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London Bethel Abuse
A brother writes - Story added to abused lambs page name is mr x and i have  a story to tell..i lived in the vacinity of the London Bethel and was brought up as a JW. i spent alot of time at the bethel especially with the single brothers before and after preaching work. there was one particular brother, i cant recall his name but we were in his room. I was 14 at the time but a very young naive 14, due to my upbringing. Anyway, we were in his room and the bethelite wanted to play a game so i said okay.he said we had to take our clothes off and swap them to see what they looked like. he said it was a fun game. so i far as my underwear, at which point the bethelite said, go on and the rest. I didnt feel comfortable but i thought ...well, it must be a normal game, so i did. then (and this is very difficult for me to say as NO ONE knows this AT ALL) bear with me.............he decided that swapping clothes was boring and we should play a different game, as in nameing parts of the body. I noticed t! hat his appendage was getting bigger but didnt understand why at the time. so after he touched me i became nervous and scared and put my clothes back on. i went home and didnt say anything to anyone and never have....PHEW!
NOW I HAVE......and i feel relief....thank you silent lambs....i am sure similar things have occured at the London Bethel but no one says anything....DO THEY? thats it for now....


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