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Alert Help Catch Rick McLean (correction)
We need your help
Silentlambs We Need You We would like to thank the many supporters of silentlambs over the last six years of operation. There have been so many contributions in so many ways to keep the torch burning on behalf of victims and protecting children. We never know how something might happen or develop on a weekly basis. Recently the developments with the KN37 Campaign of Jehovah’s Witnesses were quite significant. While all other religions were openly condemned as false for not dealing with child molesters properly, the organization on an international scale had numerous reports of JW molesters in the news. We publicized this on silentlambs and brought several of the news reports together to keep the public informed. Recent success in litigation that will allow internal records to be accessed within JW congregations and the home office has opened new possibilities for abuse survivors seeking justice. America’s Most Wanted has filmed an extensive expose of Rick McLean, a Jehovah’s Witness serial child molester that was a very active in the organization serving as a pioneer and Ministerial Servant. The show has the program filmed but needs a push to get an air date. We ask anyone to email the following key people to request that the program air as quickly as possible; (or call extension 108 at AMW, 1-800-CRIMETV) Any emails or letters should say: -air this show -he's still out there molesting -he moved from congregation to congregation molesting... The capture of Rick McLean will stop further children from being harmed and provide justice to his victims. We need your help to get the word out and personally take action to see that this program airs. This is just an example of the work that silentlambs has tried to accomplish over the course of our history. Through silentlambs, over twenty documentaries in eight different countries have been aired about the extensive abuse problem within the JW organization. Over six thousand victims have come forward to tell their story either in private or publicly on the silentlambs website. We estimate at least three hundred JW molesters have been reported to authorities and the result: How many children were protected? There are several other projects in development that will have a tremendous impact in the months to come. Your donations and support has allowed this work to continue. The other day silentlambs received a $12 donation from a small organization in Germany. The postage cost almost as much as the donation but this group was moved to do something to support our work. So many others contribute hundreds of volunteer hours to keep the hotline, website and guestbook operational. Others quietly distribute thousands of pages of educational material to the public and JW’s to help them understand how children are being put in danger and what needs to be done in their behalf. It is behind the scenes and something few would ever even know about unless mentioned here. By engaging in this voluntary compassionate work you protect children you will never meet. What greater effort can there be than that? At the end of this year we will see millions of dollars raised for charitable causes that serve the interests of so many in need. This year as you think about worthy causes to send your tax deductible contributions to, we request your kind consideration of a donation to silentlambs. Every penny you donate goes directly to the work of helping others. No one, from day one, at silentlambs has ever taken a salary it all goes toward the work of protecting children. So this season think about this effort and support us if you can, you help would be greatly appreciated. Silentlambs can accept credit cards, pay pal, money orders, checks or cash. We also are listed with on line charitable giving organizations. To access this information you can use the website at or you can call us directly at 270-527-5350. silentlambs

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