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Watch Sunday Program
We are happy to provide a link to view the recent Australia program

Watch the latest Australian Sunday Program


We are happy to announce the twentieth documentary to be put together with the assistance and support of silentlambs.  As with all programs the victims are the ones that make the story.  Their courage and willingness to lay bare their souls offers hope and education to the millions that have viewed this information.  In this program at the end two victims that appeared on the 2002 program in Australia spoke of the healing that occurred by no longer being silent on their abuse.  The look in their eyes and the comments they made show the value of not remaining a silent lamb.  No one will perhaps comprehend the thousands of hours that were invested to give the abuse problem in the Jehovahs Witnesses the credibility needed to allow these abuse survivors to have their voice. Now the record stands as a living testament to truth, it also stands as a condemnation for leadership that got caught hurting children and refused to take decisive action in their behalf.


In Leviticus there is a verse that silentlambs has quoted time and again, it states,

20:3-5: And as for me, I shall set my face against that man, and I will cut him off from among his people, because he has given some of his offspring to Molech for the purpose of defiling my holy place and to profane my holy name. And if the people of the land should deliberately hide their eyes from that man when he gives any of his offspring to Molech by not putting him to death, then I, for my part, shall certainly fix my face against that man and his family, and I shall indeed cut him and all those who have immoral intercourse along with him in having immoral intercourse with Molech off from among their people.


That scripture continues to ring true in its message, that is, if you hide your eyes when a child is hurt God kills you.  To victims of abuse this may not be the answer but for men that fear God it should make them think twice when they know of a child being abused or more especially how they treat victims later in life.  This film once again takes it to another level in that an elder is openly confronted by two victims on his front porch.  His comments seem to reflect little fear of God and no humility. See the video for yourself and decide if you feel the same way.  We are happy to provide you with a link to watch the program here.


Australia/Sunday Program-Silent Witnesses-Read Transcript Spanish Translation view Video-A  Video-B

The District Convention speaker for Jehovah's Witnesses accuses the media of demonism. A brother molests forty little boys as elders and the Branch Overseer demonstrates effective use of theocratic warfare. (09/22/2002 )  

UPDATE- New program with new abuse interviews - Read Transcript Spanish Translation view Video

Elder confronted by JW abuse survivors at his home. Victims relate how speaking out helped them to heal.(05/30/05)



The update portion offers the video just click on the link.  You can also watch many of the other programs at this link,


If you would like to obtain a copy of the program as well as the 2002 Sunday program, contact silentlambs at


As mentioned in the beginning we are happy to be part of this movement without motive. Children remain the primary reason silentlambs exists as well as the opportunity to give victims a place to speak out, protection of children, healing for survivors. To date over 6,000 have found their voice, over 1,000 stories on the website, ten of the documentaries can be viewed there, along with numerous resources for assistance and healing.  If you believe this is the right thing to do please support silentlambs financially as they continue to do this work. We are honored by the courage and support of those that allow this effort to continue.



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