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Sex Offender List
New information to protect children

We are happy to add a new section to the silentlambs website that offers a listing of towns in which sex offenders have been reported to silentlambs.  We hope this can be used as a tool to protect children in many local areas across the USA and later we will add other countries as well.  Over the years we have collected the towns where Jehovahs Witnesses and former Jehovahs Witnesses have reported sex offenders in their congregations. The list is very specific to the community and would allow a person to use special caution if they were members of or was contacted by the congregations in these localities.  Please review the list if you find the town, in which you reside to be noted, be advised that a Jehovahs Witness sex offender has been reported in that congregation. If you would like to add to the list please contact silentlambs. We hope this resource can be used by Jehovahs Witnesses and concerned citizens as a resource to protect children.   


Click here to review the list,  


If you would like to locate convicted sex offenders click here,


Locate Sex Offenders in Your Area

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