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updated list
We have updated the list with addtional information

The list below is designed to alert you to a possible danger in your community. Over the course of the last four years silentlambs has been a repository of reports on alleged Jehovah's Witness child molesters.  Victims have reported extensively on times, dates and places abuse occurred.  We have wrestled with how to alert the public as well as members that may be in congregations where abusers have been reported. 


We offer the following suggestions if you as a Jehovah's Witness are in a town/congregation where a report has been made.


  1. Do not allow your children to be alone with anyone in the congregation.
  2. Escort your children to the bathroom during meetings and make sure no else is with them when using facilities.
  3. Never allow your children to be alone in the car with anyone while in field service.
  4. Do not allow any member to study with your child alone.
  5. Avoid camping trips in which children go as a group with one or two adults.
  6. Avoid baby sitters that are adult males.
  7. At a get together watch your children and keep them in sight at all times.
  8. Ask elders directly if they know of any abusers in your congregation, use specific names and note their reaction.  They will not tell you directly but indirectly you can often figure out who it is.  If one elder is less cooperative talk to another till you find out enough information to know the facts.
  9. Check the local sex offender list in your area, type in the name of every person in your congregation to see if any are listed.              
  10. Notice any male member of the congregation that does not have privileges such as microphone or other duties around the congregation, especially if for a long period of time. They can offer talks on the TMS or sermons Service Meeting but are not allowed to conduct meetings. (This is only in case of a confessed child molester)
  11. Note any member of the congregation that has children with severe rebellion or emotional problems.
  12. Do not allow your children to have sleepovers with anyone.
  13. Note members that the elders avoid having around their children.



If you are a member of the public and your community is on the list take the following steps to protect your family.


  1. If Jehovah's Witnesses call at your home never allow them in your home     
  2. If you do not wish Jehovah's Witnesses to call at your home purchase a no trespassing sign and place it near your door.  JW's are instructing to only respect "no trespassing" signs any other variation will be ignored.
  3. If you do not wish Jehovah's Witnesses to call you can also call the local number and ask to be placed on the "do not call" list.  They will note your home and check about once a year to make sure you wish to remain on the list.
  4. If you choose to study with Jehovah's Witnesses do so at a neutral location such as the local Kingdom Hall or in a public place.
  5. Never allow your child to be alone with members or their children.
  6. If you choose to attend meetings with Jehovah's Witnesses then we suggest you follow the guidelines above for members.
  7. Remember that most members are not aware of who the molesters are in their congregation according to church policy. They do not know.   
  8. If two Jehovah's Witnesses call at your door one could be a child molester. According to church guidelines all confessed child molesters are required to have a partner when going door to door.  If two Jehovah's Witnesses appear at your door you might wish to ask if one or both are child molesters for peace of mind. Of course keep in mind if the person is an accused child molester they are allowed to work alone in the door to door work.


We hope this information is helpful and assists with the ultimate goal of silentlambs, protecting children. Check back as the list is updated on a weekly basis.


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