has been a mother for 21 years.  The courts are allowing this pedophile to starve us out of our home.  Why can't they see how evil it really is for any man to do this to any women, even if they are trying to protect their image.  Most men would just divorce if the allegations were false.  Just my thoughts if anyone thinks that they are alone. My prayers are with you and your children too. 
By a thread.

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