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Moving Forward
See the article that started it all.
Go to the home page of silentlambs website and look at the left column under "Moving Forward" to read the essay. -------- Read the story that started it all, "Moving Forward." Written by a faithful sister Mary Woodard in 1989 to address the horrifc problem of abuse in the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. Mary traveled to the writing department and intervewed personally with the head of the department. The result of that interview was the 10/08/91 article in the Awake on abuse that helped so many to feel the organization was finally acknowledging there was a problem. To read this article [click here] you will not find any reference to this article from JW publications on their website or otherwise when dealing with abuse. The article defines repressed memories and shows how they are triggered by abuse. The Organizaiton of JW's have since backed away from this with the publishing of the 1995 Watchtower article on this topic. The Watchtower 1995, 11/1 pages 28-29 in the Article, ”Comfort for Those With a Stricken Spirit”, under the heading, “What Can Elders Do?” plainly states: “If the accusation is denied, the elders should explain to the accuser that nothing more can be done in a judicial way. And the congregation will continue to view the one accused as an innocent person. The Bible says that there must be two or three witnesses before judicial action can be taken. (2Cor.13:1; 1 Tim. 5:19) Even if more than one person “remembers” abuse by the individual, the nature of these recalls is just too uncertain to base judicial decisions on them without other supporting evidence. This does not mean that such “memories” are viewed as false (or that they are viewed as true). But Bible principles must be followed in establishing a matter judicially.” Certain men with conscience wrote the article of 1991 in the Awake magazine. They were subsequently silenced as were thousands of victims of Watchtower policy on child abuse. Read the article "Moving Forward" written by a sister trying to help others understand and move on with their lives. ---------------------------- Go to the home page of silentlambs website and loof at the left column under "Moving Forward" to read the essay.

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