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A brother writes
Another person express their frustration with policy on abuse

I just need some way to finally vent my horror. I just finished watching your program. I am a Witness although at many time I shy away from revealing who I am. This feeling in it self is almost a sin amongst Jehovah Witnesses. My story stars eight years ago. I was living at home with my parents and one of my sisters whom is a twin. on a day no more different from any other my sister sat down and told us that she had been raped and abused by her sisters husband for the last three years. That day was probable one of the worst days of our family's lives. "One of" because what happened next was just as devastating; why I am the only one of my family members that was shaken to the core, I will never know. Immediately after being told, my family, aunts, uncles, and grandmother(all JW's) fled to the elders of our congregation pleading with them to resolve the issue at hand. However, my brother in law denied that any such abuse happened. His wife, my other sister admitted that she seen what happened and was abused herself denied it to the elders stating to my family she could not break up her marriage due to her daughter. There was a time when I was pleading to my mother in our driveway struggling with a BB gun not to go over to my brother-in-laws and shoot him. I know a BB is not a dangerous gun however in a state of grief you're willing to take anything to inflict harm. The elders did nothing. Two years later I was married. My wife can testify to the many nights I laid curled in the fetal position crying how this could of happened and how the society that I thought would shelter us, did nothing. Everything I believed in was shattered. Instead I watched each one of my family go in one at a time to a committee pleading; including myself. Instead my sister the one who came forward was punished. She was no longer to be in the theocratic ministry to give talks with other sisters. She lost her right to pioneer in the field service. She was left to feel that in some way it was her fault. Today her rights are restored and all my immediate family and my aunts and uncles are back in the full time ministry work and doing well in the congregation. However a many of their children have left the faith. I am left struggling with many conflicts. I was shunned for marrying outside of the faith and my own parent never came to my wedding. My life has been torn into pieces. I still go to an occasional assemble but my faith in the congregation is gone. I attend maybe one to two meetings a year; ashamed to look anyone in the eye. Where do I go from here? What do I do next in order to put my life back together? Thanks for providing this outlet in order to vent my anguish. Signed J

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