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Can you help?
Victims of abuse ask for assistance in getting charges filed
Dear friends and family,

Bob and I need your help. Some of you know about the criminal prosecution
Bob is pursuing against a pedophile Priest and catholic school Principal,
and some of you don't.

After working with the District Attorney and Investigator in Washburn
County, WI for 8 months -- he has decided not to file charges and has
closed  the case.

This means 2 pedophiles will never serve prison time or be placed in sex
offender registries. The option of civil litigation often does not deter
pedophiles from continuing to harm children.

Bob and I feel that the D.A. has ample evidence to prosecute the perps.
beyond a reasonable doubt -- and the D.A. has also communicated this ...
until this week. We feel that something has happened, i.e. small town
politics, fear, catholic absolution, whatever.

We need our support system to write a letter to the D.A. and tell him how
disappointed you are that he chose to not "step up to the plate" and
prosecute this crime. There are other cases that have successfully sent
pedophile priests to prison -- with not much "hard evidence".

Do know that Bob submitted a 53 page statement that details his abuse with
 great detail. There has also been corroborating evidence gathered
throughout  the investigation. Please call us for details (too numerous
for e-mail) --  if you'd like to refer to them in your letter.

We also want this D.A. to know that Bob and I are not "nobodies" and have
"well connected" friends and family. We will not simply go away. The D.A.
needs to stand up and do the right thing.

please, please help us and write him a letter:

Washburn County District Attorney
J. Michael Bitney
10 Fourth Avenue
P.O. Box 344
Shell Lake, WI 54871

thank you, and please call.

Rochelle & Bob

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