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Help SNAP with Legislation
If you can support SNAP abuse survivors please attend
As you may have already heard bill A 2512 has been posted for a vote by the full assembly for this Monday, December 12. The fight IS NOT OVER....I am asking you please....NOW MORE THAN EVER to call all the Assembly members you can, particularly your own and tell them you heard the bill was going to be posted on Monday and insist on them voting yes on A 2512....UNCHANGED. LASTLY I urge you PLEASE COME TO TRENTON this Monday...a rally will begin at 10:00 AM on the front will be short, less than 1 hour and we will then head back inside to lobby all the Assembly members who will be arriving to vote on our bill. I will have buttons and/or pins to distribute along with a recap of our position. YOUR PRESENCE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! Send this message loud and clear....NEW JERSEY DEMANDS ACOUNTABILITY and THE PROTECTION of OUR CHILDREN! PLEASE JOIN US IN TRENTON AT THE STATE HOUSE, MONDAY, DECEMBER 12. go TO THIS LINK FOR DIRECTIONS TO THE STATE HOUSE ******************************************************* URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! George and Bill, the e-mail appended below needs to go out to all VOTF/SNAP contacts in the North, Central and South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Ask all to please send this to everybody and anybody in New Jersey but above all else...even if they have already done so...PLEASE SEND e-mails, CALL THEIR LOCAL ASSEMBLYMEMBER in NJ especially Majority Leader Joseph Roberts of Camden and Speaker of the Assembly Albio Sires. Please go to this link to find your NJ state Assembly member: you may cut and paste the brief message appended below. Also be sure to send your message to all NJ lawmakers in the Assembly by clicking the link below : E-mail the General Assembly Over the next several days, the assembly leadership will consider what legislation will be voted on by the full assembly on December 12th. We are told that A2512 could be among these bills. Use the link below to e-mail ALL members of the general assembly urging that A2512 be posted for a vote and passed on December 12th. Lastly...JOIN US ON DEC 12 AT 10:00 am AT THE NJ STATEHOUSE IN SUPPORT OF THIS LEGISLATION! contact Mark Crawford at or go to for more info on this bill. E-mail the General Assembly Please do this. We really are very close. Below is a sample letter you can cut and paste into your e-mail or write a letter of your own. Please forward this e-mail to others you know and urge them to use the link to contact legislators. Dear Assemblyman: As your voting NJ constituent, I urge you to post and pass Assembly Bill 2512 to end charitable immunity protections in cases of child sexual abuse. Support this bill without changes. Set politics aside and take a moral stand! Our ASSEMBLY must send a loud and clear message, " All institutions will be held to the same standards of care in protecting the most vulnerable in our society, our children, not institutions". Victims throughout New Jersey need and deserve to find healing and justice. Sincerely, Name and address Thank you, Mark Crawford and all survivors

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