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a brother speaks out
silent no more
I am a 43 year old male living in the UK. I was raised from birth in the JW faith. From as early as I can recall up until the day I left home aged 21, I was repeatedly beaten, and on a number of occasions was rendered unconscious by the prolific attacks made by my natural parents. My medical records at that time verify my physician's concerns for my well being. At the age of 20 I reported the matter to the Elders of my congregation after a particularly vicious and prolonged beating from my father. The elders dismissed my claims out of hand and then subsequently called him up and advised him that I had been to see the elders. I suffered broken teeth, a broken nose, chipped eye sockets and multiple bruising. I left home in 1983 and never returned to the faith. Since then I have learned that my parents advised the elders that I had become alcohol dependent and a drug user. These allegations are totally unfounded. I left home in 1983 and set up a sucessful engineering consultancy, married my wife and raised 4 children. We have now been married for 22 years. At all times during those dark years of dreadful abuse, all the elders in the A Congregation turned a total blind eye to the issue and refused to acknowledge that I was being beaten to a pulp on a daily basis.

Yours faithfully.


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